Which one best matches your personality? - Q1: Quel type de Nen penses-tu avoir ? } So I decided to discuss this with my friends to make a good strategy to encounter. Tu veux découvrir si tu es du Nen du Renforcement comme Gon ou du Nen de la Transformation comme Kirua ? Take your time. transmuter, conjurer, specialist, manipulater, or emitter. } Le fourbe Hisoka te propose une alliance temporaire car vous pouvez vous aider mutuellement, qu'en penses-tu ? '\n"; For example: Gon's Jajanken (Rock paper scissors) increases his strength using nen.

Do it right away, most of it in class to get it over with. Smile creepily at them so they'll be scared of you forever.

20 questions my_alert = my_alert + "• 'Is friendship important to you? If one were to lose their entire aura, it would be equivalent to using up all the energy keeping them alive, which would be fatal. They are very observant and logical, rarely falling into traps. so um...i do have most if not all traits from these 3 (and all types in general too) combined, but i think i will go with transmuter because i read they are weird and funny (that sums my life up lmao)(this happens every time i have to get sorted somewhere/i have to choose smth. my_alert = my_alert + "• '( Be honest ) did you take my other quiz: what hunter x hunter character are you? } Because of the nature of Emission, many Hatsu techniques created by emitters are primarily long range. (Ferris Bueler time). Make a plan that gets you and your friend to safety and puts the thief in prison. Print off a picture from that one vacation trip that's on the computer.

Quiz Quel est ton type de Nen ? What do people think about you? return result; For example: Gon's Jajanken (Rock paper scissors) increases his strength using nen. } .q_option_row {padding:5px; border:2px solid lightgray; border-radius:5px; margin:3px; cursor:hand; font-size:14px;} A power that allows the user to create a physical, independent, material object out of one's aura. Draw a picture of my family in great detail.

Then I'll safe them in any means. How do you counter attack him?

Lol I got transmuter 4/5 times so ig I’m a transmuter, not complaining tho :ok_hand: A place to express all your otaku thoughts about anime and manga. Do a little bit each day until it's done. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content.

Scam people into giving you free rides, food, etc. *Ignored advice from parents. my_alert = my_alert + "• 'What word best describes you? Quiz may contain mild spoilers! result = false; Matérialisation ? I'm a leader in the group. What type are you and what can u do?

if (document.my_form.a885617.value == 0) { Many Transmuters rely on techniques that give unique and unpredictable properties to their Nen that reflects their personalities. RRRRRRRUUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!! C'est ici que ça se passe !

By filling out the 20 questions below you can discover what your nen type is. Persuade waiter/waitress to give you some extra food. Many of the items that conjurers create are often used by them in a very deliberate and practical, logical fashion. What are you going to do ? if (document.my_form.a885616.value == 0) { Emitters are impatient, not detail-oriented, and quick to react in a volatile manner. for (var i=0; i

Avoid his attack first then you counter him back, You tend to analyze and observe your enemy first, You’re hiding from him, and waiting for a chance to attack. Un ami vous doit de l'argent depuis longtemps et ses dettes ne cessent d'augmenter, que faites-vous ? Merci de désactiver votre Adblock, ou de voir comment nous aider en nous contactant à. It could be tentatively defined as one's degree of proficiency in a Nen type which translates in the creation of a specific ability. Sooo... You're probably thinking: What nen type am I? Merci de désactiver votre Adblock, ou de voir comment nous aider. Aura pours out of nodes - controlling these nodes is the first step to being a user of Nen. A power that allows the user to control non living or living materials. Viens découvrir quel est ton type de nen !

Transformation ? Being able to analyze things calmly is the strength of Conjurers. You're walking on the street, minding your own business, when suddenly, you get hit in the head, you turn around and you see a friend of yours smiling, it was pretty obvious that he was the one who hit you. 2/3 If you have not read the manga do not take the quiz Enjoy!

11 months ago Mortimer . my_alert = my_alert + "• 'What is your favorite color out of these? Control the situation, make a trick and intimidate my enemy. Items from Amazon.com you might like. What is your nen type short quiz quiz.

A power that allows the user to have original or own special ability power.


So I can safe  them without being reckless.

Psychological Types Report Quiz What is your Nen Type? A power that strengthen and balanced my offense and defense. Find out what is your nen type in hunterxhunter.

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document.getElementById(my_key).style.backgroundColor="white"; Aura (オーラ) is the life energy produced by all living bodies vital for survival. result = true; Avez-vous des facilités pour rencontrer des personnes ? ( short quiz ) Which of the 6 nen types is yours?