Overall thoughts on Psychokinesis - very good utility school. Seven ate you Aug 11, 2019 @ 2:09pm ... Swords, and Shotguns. Burrower Burger What makes Psycho and temporal great as support schools is that most their support abilities do not scale with skill levels thus can be 100% effective with very little invested. Changing innervated abilities removes all current psi points and reserves, and cannot be done in combat. Praetorian Chestguard Maximum psi does not scale with any character statistics, but it can be increased or decreased with certain psi feats and items. Psi powers in Underrail are split into 3 distinct disciplines with a skill for each — Thought Control, Psychokinesis and Metathermics. Noob; Posts: 1 ; Karma: +0/-0; Shotgun and grenades build « on: October 18, 2019, 06:47:55 PM » Hi, I'm currently going through the game as a psi-only character and would like to try something different, with no psi whatsoever this time. Disruptive Field (40 skill points, 10 ap, 10 psi, learned from random psionic mentor from doctor stores/loot ) - basically cheap ranged haha sand in your eyes. Several traders have psionic mentors for sale. Counters crawlers, great for blocking doorways against any enemy too. Riot armor (regen vest), smart googles, cevlar tabi boots. White Dude, Head Offensive psychokinetic abilities deal Mechanical or Electricity damage and may also stun targets. Characters have a limited number of psi slots and psi abilities must be innervated into them in the Psi Abilities menu P before they can be invoked. Use it for cover in open, forces enemies to come to you. Høddurform, Tools Sørmirbæren Staff-Spear Legacy psi characters also get a generous amount of Desaturated Psionic Inhalants. Lemurian Engineer Suit, Feet Hi, I'm currently going through the game as a psi-only character and would like to try something different, with no psi whatsoever this time. Expensive psi wise costs 70 psi though but with all the extra AP it will be easy to chug a psi booster down the line if you need it, though with the extra ap most things will be dead by then. © Valve Corporation. Here you have everything you need for a good psi build, I'd recommend you the tranquility one if you are going to play on normal. Login with username, password and session length. personal rating 9/10 - very situational but fuck crawlers. Dagger Ice of Spades They can use the pill and move to intelligence-based psi slots and lose the penalty. None The electrokinesis (30) together with premediation is also a nice (unresolvable) emergency stun,.. but don't get me started on how awesome premediation is :-D. Aimed shot is single target weapons, so should be a no for shotgun. All rights reserved. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. personal rating 8/10 - great sleeper ability for tough fights, use it if you cant find a way to forcefield yourself off. There is also the option of not taking the pill at all, leaving your character healthier but without any psionic capabilities. Everytime I went into stasis, I came out going first so its great ability to save your ass in tough spots. Pig Leather The most dedicated psi build would only have 140 base mana and that is if they give up on psi dps perks and go into crafting. Psionic headbands crafted with a Psi Circuit Extension can increase psi slots past the natural limit. With 90 ap from adrenaline and temporal manipulation you can use burst for 50 + 2 shots from standard shotgun to quickly proc sixth shell for insane damage at close range. Clean Deal At one point in Black Sea's history, psi addiction was known to be a health hazard and was treated with medical PsiDerm patches. This allows legacy psi characters to use their Will base ability to determine their available psi slots, albeit with a penalty of 10 their psi points. Details can be found in my guide, character build section: I suggest you read every word of Destroyer's FAQ. The old psi system that was used from alpha version up to version (2015 March - 2020 July) is significantly different and is still available in the Legacy branch on Steam and GOG Galaxy, but receives no updates nor bugfixes. I'll likely replace a feat with leading shot as recommended. Innervating psi abilities from multiple disciplines increases base psi cost: +10% for each discipline. I always grab this at level 6. No one is really sure how this genetic trait came to be, but research indicates that it is a relatively recent genetic mutation. Power Fist JKK Tactful Vest Cave Hopper Leather Blast Suit Some psi abilities such as Cryostasis do not scale at all with the invoker's skill. The power of psi abilities is determined by the invoker's effective psionic skill, which in turn is determined by skill points put in the skill modified by Will score and possibly synergies from other psi skills.

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