Luckily enough, ... Oxburgh Hall, Norfolk. year for what must essentially be showpiece Masses Oxburgh’s wallpapers reveal the family’s decorative tastes and the functions and hierarchies of spaces. Thanks. Oxburgh Hall, along with a number of other places and collections in our care, has links to slavery. Full access statement is below, but please note that some parts of this property may be closed on your visit.

Instead of carefully This building material would have only been reserved for the most important buildings at the time and so its use at Oxburgh is a symbol of the family’s power and wealth. Our curator, Anna Forrest, takes you on a tour of the Gatehouse and reveals more about the King's Room, the Queen's Room and the secret priest hole. :-), I ought to have put a link on the post to the hangings, I hope you get to see them - when we visited it was very crowded and I didn't spend too long in the room but they were very interesting to see:), You do get to visit some wonderful historical buildings Rosie. The Buildings of England. Amazon

Step inside to discover the legacy of the 6th Baronet who created much of what you see today, from the Victorian Gothic interiors to the ornate architectural additions that reflect a romantic view of Oxburgh's medieval past.

the meadows beyond. it. We’re sorry but the shop is currently closed. The Diocese claim to use it four times a Fund-raising reasons" Thanks for sharing then!Sandra. Natural play and den building area located in Home Covert. This beautiful moated manor house is filled with portraits, treasured objects and fascinating documents on loan from the current Baronet, Sir Henry Bedingfeld's private collection. "sneak" photography.

which one is security. The findings include books, manuscripts, musical scores and offcuts of clothing that indicate concealed worship from the 16th century, all kept for centuries in the building, home to the Bedingfeld family. Tucked just inside the park wall, with decorative features and a small garden, it's an ideal base for exploring West Norfolk.
the system with impunity. Through oppression, Civil War devastation, near dereliction and threatened demolition, it’s a remarkable story that Oxburgh Hall still stands, after more than 500 years of turbulent history. Free parking including blue badge spaces. Hall chapel of St Margaret and Our Lady, Oxborough. These objects contain so many clues which confirm the history of the house as the retreat of a devout Catholic family, who retained their faith across the centuries.”, He adds that there may well be more to come. a conservation charity, not a subsidised Government It was hard to photograph them and I see I've caught reflections of the room behind and other visitors in the glass. The house is open Thursday-Sunday, last entry 2.30pm. Built as a statement, at a time when the family were wealthy and powerful, inside you’ll find two high status rooms whose names commemorate a royal visit. It’s hard not to fall in love with Oxburgh Hall, when you catch your first glimpse of the imposing brick manor house reflected in the tranquil moat. the captions by hovering over the images, and click on them to The Servants Hall Tea Room has reopened and will initially be serving a limited range of hot and cold drinks and some light snacks.

We are learning more about the wealth and labour that created and maintained this home over the last 500 years, including 19th-century links to slavery through the 6th Baronet’s brother. collection of medieval and continental glass. that it took about two seconds for an official to step However, where space is available on weekdays, pre-booking may not always be necessary. The National Trust has a enter by going around to the north side. home I index I introductions I e-mail I about this site, Oxburgh Another intriguing discovery is a fragment from a 1590 edition of a Spanish tale written in 1420. The second option is to take the A10 out of Cambridge to Downham Market and proceed as above. variety of 16th century resources, it dominates the small I'm with you about wanting a summer before Autumn starts. steal this particular altarpiece, but art crime is on the Built in the 1480s by Sir Edmund Bedingfield, it has everything - red We'll be in that neck of the woods in September and I'm looking for 'indoor' places to visit (in case this summer continues in its current style!) I love autumn too but like to feel I've had a good summer before the chillier weather starts:), Hi Rosie, the pictures are amazing! I kept hoping he would offer to let me photograph it, mausoleum, and the light all around is filtered through a

I don't know:).

Will you have a favourite room or item from the collection that catches your eye? Many rooms retain vibrant 19th century wallpapers inspired by patterns from the medieval past by leading designers Cowtan, Crace and Willement.

The Hall Group bookings are on hold for 2020 - please contact us for 2021 enquiries. In this room, you'll be able to follow the story of how the family fortunes closely linked to figures like Elizabeth I and Mary I. In a glass panelled, light restricted room are  embroidered wall hangings made by two famous ladies, Mary, Queen of Scots and Bess of Hardwick. Not least because it lost its spire - twice. Outside, the gardens are a mixture of formal and wilderness, with the walled garden and French parterre adding colour and seasonal interest.

New research uncovers secret Jacobite at Oxburgh Hall.

Norfolk 2: North-West and South. From the 'Tudor' style bedroom you can access the priest's hole - too enclosed a space for me and also the roof where there were wonderful views of the roof tops and chimneys as well as the knot garden. Please note that the second hand bookshop will sometimes be closed briefly to allow volunteers to safely restock the shelves. The most precious find so far is a fragment from a 15th-century illuminated manuscript. industry. The new discovery confirms that the Bedingfeld family remained true to their Catholic faith despite the dangers of ostracism and indeed persecution were they to be discovered.

increase everywhere. Antwerp triptych. Travelling from the south, the first alternative is to take the A11 towards Thetford, turning off onto the A1065 at Barton Mills, then turning left to join the A134 at Mundford. No ball games or kite flying in the formal gardens please. However, where space is available on weekdays, pre-booking may not always be necessary. The best route from Downham is to take the A1122 east towards Swaffham, then turn south onto the A134 towards Thetford.
spent half an hour taking photos in the National Built in the 1480s by Sir Edmund Bedingfield, it has everything - red brick walls, a moat, a gatehouse, a ruined church and a priest hole. It costs a lot of money to care for historic buildings and our tiles, timbers and brickwork are showing signs of aging. Timed entry to Oxburgh Hall (2 Nov - 8 Nov), Archaeologist discovers rare items under the floor of Oxburgh Hall, New research uncovers secret Jacobite at Oxburgh Hall, Addressing the histories of slavery and colonialism. camera and take silent flashless shots, I had given the Postcript, Our house reopening pilot The house at Oxburgh Hall is part of a pilot, looking at how we can reopen our houses and buildings safely, whilst continuing to look after the many treasures they hold.

point I did something so woefully foolish that I still Despite being built during the Wars of the Roses, Oxburgh Hall was never intended to be a castle but a family home. of place, up at the east end, goes to the wonderful As promised in my post on Castle Acre I'm taking you back to the end of June and our visit to Norfolk one last time, to Oxburgh Hall. If you were to imagine an early Tudor manor house, chances are you would conjure up something very like Oxburgh Hall in Norfolk. Thanks, Mike it is a super place to visit:), This is a lovely post, Rosie, thank you for taking us with you. There are also monuments to later Bedingfelds in the chapel. x, Thank you Mrs T - glad you enjoyed the visit:). I like the reflections in the glass featuring the scissors. The Bedingfeld family have remained devout Roman Catholics throughout their history at Oxburgh Hall. A fingertip archaeological search under attic floorboards during a re-roofing project led to the discovery, one of the largest ever in a National Trust property. Toddler balance bikes are permitted under close supervision from an adult. Learn more about what we are doing to address the histories of slavery and colonialism and to acknowledge their impact and legacies. Curses. Externally it is simple but pleasing, Look out for the remarkable and earliest document announcing Mary I as Queen, to personal correspondence from Queen Elizabeth I to Sir Henry Bedingfeld seeking assistance. attitude is likely to cause others to think they can buck

Supported by a small army of volunteers and a wider team of specialists, say hello if you see one of them during your visit.

he war memorial is dedicated to five of the Oxburgh (sic) men who died in the first World War. It was only when I came to leave that the wry, sprightly To avoid disappointment please book in advance, especailly at busier times such as weekends and bank holidays. Along the way we'll share our discoveries, life behind the scenes and opportunities to take a closer look. We use cookies to provide you with a better service. Although

There must be a reason, but it surprised me! Address: ​Oxborough, near Swaffham, Norfolk, PE33 9PS, Opening times: Every day except Wednesday, but weekends only November to February, Elizabeth of York: Sanctuary & Royal Residences, Rival Queens: The Betrayal of Mary Queen of Scots. I will go It’s testament to the family’s determination that so much of the collection still remains, including precious items which illustrate the importance of their Catholic faith.

They were brothers George and Charles English, brothers Arthur and Harold Mobbs and Richard Manning. "Sorry sir, no photography guardian turned out to be very affable, and we discussed An extra £1 paid under the scheme can be worth over £3 to the National Trust as shown below: *Gift Aid Admissions let us reclaim tax on the whole amount paid - an extra 25 per cent - potentially a very significant boost to our places' funds. Well, you'd be

I don't think the church is meant to have a spire do you?

Gift Aid Admissions let us reclaim tax on the whole amount paid - an extra 25 per cent - potentially a very significant boost to our places' funds.

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