Xavier is able to wipe everyone's minds after the carnival is stopped by a wall of ice, and the Blob goes back to the circus. Nothing. Why he's got it, how he got it, and why Thor didn't bother to go get his hammer back? He is confronted by Cyclops, Phoenix, Wolverine, Storm, Hawkeye, and Iron Man. After tension between her and her ex-husband, Janet explains to Medusa why she can't reconcile with Hank Pym, despite an attempt to do so while in London.
Janet is able to make her way to the cells in the Triskelion where Captain America is being held under suspicion of the murder of Hawkeye's entire family. It doesn't exist. However, Cyclops is fatally shot in the head by an unknown assassin. Blob eats Wasp. They tie up the X-Men and leave them on the lawn. The secret of Wasp's powers revealed. [40] It is also revealed that he left the Age of Apocalypse timeline and joined Archangel's quest to become the new heir of Apocalypse. The Blob (Frederick J. In the Ant-Man and The Wasp film, the original Wasp, Janet Van Dyne, was fighting beside her husband Hank Pym, the original Ant-Man in an effort to prevent a Soviet ICBM from detonating on American soil. [volume & issue needed].
The five-issue series explored the fallout from Magneto's attempt to destroy the planet following the deaths of … [39], Later he's seen as a member of the Black Legion, a group of psychotic altered mutants under the supervision of a now insane Weapon X. The depressed Blob attempts to commit suicide, but his skin folds prevent him from cutting through to any major blood vessels on his throat or wrists. He acknowledges Magneto's crimes, but pleads for peace between humans and mutants.

She has also made sporadic guest appearances in various other books, such as Captain America, Iron Man, and Fantastic Four. Did things happen without any explanation whatsoever? After Earth's human population is almost entirely devoured, Wasp is one of the zombies who finally kills (and consumes) Magneto. Part of her friendship with She-Hulk includes designing new clothing for her. She breaks off the relationship, saying that she cannot date a colleague who is also a friend of her ex-husband. Marvel Database is a FANDOM Comics Community. [18], Janet van Dyne discovers that her husband, now paranoid, overbearing and verbally abusive, has concocted a plan to make himself look good in front of the Avengers by staging an attack that can only be stopped by the instigator. "Heaven on Earth". Blob is a build-a-figure in the Marvel Legends Series of 6 inch action figures. The book starts, for instance, with Magneto, inverting the Earth's magnetic poles in that grand tradition of dubious comic book science, which not only causes a tidal wave to hit Manhattan (and nowhere else, and only once), it also causes a blizzard in Latveria that comes on so suddenly that people are instantly frozen solid while walking around outside. There she confronts Gouzar once more, before returning to normal space. [20] With Freedom Force, he battles the X-Men in San Francisco,[21] and later assists in the attempt to arrest the X-Men in Dallas,[22] battling the New Mutants in Dallas as well. The Avengers are one of, if not the most popular superhero team to ever be conceived. He then takes Magneto's helmet and swears to carry on his father's dream, all while in the presence of an unknown mastermind - a woman whose identity is hidden in the shadows.[7]. Before escaping the Ultimates, Magneto is able to steal Thor's hammer which he uses, along with his magnetic abilities, to reverse the Earth's polarity. Betty can also recall instances where Janet is missing chunks of hair. And it just got worse from there. No, I certainly didn't think so. Disillusioned, Magneto immediately reverses the damage he had done to the Earth's magnetic poles. (Genius In Action Research Labs) to look for women with genius intellects. The foreshadowing of the "Ultimatum" storyline began in late 2007 when Ultimate Power #8 featured a banner on its cover reading, "March on Ultimatum". In Latveria, Doctor Doom leaves his castle and discovers that everyone except him has been frozen. [2], In the aftermath, the Human Torch is missing. Early on, Marvel’s Ultimate Universe offered fans a modern and fresh take on The Avengers (now called The Ultimates), Spider-Man, the X … Yes, but when you're reading a line of comics largely based around the work of Mark Millar, that's going to happen. 3, returning as an active member of the team in issue #27 (2000) before resuming leadership duties. [27] With Freedom Force, he finally captures Rusty Collins and fellow New Mutant Skids. [11] He becomes part of the plot to assassinate Senator Kelly, the event which leads to the apocalyptic alternate future of Days of Future Past. "A Time to Die". [37], McCoy considered Blob's mutation useless which enraged Blob. [volume & issue needed], The Blob is vulnerable to attacks directed at his face, as his eyes, nose, mouth, and ears do not have the same protection as the rest of his body. With fellow X-Cell member Fatale, he attempted to flee, eventually hitting an open manhole (left open earlier in the day by Strong Guy and Wolfsbane) and causing the car to crash leaving Blob hanging from the car. Magneto's arm is cut off by Valkyrie, who is trying to reclaim Thor's hammer. The Blob is better known as a B-rated villain that the X-Men come across when facing evil, mutant teams usually led by Magneto. The Blob's superhuman strength greatly increased over the years, in a manner similar to that of the Thing. Was it really the atrocity everyone had claimed it was?

Captain America attacks Magneto, and in response, Magneto collapses the ceiling on them, trapping them in the rubble. The Avengers learn that Janet didn't perish during Secret Invasion. The core miniseries holds a score of 4 out of 10, based on five reviews. [4], The mutant Magneto soon seeks out the Blob to recruit him into his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, restoring his memory through a jarring blow to the head. During the Marvel Ultimate Universe panel at the 2008 San Diego Comic Con, ... Hawkeye helps Yellowjacket search for the Wasp, but they discover the Blob eating her corpse. From what I understand, it happened in "Ultimates 3," but again, the most that happens with it in the story is that he waves it around and blows up a Madrox dupe with it.

Though she is discovered and apparently subdued, she has already liberated her boyfriend. Magneto vows revenge on the Ultimates.

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