Did she score 60 or something? And it's delightful, thanks in no small part to Miller himself, plopped on the couch in some high-end hotel suite somewhere, spinning yarns for Klores' camera. The 30 best 30 for 30 episodes 1) The Last Dance. However, focusing solely on the NBA, here are eleven 30 for 30 episodes, I believe Bill Simmons and Connor Schell should consider creating at some point in the future. What? Upon being drafted in 2003, the trio of LeBron, Wade, and Melo formed a bond that only continued to grow over the years, but once CP3 was drafted by New Orleans just two years later, the final member of the banana boat crew came into the picture and the trio turned into a quartet. Popovich and the Spurs got their revenge the following year, but the 2013 series likely still haunts them to this day. Sir Charles in Charge news from FanSided Daily. New York in the 1990s did not have a sense of humor about basketball. First of all, I had been working non-stop on Tim Donaghy stuff, and was consumed with spreadsheets, referee statistics, and cold hard analysis. It’s no secret that there have been plenty of conspiracy theories thrown out there, but hearing it from the people who were actually there would make the documentary a very intriguing watch. Hearing what teammates and family members have to say about their short careers, as well as listening from Roy and Oden themselves could fill in that gap period. There are several questions NBA fans might be interested in knowing such as, what was going through LeBron’s mind when Wade won his first championship in 2006, while he sat at home following a second-round elimination? The storytelling exposes the fun that is the fountation of Reggie Miller's most famous work. When Reggie Miller is explaining the power of trash talk, it's hypnotic. I went in with two concerns. The 2002 Kings-Lakers series has been considered controversial for years. Besides being a talented Clippers team that never made it past the second round, there were also several reports leaked by various sports news outlets, following Chris Paul’s departure. Sure, Roy chose to pursue a coaching career and Oden is now a member of the BIG 3 league, but for a significant period, basically from the moment they left – 2013 for Roy and 2014 for Oden – they disappeared. The 2007 NBA betting scandal was a scandal involving the National Basketball Association (NBA) and accusations that an NBA referee used his knowledge of relationships between referees, coaches, players and owners to bet on professional basketball games. He's a legend now, but even in high school he could not get out of her shadow even for a night. Comedy was the last thing on my mind. Cheryl Miller could not be more clear that part of the reason she loved to stick it to her brother Reggie was because he was unbelievably annoying. But they also played during the 80s and 90s: an NBA period where player friendliness on the court was outside the norm – unlike today. That's how you get in someone's head. Unlike in 2019, given the post-centric time period, Mike D’Antoni’s 7-second offense was heavily criticized and viewed in the same manner as Don Nelson’s up-tempo playstyle once was (Nellie Ball). (As Jeff Van Gundy says in the movie, Pat Riley wasn't Hollywood. He bragged a little. Build your custom FanSided Daily email newsletter with news and analysis on Sir Charles in Charge and all your favorite sports teams, TV shows, and more. Extraordinary though that claim may seem, the camera -- in this comedy's one true moment of tragedy -- indeed catches some of that sentiment. He tells the story of the night he had his best high school game. Yes, he really is a villain, Lee demonstrated -- even though Lee and Miller both knew it was mostly just performance. Starks says the thing running through his head was not about the free throws he was shooting, but about Miller. Writing for ESPN at the time, Bill Simmons called it “from an officiating standpoint, the most one-sided game of the past decade.”, Top 10 Greatest Canadian Players In NBA History, Top 5 NBA Stars That Have A Passion For Gambling, The 2020 NBA Finals Are Set: Miami Heat vs. Los Angeles Lakers, The Most Dramatic Playoff Series In NBA History, Top 5 Best NBA Finals Matchups We Want To See This Season, 4 Reasons What Makes The Los Angeles Clippers Such A Standout Team, NBA Players We Should Be Excited To See During The NBA Return, 5 Players With The Most Defensive Player Of The Year Award, The 5 Biggest Favorites For The 2020 NBA Finals, Top 5 Biggest Favorites For The 2020 NBA Championship, Sacramento Kings vs Los Angeles Lakers 2002. Following a disappointing loss to Jordan and the Bulls in the 1993 finals, Charles Barkley has briefly mentioned a handful of times, on Inside the NBA, why he knew that Suns core would never make it back to the NBA finals after that season. The most forbidden subject in sports (Tim Donaghy’s truthful allegations regarding the Sacramento Kings vs Los Angeles Lakers 2002 Western Conference Finals) is now compiled into one long documentary. What's more, having lived in New York through this entire episode, I expected what I remembered: Bitterness. Instead there is powerful music, and testimony of dozens of people who lived those moments, from Patrick Ewing and John Starks to Donnie Walsh and Mark Jackson. It'll be on ESPN in March (part of the 30 for 30 documentary series), and at the Sundance Film Festival in January. He scored 40 something, and his team won. On the Oprah Winfrey show, Barkley shared with audiences some of the personal stories he had of their friendship — in the unintentional comedic manner that he is often known for – but he was only able to talk about their history for so long. NBA Rumors: Shortened 50-game season could be in play for 2021, NBA: Getting to know every team's two-way contract players, Carli Lloyd Could Pursue NFL Kicking Opportunity in 2020, NBA By The Uniform Numbers: The best players in the 30s, NBA: One big question for each team heading into the 2019-20 season. Though it might take a few more years before Ray Allen and the rest of the 2008 Celtics cast make amends, the sit-down interviews would definitely be worth the wait. LA Clippers: Rajon Rondo could be an option, but should he be? Reggie Miller is equally clear that he treasures getting under peoples' skin, for sport. The interviews are so strong, and so numerous, that there's isn't any voiceover -- none is required. "Winning Time" is a tightly woven 68 minutes. You have to admire both Walsh and Miller for handling that well. A 30 for 30 could discuss the disappointing three-year process, which eventually led to Barkley’s trade request to Houston. Comedy was the last thing on my mind. Why should we care? We'll never pass along your email address to spammers, scammers, or the like. Powered by Minute Media © 2020 All Rights Reserved. Among the tales: If Miller was too eager, in life, to make himself the center of attention, his big sister Cheryl is the reason. Diving deeper into these claims – including CP3’s comments in his documentary two summers ago – could provide somewhat of a better explanation as to what really happened inside that Clippers locker room, and how that disconnect might have had an impact on their lack of postseason success. The Spurs ordered champagne into their locker room only to have the Heat come back from a 10-point deficit in the fourth, followed by the “shot that saved LeBron’s career,” as Skip Bayless loves to say. Comedy was the last thing on my mind. As soon as they got Reggie Miller under the lights and let him do his thing, nothing else mattered.

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