He returned to Hollywood in the early 1950s and was cast in a series of B-adventures such as Mask of the Avenger (1951). (1952) opposite Marlon Brando. In 1953, he turned in one of his best performances as a dim-witted, thuggish and volatile strongman in Federico Fellini's Oscar winning La Strada (1954) opposite Giulietta Masina. His frequent portrayal of Italian characters and appearance in Italian films led to the popular misconception that he was in fact Italian. Gestern ist der weltberühmte Schauspieler im Alter von 86 Jahren in einem Krankenhaus in Boston an den Folgen einer Lungenentzündung gestorben. He worked with Dino De Laurentiis and Carlo Ponti in the Kirk Douglas film Ulysses, and starred as Attila the Hun with Sophia Loren in Attila. In 1990, he starred in The Old Man and the Sea, a television movie based on the novel by Ernest Hemingway. As the decade ended, Quinn allowed his age to show and began his transformation into a major character actor. He won two Academy Awards during his very long career. Later, Quinn studied briefly under Frank Lloyd Wright through the Taliesin Fellowship — an opportunity created by winning first prize in an architectural design contest. He is buried in a family plot in Bristol, Rhode Island. Quinn, who experienced discrimination growing up in Los Angeles, participated in various civil rights and social causes. [3] In Quinn's autobiography, The Original Sin: A Self-portrait by Anthony Quinn, he denied being the son of an "Irish adventurer", and attributed that tale to Hollywood publicists. [33], In 1984, artist Eloy Torrez produced a 70-foot high portrait mural of Quinn titled both Anthony Quinn and The Pope of Broadway in Los Angeles. His physique filled out, his hair grayed, and his once smooth, swarthy face weathered and became more rugged. The success of Zorba the Greek in 1964 resulted in another Oscar nomination for Best Actor. [14] He teamed with Kirk Douglas once again in the western Last Train from Gun Hill (1959). [3], His funeral was held in the First Baptist Church in America in College Hill, Providence, Rhode Island. In addition, he received two Academy Award nominations in the Best Leading Actor category, along with five Golden Globe nominations and two BAFTA Award nominations. He attended Hammel Street Elementary School, Belvedere Junior High School, Polytechnic High School and finally Belmont High School in Los Angeles, with future baseball player and General Hospital star John Beradino, but left before graduating. [14] In 1981, he starred in Lion of the Desert. The petition, which was reprinted in several high-profile publications, was intended to rally support among Americans living abroad. When Quinn mentioned that he was drawn to acting, Wright encouraged him. He is buried in a family plot in Bristol, Rhode Island. Quinn spent his last years in Bristol, Rhode Island. [11], As a young man, Quinn boxed professionally to earn money, then studied art and architecture under Frank Lloyd Wright, at Wright's Arizona residence and his Wisconsin studio, Taliesin. [13], After a short time performing on the stage, Quinn launched his film career performing character roles in the 1936 films The Plainsman (1936) as a Cheyenne Indian after Custer's defeat with Gary Cooper, Parole (in which he made his debut) and The Milky Way. They had three children: Francesco Quinn (March 22, 1963 – August 5, 2011), Danny Quinn (born April 16, 1964), and Lorenzo Quinn (born May 7, 1966).[4]. He then married Benvin in December 1997 and remained married until his death, in June 2001. [10], Quinn grew up first in El Paso, Texas, and later in East Los Angeles and in the Echo Park area of Los Angeles, California. He co-starred in Sinbad the Sailor (1947) with Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. and Maureen O'Hara. He returned to Hollywood in the early 1950s and was cast in a series of B-adventures such as Mask of the Avenger (1951). Tucson High School in Arizona, many years later, awarded him an honorary high school diploma. [19][31] His marriage with Addolori finally ended in divorce in August 1997. [14] In 1969, he starred in The Secret of Santa Vittoria with Anna Magnani; each was nominated for a Golden Globe Award. The Estate of Anthony Quinn; Anthony Quinn's artwork In his birthplace Chihuahua, Mexico,[36] there is a statue of Quinn doing his famous "Zorba the Greek" dance. [28] He was a supporter of the United Farm Workers organization led by his friend and labor activist Cesar Chavez. He played NYPD Captain Frank Martelli, who along with Kotto, was investigating a robbery-homicide of Italian and Black gangsters in Harlem, New York City. The video was filmed at the abandoned Islander Drive-In Theater in Key West, Florida. In 1942, he co-starred alongside Power in another critical and financial success, the swashbuckling adventure The Black Swan. [22], Apart from art classes taken in Chicago during the 1950s, Quinn never attended art school; nonetheless, taking advantage of books, museums, and amassing a sizable collection, he managed to give himself an effective education in the language of modern art. [3], His funeral was held in the First Baptist Church in America in College Hill, Providence, Rhode Island. From Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, https://simple.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Anthony_Quinn&oldid=5444626, Infectious disease deaths in the United States, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License. An erroneous story arose in later years that during the run Quinn and Olivier switched roles and Quinn played Becket to Olivier's King. He had not come to "judge" Gotti, Quinn insisted, but only because he wanted to portray Castellano, who inspired the actor because he had had a "thirty-year-old" mistress, which Quinn believed was "a beautiful thing".

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