The largest falls in Oregon and the sixth in the United States by volume, Willamette Falls is one of the most significant natural features in the state. 0000005230 00000 n They are a traditional food source for Native Americans who harvest them at Willamette Falls. The Willamette River is the 10th largest river in the lower 48 states. 0000115064 00000 n The newcomers worked the fishery at the falls, constructing at least one fish wheel (Brown Brothers in 1896) at the base to capture salmon before the fish jumped the falls. The Oregon City Locks were closed in in 2008, reopened in 2009, and again closed in 2011 due to lack of funding for inspection and repairs by the Army Corps of Engineers. 0000063096 00000 n John McLoughlin built the Pacific Northwest’s first lumber mill here. 432 101 0000061248 00000 n 0000078438 00000 n Inaccessible for public enjoyment for more than 150 years, the Falls are one of the most scenic places along the Willamette River. 0000060684 00000 n 0000082404 00000 n Though primitive, this ladder did help fish move above the falls. 0000014482 00000 n Present Native tribes and bands live along Willamette River and near Willamette Falls 1806. From … Historical occupancy of Pacific Lamprey was extensive throughout the Lower Columbia/Willamette RMU. 0000089598 00000 n The falls were fished by the Clackamas people, who controlled access to the valuable salmon, steelhead, and lamprey at the falls. Beginning in the 1860s, paper mills began operations using the water power from the falls. FERC filings for the West Side Hydropower project can be found online on the FERC elibrary. He wrote that “salmon are found in all the waters of Oregon except those of the upper Willamette.” 0000059847 00000 n Kelly presented a fascinating story about the lamprey translocation process, and titillated our staff with a tentative invitation to join him for a lamprey harvest in the following months, dependent on migration timing and water levels. 0000081958 00000 n 0000084134 00000 n 0000077976 00000 n Attendees List (doc) 2010 Escapement Estimate of Adult (pdf) Bioaccumulation of Toxic Contaminants in Lampry (pdf) Contaminants affect juvenile and adult Pacific lamprey and general thoughts about recovery planning (pdf) Cultural Use and Significance of Lamprey Species in the Willamette River for The Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs (pdf) The … The largest falls in Oregon and the sixth in the United States by volume, Willamette Falls is one of the most significant natural features in the state. The Clackamas Chinook peoples, including the Clowewalla, occupied villages and houses on the east and west banks of the Willamette River, as well as above the falls at Canemah, on the east bank of the river just south of present-day downtown Oregon City. 0000016065 00000 n Visitors will get a front-row seat to experience the majestic and truly extraordinary Willamette Falls. 0000000016 00000 n 0000021249 00000 n 0000063952 00000 n 0000082731 00000 n 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 4/27 5/4 5/11 5/18 5/25 6/1 6/8 6/15 6/22 6/29 7/6 7/13 7/20 7/27 8/3 8/10 8/17 8/24 8/31 9/7 9/14 9/21 9/28 Date Number 0 10000 20000 30000 40000 50000 60000 70000 River flow (cfs) Falls Powerhouse Streamflow Flashboards Installed . Meanwhile, the Tribal Fisheries continue to work with regulating agencies to study lamprey migration and develop a plan to sustain and stabilize future populations of lamprey for food supply. Our Heritage Area includes the many linkages between the upriver and downriver heritage sites that augmented the settlement story of Oregon. Research Library, 612, The Clackamas Chinook peoples, including the Clowewalla, occupied villages and houses on the east and west banks of the, Electricity was generated at Willamette Falls in 1888, when Parker F. Morey and Edward L. Eastham created the Willamette Falls Electric Company. 0000063532 00000 n 0000078314 00000 n Electricity was generated at Willamette Falls in 1888, when Parker F. Morey and Edward L. Eastham created the Willamette Falls Electric Company. Spring Chinook Spring Chinook move through … 0000059144 00000 n Migration Behaviour and Distribution of Adult Pacific Lampry in the Willamette Basin (pdf) Pacific Lamprey Conservation Initiative - Focus on Willamette Subregion (pdf) Recent Observations of River Lamprey in the Lower Columbia River (pdf) Willamette Falls Lamprey Passage (pdf) Visitors will learn about the rich history of the Oregon City riverfront. Fish and lamprey that travel the river pass through or around Willamette Falls. Since receiving our new federal operating license in 2005, PGE has performed maintenance on the fish ladder to ensure it continues to operate effectively. 0000078508 00000 n The locks are no longer essential for river commerce, as rail and trucks now move most products in the Willamette Valley, and their maintenance is not a priority for the federal government. Truly one of the most profound experiences of my life, I couldn’t believe it was over already. The two remaining mills in 2011 were owned by the West Linn Paper Company and Blue Heron, which ceased operations in 2013. In 2008 and 2009, PGE fisheries biologists tagged or micro-chipped over 15,000 fish in two studies at the Project. 0000015387 00000 n Lowell, OR 97452 The ecological and cultural importance of a species of fish in danger of extinction, Pacific lamprey. Beginning in the mid-nineteenth century, the falls powered the earliest mills in the region and contributed to the growth of the first United States government in the Oregon Territory. Grand Ronde, Yakima, Cowlitz and Warm Springs people still visit the falls to fish for salmon and to study the last healthy lamprey run in the Columbia River watershed. They are a traditional food source for Native Americans who harvest them at Willamette Falls. First long distance transmission of electricity in the world. The Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde Community of Oregon is a confederation of over twenty-seven tribes and bands from western Oregon, southern Washington, and northern California. Historically, the falls were surrounded by unique plants that thrived in microclimates created by the mist. Other tribes—Wasco, Multnomah, Yakama, Tualatin, and Molala—visited the Clackamas village at the falls to trade for nutritious air-dried salmon and to request fishing rights. Preserving the tradition of lamprey fishing also provides a key thread in the social and cultural fabric of many Native Americans. Box 27 Territory, the original pioneer settlements, and locations where key decisions were made that eventually brought Oregon into the United States. 0000034927 00000 n 0000069528 00000 n 0000060326 00000 n From 1873 until 2011, a canal and locks allowed boats to navigate beyond Willamette Falls. Releases of the early spawning (tule) stock ranged from 5 to 12 million smolts annually. Natural production comprises about 28 percent of recent runs. Willamette Falls Lamprey Passage Structures • Lamprey Ramps . 0000009446 00000 n 0000088468 00000 n Many Clackamas returned at least once each year to Willamette Falls to fish for salmon and lamprey, and they maintained a fishing camp on the west bank into the 1870s. These structures help fish avoid hazardous rocks by guiding them to the deep water at the base of the falls for safer passage. For more information, email [email protected], Emphasizes unique geology, Willamette River and Willamette Falls, Honors Native Americans’ presence at Willamette Falls: past, present and future, Honors the significance of the site and the falls to the former Oregon Territory and settlement of Oregon, Honors the significance of industrial development at Willamette Falls, Interactive, holistic and creative interpretation at multiple levels, Respect and accommodate Native American salmon fishing and lamprey harvest traditions and protection of natural resources, Increased awareness of all aspects of the cultural and historic significance of Willamette Falls, Highlight national importance of industrial development at Willamette Falls, Adaptive reuse of existing buildings to support the creation of an authentic place, Connects people physically and emotionally with the river, A complete sensory experience of water is incorporated throughout the site (hearing, seeing, feeling, smelling), The site design reflects unique aspects of the place with unifying design elements integrated throughout, The public space emphasizes arrival by foot, bike or transit while accommodating the automobile, Sustainability is incorporated throughout the design and the site, Permanent, prominent and breathtaking public access to this site, the river, cultural history and the falls, The public space is generously sized and inviting to a diverse range of people, including families and children of all ages, Multiple, creative and unexpected opportunities are provided to physically connect to the river, Integration of the site and the pedestrian/bike circulation system into the local and regional trail system north and south, Integrated connection to downtown Oregon City, Protected views of intact natural habitats along the river and falls, Diverse scenic views of the falls and river, including views of the falls that reveal themselves as one proceeds through the site, The public space and falls access are a catalyst for economic development in Oregon City and enhance the value of development on the site, Riparian habitat: opportunities to restore riparian and rocky outcrop areas along the Willamette River above and below Willamette Falls, Native fish habitat: shoreline and river provide a mixture of habitat elements important to native fish, Water quality: springs and seeps, stream day-lighting, clean and cool water, and returning existing water rights to in-stream use for fish and water quality, Floodplain protection: opportunities to maintain or enhance the ability to store flood waters on site during major storm events, Restore native trees and shrubs along a 50- to 150-foot buffer along the Willamette River, Protect and restore rocky outcrops to provide unique habitat for insects, amphibians and rare plants, Restore floodwater access to its natural floodplain by removing nonessential buildings and infrastructure left from previous industrial use, Provide important habitat for migratory birds and other wildlife species, Improve water quality through filtration, stormwater attenuation, woody debris and leaf litter inputs into the river, Restore shoreline habitat complexity, including alcoves and inlets for cool water refuge and off-channel habitat during periods of high river flow, Provide important resting and movement habitat for Pacific lamprey, salmon and steelhead, Improve water temperature and chemistry over baseline of existing conditions at the site, Support efforts by other public agencies to restore habitat in the Willamette River Greenway, Showcase how urban development can integrate nature and ecosystem services into urban design, Establish an urban forest canopy along streets and public spaces where suitable soil exists, Adding flow through the Millrace will increase habitat options for migrating fish, Public access to river and Willamette Falls serves as catalyst for the regional center/downtown, Access to nature is emphasized throughout development, Unique quality of the place drives investment, Creates a synergy for downtown Oregon City, with opportunities that are complementary to the infrastructure available there, Regional destination drives tourism to Oregon City, Continued tradition of working waterfront, Increased opportunities for economic development, Increased value of development on site and nearby, A revitalized downtown Oregon City and West Linn, Integrated with a thriving downtown Oregon City, complementing existing businesses and private enterprises, Public space that supports an active, year-round regional center, Increased foot and bike traffic that supports new development, Increased opportunity for private investment, A model of green development and sustainability.

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