Participants must be a Class A member. 2015 SCGA Saturday Team Play. Show Playoff Bracket. These matches are held in December and rotate every two years from the North and South.

Team Play Information. Tournament Manager

So if you want to play on the team you still have time to get some posted rounds in if you don't have enough in the system. Nonetheless, this is better than two trips to Bakersfield, which was looking like our only option as two clubs there were interested in playing with us after the group of 12 that we formerly played in imploded and disbanded; the offer to join our current group came at the last minute and is much better for us in terms of travel. Team SoCal will be made up of the Section Champion and the top 7 players on the Section Player of the Year standings; must be a Class A member. Each week we will need 16 players and two alternates; this means that not everyone will play every week; believe it or not depending on travel, vacations, work, family commitments, etc., we usually need around 45 players on our roster to be sure we can field a strong team each week. To see official 2019 SCGA Thursday Team Play Results, so to SCGA by CLICKING HERE - Braemar is in Group 13 On April 22 2018, The “Braemar Army” drove cars and bussed up to Sandpiper Golf Club in Goleta, to watch and walk the fairways in support of our Men, the Braemar Thursday Team. An acceptable method of matching cards is to determine the winner on the basis of the best score for the last nine holes. 2020 - scga team play on hold!! The top 12 players from the APA Player of the Year points are selected to compete against the Northern California PGA’s top Associates over two days of matches.
However, I maintain our database and roster for Team Play so if you are new to Team Play please e-mail me your contact information (e-mail and cellphone). Regional: 2015 SCGA Saturday Team Play. Events use a format where two players from a side face off against two players from an opposing side in four-ball and individual matches concurrently, with players earning two points for … The 8 player team will be made up of the top PGA professionals in the state of California with two days of competition. Team SCPGA is selected based on current season Section Player of the Year points. DECEMBER 10-11, 2020 | TOSCANA COUNTRY CLUB, Max DeSpain Spring Valley Lake CC: Division 1.

Thursday Results Saturday Results Metro Results, Team Captain Module Entry Form Team Play Manual, All Rights Reserved. This competition is open only to regular member clubs maintaining at least one 18-hole golf course of at least 5,000 yards in length. Anyway, those of you who were on the team last year will receive a separate e-mail from me reconfirming your contact information. If you don't you can still play but you will have to play down to an 18.4 index. All Rights Reserved.
This may sound confusing to the uninitiated but it really isn't that hard; Tim Jones and I will be happy to explain this to anyone new to the team this year. Of the 12 person team, 4 are seniors that are also chosen from the Section PoY standings. All competition includes both single and four-ball match play. This year we are in a group with Brookside (Gold Team), Santa Anita and Los Amigos (Downey).


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