Although I generally enjoyed everything about Project Ithaca, there were some portions I found to be a bit lacking. Should be called - Attack of the shill reviewers. I truly enjoyed this movie and definitely hope for a sequel. Project Ithaca was directed by Nicholas Humphries, a Canadian whose career has mostly consisted of shorts and TV episodes. The first half of the film begs to ask the rhetorical question, “Have you seen a movie lately that is so complex and wordy that you have no idea of what’s going on thru the first half”? Black levels aren’t the greatest, either, mostly due to the poor lighting. Clocking in at 85 minutes, Project Ithaca was directed by Nicholas Humphries (Riese series, Mermaid’s Song 2015), and written by a pair of first-timers— Anthony Artibello, who has previously worked behind-the-scenes on such films as 2006’s Skinwalkers and 2008’s The Incredible Hulk, along with Kevin C. Bjerkness, who associate produced the 2015 Documentary Jeff Wall: In Order to Make a … Please try again, 365 Bloor Street East, Toronto, Ontario, M4W 3L4. The first third of Project Ithaca is almost entirely indecipherable, purposefully so, as we see things that don’t make sense and words that don’t help all that much in making it clear. Called a techno path, she begins to exhibit an acuteness for genius behavior and direct connection (despite still being human). Yes, it's bad. This is achieved per flashbacks and each of their self narrated verbal exchanges (all the while slopped in goop and threatened by eel-like appendages that appear to have intent to cause them harm). The acting of each of the characters is all well done, each bringing to life a vastly different character that adds so much substance to the group dynamic we’re experiencing. Aug 25, 2019. Sera is seen lying within what looks like an alien nest of sorts as she is programmed to communicate with this advanced race. Awards For more than a decade /R/HORROR … Press J to jump to the feed. | The first third of Project Ithaca is almost entirely indecipherable, purposefully so, as we see things that don’t make sense and words that don’t help all that much in making it clear. Zack Chase is a rock star. Ignore the reviews from so many who couldn't follow a plot without sock puppets. It’s not that this confusion is bad, plenty of movies start this way, but there is a feeling that it’s going off the rails the further it leads us into the mystery, the dots needed to be connected spreading further apart rather … Rhonda is a high school teacher. Some of the best at this weave what we understand to be true about the story with a greater feeling of ambiguity, lending it a certain timelessness. Lots of thinking and in the end I am still thinking whats behind of all. These stories and scenarios have a particular mystery to them that I find fascinating: trying to find the common denominator that inexplicably links them together, the reasoning behind their captivity, and usually, who is not who they seem to be. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Close. Written by Blacktooth (Staff Writer) Lover of all things horror and metal. r/movies: News & Discussion about Major Motion Pictures. User Ratings This is not a fake review. Here is another film that has a blimming decent concept going for it, but got lazy and sat on its bum for 90 min. Also dialog were only like exposition - its like characters were … My first thought here was, did the characters of this film get kidnapped by an “Alien” movie franchise film or is this just what we imagine all inner sanctums of spaceships to look like? This advertisement has not loaded yet, but your article continues below. It was surprisingly thought provoking and new and thus contributes to the genre. Project Ithaca, 2019 © Wild Media Entertainment. What can be done about the fake reviews that proliferate , universally intended to prop up terrible movies? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts However, they all have been captive for quite some time with it now being year 2050. There is no acting, no story, no direction, no dialogue, no sets and no plausibility to this dreck. The next issue of Posted Newsletter will soon be in your inbox. If any film was closer to being a true genre film worthy of being called a syfy enigma, it is 2019’s “Project Ithaca” directed by Nicholas Humphries. Only Brighton (Gallanders) and Sera (Campbell) seem to have any shared history. The very moment I saw the general in his uniform with three stars on the shoulders and sergeant stripes on the arm, I knew this movie was trouble. Apparently a severely older race of artificial intelligence beings, this biomechanoid race explains that they require the energy of humans to fuel their ships and create inter dimensional portals. Had to restart in the middle and power through the remainder of the movie. Check out the below links, may contain affiliate links. © 2020 National Post, a division of Postmedia Network Inc. All rights reserved. There’s also James Gallanders as an army scientist whom we first meet in a Cold War bunker in 1959. Released; Now Playing Get Showtimes Buy Tickets. Their endgame: to harvest enough human emotional energy to open a wormhole through which their spacecrafts can pass and conquer our world. A group of people wake up in an alien room attached to an alien apparatus apparently in an alien spacecraft. I feel don't have to say much about which is the case for this one. The writers are first-timers, which helps explain the writing. Film Reviews. Im still trying to understand it fully. Each of them has a different background, and as you’ll later learn, something pretty major that sets them apart from each other as well. The film is dark for most of the film, with color balance looking pretty good, but can come off muted at times. The acting was ok, not brilliant, not bad, I've seen worse. Project Ithaca was directed by Nicholas Humphries, a Canadian whose career has mostly consisted of shorts and TV episodes. Together, they can find a way home. It clearly had a good budget with good cgi and good acting and you really wanted to turn the next page. This was one of the better ones. "Project Ithaca" (2019) had its moments and had a potential - i liked the concept (main idea), but unfortunately the execution wasn't any good. There was an error, please provide a valid email address. – they resort to three-part harmonic bafflegab like “artificial super-intelligences,” “electrified plasmic matrix,” “inter-dimensional portal” and “stabilized density matrix.” Those are all from a single scene, by the way; that’s some jumbo mumbo-jumbo. Although I suppose it could be left to interpretation, there really is no benefit to having it this way, as it really only serves to confuse rather than inspire possible meanings. “A malevolent alien species has been abducting humans for decades…possibly centuries. It's either that or, given the fact that so many BS-laden blockbusters exist, I guess many wannabe movie directors think they can get away with anything, as long as they show a black old woman acting as an oracle. The effects are fantastic but nothing else stands out. A look at the Project Ithaca behind-the-scenes crew and production team. I did appreciate the storyline after all its points were resolved, though I feel viewers might not endure the entire run if patience is an issue. Without spoiling too much, PROJECT ITHACA finds its place in the Sci-Fi pantheon as a psychological thriller in the vein of FIRE IN THE SKY (1993), which it references, itself. It is during this time that John Brighton takes compassion for this young girl forming a lifelong bond. In 1959, deep with the Raven Rock Mountain Complex, a top secret facility, something strange is going on. Project Ithaca is a 2019 science fiction film about a group of strangers who awaken aboard an alien spacecraft and must depend on each other to survive. With director Nicholas Humphries‘s latest independent film Project Ithaca, there are plenty of questions at play and a genuine hook, but even with some surprising production design and a cast that works hard to convince, it can’t harness the wonder a project like this demands, leaving this a mostly static experience. I would have liked if the movie actually had a longer run-time to explore the characters backstory as well and the beings origins/purpose. It is certainly worth watching and as a fan of the genre I can say it far outperforms the majority of movies with a similar budget. This represents a rare move into feature film, and while I congratulate him on making the leap, he doesn’t stick the landing. Mostly budgetary sins. For those who enjoy this kind of stuff, this film may be up your alley and worth checking out. Any altitude the film achieves comes from the actors, a game bunch that includes Daniel Fathers (picture Vinnie Jones from Guy Ritchie’s early movies), Alex Woods (doing Bill Paxton from Aliens) and Deragh Campbell (dialing it up to 11 from Stranger Things). Although some of the principles are thoroughly underdeveloped (Alex Woods’ Zack Chase exists for little else than to say “Fuck” and look filthy), the film rights itself with complex characters like Gallanders’ John Brighton, … While i agree it could be hard to follow, that is one of the things i liked. 08/17/2019 It’s an effective device for storytelling and works extremely well in this film. r/horror: R/HORROR, known as Dreadit by our subscribers is the premier horror entertainment community on Reddit. Is it just because it's low budget not advertised movie?! When the action isn’t grinding to a halt for pseudo-technical explanations, it’s grinding to a start as the characters, strapped into some kind of spaceship that’s just dark enough not to need to show us anything beyond their faces, bicker and try to figure out why they’ve all been brought together.

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