I was not going to let them see my pain. Juveniles: In Singapore, only the High Court may order the caning of boys under 16. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. The official interviewed by Maggie O'Kane of The Guardian in 1995 ("Eye of a Tiger", 20 May) was only in his early twenties but had already retired from the job. Another explanation for some of the apparent discrepancies between different accounts may simply be that not enough distinction has been made between canings of just a few strokes and those at or near the maximum of 24. If I’m not tied up, one stroke could keep me running for a mile. By 2007, this figure had doubled to 6,404, of which about 95% were actually implemented. These offences are similar to the aggravated prison offences under the Prisons Act, but also include bringing any drug, money, intoxicating substance or cigarette into a Centre without permission, or concealing any of these substances in the Centre, and possessing or consuming any drug while on leave from the Centre. he asked again. She allegedly said. An analysis of newspaper reports of caning sentences imposed in Singapore for the period 1997 to 2000 gives some broad information on this topic, although again it must be stressed that only a fraction of the sentences imposed are reported in the media. LONDON (AP) _ A Singapore man who was punished by 12 strokes of a cane says that ''the pain burns in your mind long after it is over.'' There seems to be a widespread belief in Singapore that judicial caning in Malaysia is, stroke for stroke, less severe than in Singapore, but there is no empirical evidence for this. The picture below, from a display at Johor Baru prison, shows one longer and two shorter canes, and the shorter ones are only a few inches shorter than the longer one, but also somewhat thinner. ", This tiny picture from an official "Youth Crime" CD-ROM produced in the 1990s is the only known photograph of an actual judicial caning under way in Singapore. The same kind of thing has often been seen in Malaysia, as in this 2004 case in which about 160 offenders were sentenced, all on one day, to be caned, jailed for two or three months, and then deported. Canings are also administered in Drug Rehabilitation Centres. If the offender is under 18, he may receive up to 10 strokes of the cane. A split second later I felt it was tearing across my buttocks. [118] At most schools, caning comes after detention but before suspension in the hierarchy of penalties. [32] In June 2010, Fay's case was recalled in international news, after another westerner in Singapore, Swiss IT consultant Oliver Fricker, was sentenced to five months in jail and three strokes of the cane for vandalizing a train. "I stumbled to an adjacent room and plonked myself down. It may be easy for people to say "oh, this is simply a little pain and it'll go away". I could wear my shorts now but there was still some bleeding every now and then. Some figures for Singapore: But the number of CP sentences in Singapore has fallen dramatically since then, presumably as a result of the more lenient sentencing policy introduced following a change of Chief Justice in 2006, referred to earlier: These statistics have not, as far as we can discover, been published in Singapore itself; they were given in the annual US State Department Human Rights Reports, so presumably they are correct or the Singapore authorities would surely have challenged them. Since 1993 it has become mandatory for 42 crimes, and optional for a further 42 (see table below) and partly as a result (combined with rapid increases in population) its use has increased from a few dozen to thousands of sentences a year. They swelled to twice their normal size. Some schools implement a demerit points system, in which students receive mandatory caning after accumulating a certain number of demerit points for a wide range of misconduct. The type used in Singapore is clearly closely based on, if not identical with, the British dual-purpose prison flogging frame, originally designed for both floggings with the cat on the upper back (offender standing upright) and punishments applied to the posterior (offender bending over). His feet are secured to the front base with his hands secured to the back legs, so that he is bent over at about right angles at the hip. FOR A [36], "Headwriter", a 1994 episode of The Larry Sanders Show opened with Sanders making a joke about Fay in the character's opening monologue: "Michael Fay is back in the U.S. from Singapore. [41][57] M Ravi, a human rights lawyer, described the injuries of his client, Ye Ming Yuen, who received 24 strokes, as follows: All over his buttocks were multiple marks and deep lacerations. On Friday, Fay’s mother, Randy Chan, delivered five bundles of names from the United States, Britain, Singapore and Hong Kong of people protesting the sentence as cruel. Some Singapore reports refer to dozens of illegal immigrants being sentenced to caning at each court session, as in this 1998 case. Of these, judicial caning is the most severe. For certain offences it is a mandatory punishment. The same figure of 24 is also the maximum in Malaysia and Brunei. The word "cane" causes some confusion because in American English it usually means a thick, rigid stick, as in a walking stick. Singapore's prisons contain some 12,000 inmates (2008 figure). But if you cane him, and he knows he will be given six of the best on his buttocks, and it will hurt for one week that he can't sit down comfortably, he will think again. You put a person in a prison, it makes no difference. In Malaysia he stands upright at the A-frame to which he is tied. I still had to go and I had to do this standing up, holding my buttocks wide apart. [138], The misbehaving child is usually caned on the buttocks or palm of the hand. [35] The caning officer is required to exert as much strength as he can muster for each stroke. The Chief Justice not only dismissed his appeal against a six-month prison sentence, but also enhanced it of his own motion by adding three strokes of the cane. There were about twenty of us all lined up in a row outside a room where we were going to be caned. However, the Prisons Department has confirmed that such cases are rare.[88]. The aim is to inflict maximum pain with the least permanent damage. Reports of such cases are rare, but in July 1999 the High Court ordered three 15-year-olds to be caned for offences committed while one of them was still only 14. is to get as much force as possible behind the stroke. For instance, the Dangerous Fireworks Act states that caning is mandatory for a manager or owner of a company which imports, delivers or sells dangerous fireworks. Judicial caning is also used as a form of legal punishment for criminal offences in two of Singapore's neighbouring countries, Brunei and Malaysia. [7], Caning is, in practice, always ordered in addition to a jail sentence and never as a punishment by itself. Singapore Armed Forces Act section 125(4). [149], Judicial caning is meant to serve as a humiliating experience for offenders and as a strong deterrent to crime. These comprise slot attendants, valets, supervisors and assistant managers. The tremendous bruising black and blue of thighs. The court had awarded him 12 strokes on each of four armed robbery charges ("Convicted man sues Govt over number of strokes he received", The Straits Times, 6 June 1991). Although canings are inflicted out of sight of other prisoners, there are several prison officers in attendance, including the superintendent, a superintendent warder, prison officers, the doctor and male nurse or assistants, and the officers administering the caning. Kirsten Han. It is clear from these and other historical records that, except for the "light rattan" canings of juveniles for much less serious offences, the use of judicial CP was long regarded by the British colonial authorities as appropriate only for crimes involving personal violence or the threat thereof. A specially designed protective shield is placed round the torso, leaving only the buttocks exposed. 1987: 602 caned (including 115 foreigners), 2006: 5,984 caning sentences (about 95% of which were carried out). ″And I just could not control my screams. No similar change to the law has been reported in Singapore or Brunei. NEW STRAITS TIMES. These independent committees are made up of such people as justices of the peace and community leaders. It is not known to what extent, if at all, the ordinary machinery of justice functioned during this period. This view was echoed by the Deputy Public Prosecutor, Singapore, who observed that prison alone was no deterrent to this type of criminal: "Men who live from hand to mouth and in uncomfortable surroundings [...] find prison life by comparison not unpleasant [...] only flogging would have any real and lasting effect". The dimensions of the cane "[151], Although the extensive use of judicial caning is a policy commonly associated with the ruling People's Action Party (PAP), the opposition parties do not oppose it because they agree on its effectiveness as a deterrent to crime. "(After the caning) I couldn't sit down or lie on my back for a week. One of them was strapping a canvas pad just above my buttocks. I had heard how painful caning was and also what one suffered after the caning. Some differences between Singapore and Malaysia. That's why all whipping officers are tall and big bodied. (This lasted) one week then things came back to normal." Have news to share? Before they were doing maybe 60 on Tuesdays and Fridays, now they're doing a hundred" ("Eye of a Tiger", The Guardian, 20 May 1995). When you have made contact with the buttocks, you must drag the tip of the rotan along the skin to break it.". Each of us hoped that we would be the last. A former flogger interviewed by Gopal Baratham has specified more precisely that it is the front third of the cane that is soaked in fluid to make it supple, producing the effect of a lash; the back third is rigid so the caner has greater control (op. The Criminal Justice (Punishment Amendment) Ordinance 1954 removed the cat-o'-nine tails from the Singapore statute book, and thenceforth corporal punishment could be inflicted only with a rotan (or rottan or rattan -- these are simply different spellings of the Malay word for cane). "Two! I felt giddy and went limp on the trestle at the last stroke. [20], The importation of chewing gum is subject only to fines; it is not and has never been an offence punishable by caning. By the time the third came, my whole body was just a lump of pain and the other two strokes did not make any difference." 2007: 6,404 caning sentences (about 95% of which were carried out), or about 120 canings per week. Clearly he should not have been given all the strokes at once, and the government later gave him an ex-gratia compensation payment in settlement.

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