From this unexpected start, Pellow quickly settled into somewhat cheesy An Intimate Evening With… mode, with cocktail lounge renditions of Till There Was You and If You Go Away. Said Marti: "Last year we did that gig in Glasgow and we just enjoyed it that much we thought, 'do you know what? It’s worth braving the cold for. So there is a great sensuality to Mr Hyde. The audience was dancing in the aisles and my companion, who was there particularly to see Marti Pellow, was surprised at just how many George Benson songs she knew. Reflecting his successful parallel career in musical theatre, Wet Wet Wet frontman Marti Pellow’s latest solo album, Hope, features a judicious selection of songs from Broadway and the West End – relatively few of the usual suspects – performed in stripped-down arrangements. As soon as the first few beats of ‘Mysterious’ echoed around the wondrous venue, row after row jumped to their feet and started clapping and screaming. The Scotsman -- back in Northern Ireland for the band's Greatest Hits show in late 2013 -- also totally dismissed a lingering urban folk myth story about loyalist killer Michael Stone being his hero. You really nailed it.". On 17 August 2012, Pellow performed his new concert show Boulevard of Life with the RTÉ Concert Orchestra at Dublin's National Concert Hall. The audience was dancing in the aisles and my companion, who was there particularly to see Marti Pellow, was surprised at just how many George Benson songs she knew.It's an amazing back catalogue of hits and one he can still perform with passion and ease – his vocals on the ballads were as smooth and sexy as ever. enthuses Marti, as his grin fills the stage. Which no doubt is how they've been able to afford the hefty £60 price tag for the evening. Of course, when I first saw him it was long before his band took Love Is All Around to the top of the charts and left it there for about ten years, and in the meantime he disappeared off the radar for a while, during which his enthusiasm for the drink got the better of him. A capable soul vocalist and, most impressively, a skilled jazz guitarist, he harks back to the days when a bit of all-round talent was a requirement rather than a bonus if you wished to have a crack at the pop charts.Of course, when he was introduced back on stage for the encore by his guitarist as "the ten-time Grammy award-winning, smooth singing, sharp dressing George Benson", there was no escaping the fact that this show lives on the slightly corny hyperbole of showmanship as much as any Las Vegas revue might. Fans of the Wets have instant gratification as the Scot launches into a double fix of Wishing I Was Lucky and Lip Service, which get a few diehards on their feet. The concert took place at the Royal Albert Hall on 12 May and 13 May 2008. Pellow went on tour during October and November to support the album, with a helping hand from regular Wets contributor Graeme Duffin. Standout performances were certainly In Your Eyes, The Greatest. Copyright ©Mary S MacInnes 2010 Pellow’s act was primarily geared towards mild titillation of his female fans, who were encouraged to the front by old favourites such as Wishing I Was Lucky, where they were met with some bizarre crab-legged lunging dance moves. 2015 Preview SONG TIME Summer (The First Time) 1 4:40 PREVIEW One True Love (feat. The evening was interrupted so host Graham Norton could be presented with his award for Best Comedy Entertainment Personality in a live satellite link-up. I said to him, 'Terry, how do you sleep at night?'". MARTI PELLOW thought he was hearing things when an Oscar-winning composer phoned him and said: "I was really touched by your version of my song Who Can I Turn To? Pellow's nine-piece band is as tight as his black T-shirt, the three-piece brass section lending a sophisticated and soulful note to proceedings. Gig review: George Benson SECC, GLASGOW Review: 01 June 2010 *linkBy DAVID POLLOCK. He was the lead singer of the Scottish pop group Wet Wet Wet, from their formation in 1982 until their split in 1997, and again from their reformation in 2004 to his departure in 2017. that sort of thing. This is a slick jazz club supreme, buried deep underground below Picadilly Circus. Pellow enjoyed success with Wet Wet Wet throughout the late 1980s and 1990s. For more information about the acts go to She says she's 5ft 8, and maybe nowadays a bit less], [Editor Rob: I looked for a claim from him and he describes himself tall, I'm sure he said his height on one of his shows once but I can't remember, been so long], [Editor Rob: you need to reign in some thoughts about celebs, if some of the stuff I've read and not published were to be published, I'd be up s**t creek and there wouldn't be a celebheights! Wet Wet Wet lead singer Marti Pellow is a firm believer in his music uniting people in perfect “harmony”— and exorcising the ghosts of loyalist sectarianism hanging over their name. Marti slinks in, pinstripe suited, perma-grin already installed, and slips straight into In a Sentimental Mood.

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