In Greek mythology, Medusa was a monster, a Gorgon, generally described as a winged human female with living venomous snakes in place of hair. According to Ovid, in northwest Africa, Perseus flew past the Titan Atlas, who stood holding the sky aloft, and transformed him into stone when he tried to attack him. Many authors claim that the corals were created when drops of blood spilled onto seaweed in the waters below. There are several variations of the order of the events that come next, but the conclusion is always the same. Probably the feminine present participle of. She's beautiful and she's laughing. The head of Medusa is featured on some regional symbols. [citation needed]. "[33], Medusa has sometimes appeared as representing notions of scientific determinism and nihilism, especially in contrast with romantic idealism. What Effect Does Crystal Have On The Human Body. Several courtships were rejected and the fight for the patron saint of Athens failed. Edward Burne-Jones' Perseus Cycle of paintings and a drawing by Aubrey Beardsley gave way to the twentieth century works of Paul Klee, John Singer Sargent, Pablo Picasso, Pierre et Gilles, and Auguste Rodin's bronze sculpture The Gates of Hell.[38]. Now that she has been transformed, there are many men that come to the island – no longer as suitors, but as hunters looking to behead her. Poseidon was furious. As he flies over Libya, each drop of blood that falls to the ground transforms into a venomous viper. Medusa declined everyone, determined to be a priest of the Temple of Athena who will remain virgin for life. In particular, the designer Versace's symbol is reflected through the Medusa-head symbol. "[17] In this perspective the "ravishingly beautiful" Medusa (see above) is the mother remembered in innocence; before the mythic truth of castration dawns on the subject. Buy 2 Get 1 Free | Buy 1 Get 2nd 50% Off (B1G1). Athena then puts the head on her shield – the Aegis. Harrison's translation states "the Gorgon was made out of the terror, not the terror out of the Gorgon."[10]. Medusa's sisters were immortal, but she could be killed. Fact Check: What Power Does the President Really Have Over State Governors? Festival of Sacrifice: The Past and Present of the Islamic Holiday of Eid al-Adha. Both Sarpedon and Kisthene are supposed to have been in the Red Sea, which separates Africa from Arabia. Her mother, Ceto, was also a primordial sea goddess. When Perseus beheaded her, Pegasus, a winged horse, and Chrysaor, a giant wielding a golden sword, sprang from her body.[9]. Since Medusa was the only one of the three Gorgons who was mortal, Perseus was able to slay her while looking at the reflection from the mirrored shield he received from Athena. Her fondness of Athena was reciprocated for a time. During that time, Medusa was pregnant by Poseidon. The Medusa story has also been interpreted in contemporary art as a classic case of rape-victim blaming, by the Goddess Athena. Author Sibylle Baumbach described Medusa as a “multimodal image of intoxication, petrifaction, and luring attractiveness," citing her seductive contemporary representation, as well as her dimensionality, as the reason for her longevity.[27]. Perseus used the mirror shield to reflect light and cut off her head without looking directly at Medusa.

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