At a press conference, Navarro reports on El Chema's extradition to the U.S.; the Casillas family makes a final decision on the rescue. Casillas goes to Colombia to look for Víctor. The official, Eleazar and Feyo, eager to get rid of the Casillases, declare war on Aurelio. Pursued by rival traffickers and the DEA, drug kingpin Aurelio Casillas decides to alter his appearance with surgery and adopt a new identity. Leonor tells Marco Mejía that General Jiménez was at the Casillas ranch. Leonor gets into the recording studio pretending to be a fan of Alejo. El Chema Venegas kidnaps his own son. Víctor keeps a sharp eye on Felina, Javier and Mónica in a business dinner. Omar agrees to accept Aurelio, Ramiro and Ernestina’s plan on the condition that they leave Mónica alone. Anaya commits another crime. Jaime tries to free Javi, but the DEA prevents it. Navarro finds the boss and plans to capture him. Luzma is in critical condition after two respiratory arrests and two heart attacks. Aurelio asks his mother to just kill him. Meanwhile, Aurelio receives an experimental procedure. Aurelio looks ill during the trip. Mónica asks the president for help with her son. The calling to serve God in a particular way to aid in His divine plan for the salvation of souls, How do you know if God is calling you to the priesthood? Ojeda distrusts her and watches her closely. Rutila finds a clue in the crashed plane. Everyone’s worried about the president’s drinking problem. Aurelio tortures Jorge Elías Salazar to make him speak. The King fires a bazooka at Chema’s house, but he escapes through the tunnels. She deals with Carreño and gets Super Javi’s help. Ámbar will give up a bigwig but asks for American citizenship in return. Worried for his niece’s life, Amado must accept the cold and brutal Renzo Volpi's conditions. Aurelio makes business plans with Ninón, who doesn’t hide her interest in him. Marco Mejía tells Eugenia and Alfonso he's confirmed that Jiménez Arroyo is the traffickers' government contact. Greñas gets Luzma to go with him to meet Daryl, his online friend. Emiliana swears to take revenge on Casillas. The president asks Marco Mejía to give him a list of the names of all the government officials suspected of being involved in the drug trade. Doris tells Ema they tried to kidnap her, but thank God, she managed to escape. Mónica asks them to let him go. Rivero hands over Ernesto’s letter to Rutila. Amado goes after the seized merchandise. Tijeras makes a pact with Superjarvi. The Norteño realizes that an attack has been planned against Ximena and the Jaibo is being hunted. The Society of Saint Pius X is an international priestly society that promotes the traditional Catholic priesthood and the celebration of the traditional Latin Mass and sacraments, Learn about the District House of the SSPX located in the heart of America. The Colombians’ macabre plan is to kidnap Mónica, ask for ransom, and then kill her. Colón moves Esperanza to a safe house. Leo offers her support to Omar. El Chema and his men realize that the government has them surrounded and devise an escape plan. This is the same day as the International Catholic Film Festival Mirabile Dictu at the Vatican, sponsored by the Pontifical Council for Culture. Elsa visits Chema in jail. Castillo continues with the plan to end drug trafficking. The Turk tells Aurelio he has the hospital blueprints, but it doesn't look like they'll be able to free Don Cleto without losing some men. Ximena is thinking of leaving Aurelio. Elisa tells Leo her father was killed in Michoacán. Mónica interrupts the traffickers’ meeting. The Salvatierras turn to the president, a man with a shady past. Amparo tries to protect Tata by convincing her not to flee. After a shootout with Interpol agents, Chema is busted by the DEA. Castillo and Navarro move up El Chema's extradition. Esperanza asks Tony for help. Rivero realizes that Tim is capable of anything and they both decide to come to the rescue. The Turk tells Coronel Jiménez that a new shipment is arriving from Colombia and gives him a photo of Pombo, the man they're after. Rutila jumps in because she knows that Casillas wants Rodrigo dead. Meanwhile, she has to decide whether or not to face the consequences of her actions. Aurelio and his henchmen guard Tony and Esperanza, but she has a weapon and is ready to attack. Mónica saves Aurelio’s life and confesses her love in front of Feyo. Feyo wounds Ismael and keeps him locked up with his mother. Aurelio has a confession he's forced to make to Mónica. A full-length feature film on Padre Pio will come out in theaters on November 23, 2018: The Mystery of Padre Pio is a movie directed by one of the greatest zealots of the devotion to Padre Pio in the Spanish-speaking world, the writer José María Zavala. Heriberto asks Ignacio for help fleeing the country, Mónica shoots Irina, and Chema wants Aurelio's DNA to compare against the body. Águila Azul reveals his brother's identity.

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