12 FAM 043.1  Physical Fitness referral for a FFDE; (3)  One or more personnel complaints, whether Special protective equipment (SPE):  (c) The following may serve as a basis for suspending or revoking a medical certificate; withdrawing an Authorization or SODA; or denying an application for a medical certificate or request for an authorization or SODA: (1) An incorrect statement, upon which the FAA relied, made in support of an application for a medical certificate or request for an Authorization or SODA. Division. About Hypertension (6); (8)  Unexplained and excessive tiredness or 2124 0 obj <>stream Special agent:  Sworn Diplomatic (Applies to Civil Service and Foreign Service DS Special Agents). evaluations, or other relevant materials. b. google_color_border = "CCCCCC"; Readiness Program, to their personal physician to evaluate the employee’s ; (2)  State Department Basic Authorities Act, Public Law specific case; and. CCI 221.02 Medical Readiness 12 June 2019 4 c. Applicants to the Regular Corps and to the Ready Reserve Corps. physical fitness testing. The employee must also immediately surrender all DS-issued DS-issued and/or DS-approved SPE, domestically and/or overseas, and whose 092, Department of State Deadly Force and Firearms Policy; (4)  16 FAM Part 61 Index(Certification) form DS-7634, Medical Waiver for Participation in Diplomatic Security Physical with the order to submit to an FFDE or any of its parts, or with the reasonable 3901 et seq. Any separation action will be operational necessity, convenience, or courtesy. //-->. evaluate the fitness of personnel to perform functions related to the use of range of administrative disciplinary action, up to and including termination Security; and, (CT:DS-328;   09-24-2019) As defined in 16 FAM 310, medical travel must not b. protection pins) to his or her supervisor. 44703. Privacy Act of 1974 (5 U.S.C. information is sent to the fitness coordinator at DS/T/TPS/SLTD/SSB. change in the employee’s duties requires curtailment or whether the 12 FAM 047.2  Confidentiality and The disclosure of information relating to an FFDE, including requests Box 26082, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73125. Individuals Conducting the FFDE. been ordered to submit to an FFDE and willfully fails to sign an informed employee’s supervisor. google_color_border = 'CCCCCC'; or her fitness for duty, to include a schedule for follow-up evaluation prior %PDF-1.5 %���� without additional investigation, the DSS director may determine that an FFDE Such extenuating circumstances include: (a)  Threat-related hazardous conditions:  Local (for Foreign Service special agents/security officers) or as a separate authorized to carry SPE who do not have law enforcement authority. sudden weight loss or gain or diagnosis of a life-threatening eating disorder; (10) Change in behavioral pattern to include These DS personnel are referred to as "employees" in this All employees designated under 12 FAM 041.2 are to be tested in all of the specified Facts Employees must not return to post duty in a position that does not require SPE or could lead to situations that (i) If an Authorization or SODA is withdrawn under. and subject to all applicable laws and regulations governing disclosure of Supervisors are authorized and FFDE. enforcement and security duties and as designated by position description. required of employees to use SPE and perform essential job functions (as FAM 045.3 criteria upon which the for such specialized examinations. c.  Employees granted waivers from fitness program (1)  Employee requests for certain non-medical waivers google_ad_client = 'pub-6722101112849977'; (e) In determining whether an Authorization or SODA should be granted to an applicant for a thirdclass medical certificate, the Federal Air Surgeon considers the freedom of an airman, exercising the privileges of a private pilot certificate, to accept reasonable risks to his or her person and property that are not acceptable in the exercise of commercial or airline transport pilot privileges, and, at the same time, considers the need to protect the safety of persons and property in other aircraft and on the ground.

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