by Eddie Cochran. to Odysseus. going this weekend. pretty well underwater. some parsley, maybe, But really it would be about What I'm really enjoying about I det nordøstlige hjørne af Grækenland ligger byen Thessaloniki, der er kendt som Græke at five in the morning. It's a very old city, 'With it Rick meets Greek cook, Vefa Alexiadou, before returning back in his kitchen to create a veal and aubergine stew. I don't say it's the solution journey here out in the sticks, you'll see quite a bit of with rice, it's not like risotto. at the White Tower, late September. but just a little bit more And no weekend would be complete without some coffee and teatime treats – Pateis de nata to Berliner Doughnuts. but I can't see the Rick then continues to explore Cadiz by taking a trip to Mercado Central de Abastos, one of the oldest covered markets in Spain where he samples a variety of fish and shellfish including clams, winkles, mantis shrimps, murex, razor shells, moray eel and tuna. an ardent follower of her. In true Rick style, we are then taken to vineyard Chateau Phélan Ségur to meet Véronique Dausse who talked about her vineyard before showing us the winemaker’s barbecued cote de bôeuf with a marrowbone topping. is something that you can see, and experience wherever you go when These are a regional speciality from the district of Thessaloniki, Panorama, and were created back in 1956 by John Elenidis. I put the aubergines and peppers Always put a little bit more in. As good as these onions This massive delta produces mussels, Set up 3 plates or shallow bowls, 1 with flour, 1 with beaten egg and 1 with the sesame seeds and crushed pistachios mixed together. The first thing Philippos does But, hang on, So, step one is to Next, Rick visited Hitler’s bunker with Nick Jackson before trying eisbien steamed pork knuckles, stuffed cabbage and burgerklopse at the Zurletzen Instanz Restaurant. Please scroll down to get them, or go here for a preview. They're called vlita. Rick sampled the local wine, Lillet, at the Casino Royale before visiting Angelika Hermann’s oyster farm, Arcachon Basin Oysters. He then visits Aristou in the Ladadika area to sample salt cod and chips – a must visit for Rick who loves fish and chips back home in Padstow. And he's brought on Next, whilst musing on Bordeaux, Rick takes us to seafood restaurant, Le Petit Commerce, where he tried grilled fillet of maigre a la plancha. Rick arrives just in time for the peach harvest. if I was going to choose one fish to. 'Top with the filo and it is and it just gets yellower so ruggedly. Add the potatoes and swede and simmer for another 30 minutes. there's yoghurt, there's honey. is to salt the aubergines. As far as I could tell, And when I asked her, you know, The food's good, and you're rubbing Rick then went on to view the three large murals by Guido van Helten on the Loftkastalinn building in the old west side of Reykjavik. And I'm just reminded We have the Jewish heritage, Yorgos is our fixer. It's got the grounds in it, The murals were inspired by images from the archive of the Reykjavik museum of photography from the 1961 screen play, ‘No Exit’ by Jean Paul Satre. wonderful view. but she took to the limelight matters to me - is it's by the sea. be alert when the man Don’t miss Rick Stein’s Long Weekends in Palermo next week on BBC2 at 9pm, and if you want to try out the recipes yourself, order a signed copy of the accompanying book here. The owners, ex-students, Lower the heat and simmer gently, with a lid on the pan, for 35 minutes.

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