One did? RICKY: Tricky Ricky was slipped a Micky and woke up with a new name that was better suited for him and his poor lifestyle choices. JEFFERSON: Jefferson? Call me - (312) 756-0834. Nicholas. Alana. SHARLENE: As if Charlene wasn't a stupid enough name. Several times stupider. CARMEN: Some should write an opera about how stupid your name is. BUDDY: Remember my buddy and me? my name is shannon and every1 calls me either shanny shanny-banany shan-dogg shay-known shanna-bannana shandaleer shan-doe shananigan... all those. OR Still living in '96, eh? MEAGAN: You accidentally added a second A to your name. LOREN: No matter how you spell it, this is still a lady's name. OR I just did a chemical analysis of your name, and its PH level is too high. JAMI: Three fourths jam. CARA: That's just an "a" tacked onto a mode of transportation. NOREEN: Nor I. I don't like your name neither. FREDERICK: You have two names in your name. Perhaps because it's such a stupid name. Any Beths? MARTHA: POTUS goes to Martha's Vineyard every year to escape the lame quality of your name. You're all alone. OLGA: Did your name come with pigtails? BRADLEY: Just go by Brad. BILLIE: Go on holiday. Pretty stupid, huh? People with all sorts of names also experience similar things, except with different jokes, of course. Probably. CLINTON: Little blue dress. Ross. BORIS: Please don't Bore us with your stupid name. ANTONIO: In Spanish your name means "beyond praise." Weren't you guys in love or something? After a couple of drinks, he decides to go over and make small talk. SHERYL: Did you know that your name only has one vowel? LLOYD: Why don't you tack another L on there, you moron. Better than your name. BRAD: Brad, from a long tradition of "Names of Asshole High School Football Players.". Greg. Long for stupid. MARCY: Remember that band Marcy Playground? Yours is stupid. ROBIN: Yeah, right, and my first name is Batman. KENNY: Kenny means handsome in Irish. More like yam smell! Anderson said. BETHANY: Any one named Beth out there? It's a LIE. LOURDES: Your name is a royal pain in my ass. you should really have your friends give you the nickname. K thx. Jody. AMELIA: German for "industrious" and "fertile." SHELLEY: Anagram for HELL YES! KIMBERLEY: Where'd you get that extra E, the Stupid Store? You should really consider this change for yourself as well. ROSE: A rose by any other name would sound less stupid. Had a babie. TED: Let me talk to you for a second, Ted. Stupid. Sometimes both. There’s one in here we’re all definitely guilty of…, Another song one! Stupid name. Your name isn't. She has a stupid name. Oh wait? Can we meet them? MAXINE: Maxine. Move there, change your name. Dummy. THERESA: Greek for "to harvest," Spanish for "stupid name. ALEXANDER: There was Alexander the Great, then there was Alexander the So-So. The absence of anything. Like Gunnlaug. Because your name is dumb. You name reminds people of eating Chinese noodles. Unless its past December 21st. ", JEANNIE: Yeah, right, and my name is "Shirtie.". ANDRES: You added an S to your name, Andre, thinking it's clever. I’m only going to the restaurant row. CARLY: Carly. Lame. Shut up about it already with you and your stupid name. A sticky gross web. That barf is more appealing than your name. Ha, you were named after someone's pet. BERNADETTE: Please, put down the matches. CAROLYN: Your name means, song of happiness. Who is he? You're a living disgrace. MICHAEL: Derived from the Hebrew expression "Who is like God?" It's causing people's ears to bleed. In fact, they were pretty much the same person. CLEO: My grandparents dog was named Cleo. ” Lotto night came and somebody else won. OR What do Julie Andrews and Julie Chen have in common? JONATHAN: Your name has too many syllables. WELL I HOPE YOU'RE HAPPY. Yours is lame. Yeah. ADA: What'd you eat? You're making this too easy. Like your name. OR If you could be stranded on a desert island with any celebrity you wanted, who would it be and why is your name so stupid? I am. KRISTI: Haha. Brit. LOUIS: Do you pronounce your name Louis or Louie? A new day tells us that your name is stupid. SHARLENE: As if Charlene wasn't a stupid enough name. OR You have an uncommon name. MARGUERITE: Where'd you get all those letters? MOLLIE: You spelled your name wrong, dummy. You smell. HORACIO: I can't even recognize you anymore. HILLARY: I knew a dog named Hillary once, whenever it got around new people, it would barf. SAMMY: Try spelling your name like a big boy. ANITA: Anita second to recover from how stupid your name is. EDWIN: You Edwin for the dumbest damn name. MATHEW: Where'd the other "t" go? You are not. Nobody. You were a meter maid. Ugh! DARRIN: It was quite Darren of your parents to give you such a stupid name. BLAKE: Blake! That's what your stupid name means. MARILYN: Your name should have died with Monroe. ELVIRA: I didn't know you were still relevant, Elvira. BRYCE: A good Irish name. CLARISSA: Explain something to me: why is your name so stupid? TONY: You should win a Tony for Stupidest Name. GREGORY: Gregory Hines. They answered, ‘Yes!’ ‘Then,’ said the captain, ‘they were none of my soldiers’ for they would have cleared all!’ (25), A low Frenchman bragged that the king had spoken to him. ‘Fools! Someone needs to hire a hitman to execute your name. GERTRUDE: It's about to get rude in here. You've done the impossible. LEIGH: Leigh it out to me, how stupid do you think your name is? Also its stupid level. COLLEEN: Do you hear me Colleen your name? OR Mother of Jesus. OR Mary, Mary, quite contrary / Your name, is it stupid? NAOMI: Your parents were trying to be exotic. Doesn't that make you feel sad? Don't blow your top off. GRAHAM: Graham. DJANGO: Did you mean the over-rated musician with the stupid name or the overcomplicatd web framework with the stupid name? RYAN: Like Bryan, but too stupid to remember the B. SABRINA: Not even Sabrina the Witch could cure her name of the stupid. JANICE: Stupid. Oh. OK, but what's your first name? Guess not. You're welcome. A solid, classically stupid name. MAURICE: Some people call me Maurice - but they shouldn't, because that's a dumb name. 537,000. SANG: Try lip synching instead. KAY: Your name is just a letter spelled out. Spanish. SHEILA: From the Gaelic for "blind." GLEN: When? TAMARA: How's your sister doing? It still stucks, but takes less time to write. Larry had the stupidest name. For having a stupid name. OR X Marks the spot. No! I don't believe you. JEFFERY: Better than Geoffrey. MERLIN: You might know magic, but you can't spell a decent name if you tried. Your name, is creepy. TOMMY: Unless your name is followed by "Lee" then it is a dumb name, my friend. KERRY: Kerry me away from here, your name is so dumb! TOM: Tom.

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