They were the first photos of the two of them together. Kylie Minogue wears The Vampire's Wife, pictured with Nick Cave at the Glastonbury Festival in June. We did the shoot backstage; I set up a studio bit of canvas and a light. Taylor Swift Is Now Free To Re-Record Her Old Albums And Fans Are Celebrating “My dresses may cover you up, but they make no secret of the beautiful female shape. Getty. He’s so amazing and loving, and it’s one of my favourite things I’ve ever done.”, You might have thought that the dalliance with Cave would have contributed to Kylie’s decision to “go indie”, recording with the Manic Street Preachers on 1997’s Impossible Princess album, but she says not. Together, the couple makes plans for the fashion label’s future. by “I would like to publicly apologise to both of them, especially Avril Lavigne,” he once said. But the dresses were evidently special, and requests began pouring in. All praise Cave’s understanding of what women really want. To launch her latest album, Golden, she played a handful of tiny club shows, including one at the Cafe de Paris in London. Kylie Minogue and Nick Cave at the 1996 Big Day Out. Rashna Farrukh, Music “He’s so amazing and loving, and it’s one of my favourite things I’ve ever done.”, “He’s definitely infiltrated my life in beautiful and profound ways.”. After some back and forth, Kylie and Cave eventually sat down in the studio to record their version of ‘Where The Wild Roses Grow’—a song that now goes down as one of the Bad Seeds’ most commercially successful. Your weekly guide to the latest tour news and best new music. We revisit 1996's Murder Ballads. She needed time by herself to get over it. “It was the first time I had sung like that,” she says, referring to her breathy, seductive vocal, “because PWL songs all had a particular sound.” (Specifically: bellow-it-out-as-quickly-as-possible. However, Cave would later insist that his nomination was removed as he didn’t want people to think he was the one-hit-wonder that some people perceived him to be — a moniker which couldn’t be further from the truth in his case. Kate Moss wears the Mini Mayhem dress from the latest collection by The Vampire's Wife, out this week. And so he told MTV precisely that. Two or three would be just great, but I really need one song!’ Next day I met Steve McEwan, and he said: ‘I don’t want to get you straight in, let’s just have a chat and suss each other out, and he played me just on acoustic guitar the idea of Dancing, and then we fleshed it out through the week. Cave was working on his album Murder Ballads and Kylie was asked if she would like to contribute.

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