Gus helps a mother wanting to leave her bad-ass days behind, Jasmine's client is ready to grow up and stop being a baby, and Tommy takes a stab at the ink that's been haunting his client for 13 years. DISCONNECTED Release Official Music Video for “Unstoppable”, Brian Head Welch of Korn Follow Up Interview. was founded in 1998 by a group of friends united by their shared passion for ink. Flash art lost its flare? Tattoo Nightmares showcases real people with really bad tattoos who seek the help of some of the best cover-up artists in the business to fix them. A cycling fanatic comes to Jasmine hoping to rebuild his patriotism, while Tommy helps a disappointed daughter mask a swap meet mistake, and Big Gus fights a tricky tattoo, and has to switch up his game mid-stride. (Actual number of episodes may vary.) A bodybuilder comes to Big Gus hoping to lift his spirits and get his wife off his back, while Jasmine helps a father give the boot to some bad ink, and a stripper drops her pants so Tommy can get down and dirty. A surfer rolls into the shop hoping Tommy can help him say sayonara an old mistake, while a mother comes to Gus searching for the key to some new ink, and a man wrongly accused needs Jasmine's help to escape his past. In the official announcement, where Ink Master was […] Tommy goes Renegade as he revamps a dated tattoo of an 80s heartthrob, Jasmine rescues a police officer from a tattoo that's held him hostage for years, and Gus is exposed to a client's sexual history that sent her to jail. A client flashes Tommy with an obscene portrait of his manhood, Jasmine swears off a mother's profane mistake from her rebellious past, and a client stuns Gus with his unconventional self-attempts at tattoo removal. Images courtesy Bryan Childs and Monster Ink, Published on August 22, 2014, by Jodie Michalak. Genres: Talent | Lifestyle Station: Paramount Network (US) Rating: 4/10 from 2 users. We publish celebrity interviews, album reviews, artist profiles, blogs, videos, tattoo pictures, and more. You can also follow me on Twitter for more scoop on shows getting renewed like Tattoo Nightmares has. Spike renews Ink Master, Cancelled or Renewed? Sick of your husband, Steve, asking you who “John” was? Big Gus helps a bartender's bad ink rise from the ashes, while Jasmine works to empower her client with a foxy cover of a dating disaster, and an arm wrestling champ is on the prowl for a fierce new tattoo from Tommy. BBC renews Last Tango in Halifax ». Is Tattoo Nightmares worth watching? The following tattoo nightmares are real. The show is produced by 495 Productions (“Jersey Shore,” “Friend Zone,” “Nail Files,” “Repo Games,” “Snooki & JWOWW”) with SallyAnn Salsano and Joel Zimmer as Executive Producers. Tommy has his client's number in his crosshairs as he works to kill some bad ink, while Jasmine helps a beauty expert shine light on her beast of a tattoo, and Gus is double-teamed by a couple hoping to strip away a past mistake.

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