Joker's strength lies in his powerful combo game due to the low startup and knockback of his moves. In his Ace of Knaves variation, the Joker can end combos with , into Amplified Jumping Jester () or Jack in the Box () for a setup. Joker corals is an online reef store.

The 2nd hit of this string is an overhead that can catch opponents off guard.

Can be extended for more shots. Weight is 101, compared to Mario's 98. To punish Backward Rolls, use Far Jack in the Box and Amplify it. It is also safe, leaving the Joker at -6 on block. On block, it will leave the Joker at -14, but will create a decent amount of pushback, making it difficult to punish or safe against many characters. Blue bold: Left in helpless/freefall state. Jack in the Box can be used at the end of combos for a setup. If cancelling out of Fatal Blow in the middle of a combo, it allows the Joker to save his Fatal Blow for future use while still dealing high damage. The Joker - Ace of Knaves - Beginner Combos, The Joker - Ace of Knaves - Advanced Combos, The Joker - Clown Prince - Beginner Combos, The Joker - Clown Prince - Advanced Combos. Joker possesses high falling speed, average weight, and fast ground speed, which results in good mobility on the ground and air. Morgana bounces around Joker in the background as Joker beckons before running towards the left. Another important detail about Puppet Parry is that the Joker recovers quicker than cancelling out of Batsy-Poo.

Once the opponent is conditioned to block after the Fatal Blow Cancel, the Joker can then use a throw.

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Invulnerable on frame 1-6.

Is *not* affected by nor contributes to dodge staling. Additionally, it can be used for pressure up-close. You don't.

For a list of Ledge Grab windows for all characters based on each move they have, check out Masonomace's Ledge Grab Window sheet. + = -4 When hit during Rebel's Guard, Joker will gain Rebellion Gauge units equal to Damage*6.7368*1.3*0.4. Wings of Rebellion makes Joker easy to intercept due to having no hitbox and linear path.

, = +15 Ultimate, representing Atlus' Persona series. In addition to Jumping Jester, the Joker can use Jack in the Box () for pressure.

Keep in mind that the Joker can mix this up by using instead, which cannot be punished. What’s great about this string is that it is a weapon attack, allowing the Joker to attack at a distance without putting himself at risk.

Counters/reflects on frame 4-31. Has an inherent 1.1x Hitstun Multiplier, and 1.5x Hitlag Multiplier. I know it's completely unrelated, but it just highlights how, balance wise, stuff really doesn't sense in this game once you understand it. If extended, the Joker will continue to walk back until he reaches the end of the screen.

It can also be used by itself as a mix-up with +, as this string is a low combo starter. Somewhat slim form, making him difficult to hit.

I landed fair 1 on his shield, then buffered a spot dodge because he was facing me. Joker's main weaknesses lie in the short reach of his attacks and lack of consistent kill options outside of edgeguarding when Arsene is not active. Earliest you can input spiral or shoot below is frame 15.

= +2 Run speed on the slower side (1.72 to Mario's 1.76).

Arsene, as a result, is guaranteed to appear after 3 minutes. The Joker’s C C D D E G E C () Special Move is a short-ranged projectile that can be delayed by holding . It can be directed close, mid or far.

", Side Taunt: Crosses his arms while holding out his knife and gun straight while Morgana meows, Drops onto the ground before adjusting his sleeve. On block, +, leaves the Joker at -7. Dude was hitting tight combos on me all game long. Frame (12-4=) 8 normal grabs are able to shield grab Joker's fair, even when it's timed perfectly. 1. He is the first DLC fighter of the Fighters Pass, and is classified as fighter #71.His inclusion was revealed at the Game Awards on December 6th, 2018, the day before Ultimate's release, and … This is a slow low projectile that can occasionally be used for mix-ups with the Joker’s overhead attacks.

Xander Mobus Additionally, +,, triggers a Krushing Blow if it hits as a Kounter or Punish.

In order to cancel out of the Fatal Blow, input or while delaying it.

Getting Lit can also be Amplified, which will create an explosion up-close.

Although it is -11 on block, it is safe against many characters without a fast advancing attack.

The great thing about this string is that it has no gaps and can be easily hit confirmed. As I didn't have Arsene, I started fishing for single hit fair confirms. It’s best to use a Toward Throw after the Joker’s Fatal Blow Cancel as it will trigger a Krushing Blow if his Fatal Blow is on cooldown. Struggles against disjointed reach and small characters. So he’s tied for fastest grab with like half the characters in the game. Is it me or do people think "brave" would be a character from Bravely Default?

Press J to jump to the feed.

Joker Fair 1 Frame Data. The Joker can pressure by using Close Jack in the Box after blockstrings. Copyright © 2019 Kombat Akademy. By delaying Batsy-Poo, opponents must guess on when the Joker will release the projectile. Joker then gets into the van as it continuously drives toward the left.

Gun enables movement options for evasion and recov… ", "Nice. The Joker’s Ace of Knaves variation gives him the ability to kick a Jack in the Box towards the opponent. 3. 7. Rebellion Gauge. Very little interesting to glean from "Brave". Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

Can only counterattack after a block. Fair 1 is harder to perfectly time an OOS option against because it has so little shieldstun/hitlag that the buffer window is reduced.

Earlier today I was playing another joker. Autocancels on frame 1-4 and 48 onward, Autocancels on frame 1-4 and 40 onward. Let me dream. +,, has a small amount of pushback, allowing him to backdash afterwards to avoid short-ranged attacks.

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If Amplified, C C D D E G E C will become a fullscreen projectile that will bounce towards the opponent. so its basically a small mario type character, a dragon quest hero is definitely looking likely. Getting Lit can also be extended by holding . This is done by ending combos with , and cancelling it into Jack in the Box. Mixing up Batsy-Poo with these projectiles can make it much more troublesome for opponents to approach the Joker, as one wrong step can launch them up for a combo. As I didn't have Arsene, I started fishing for single hit fair confirms. If Joker is hit while Arsene is active, the timer will drop by 16*Damage in Frames (this was 12*Damage Pre-7.0.0). Blue bold: Left in helpless/freefall state.

2. This is an upwards projectile that can be directed close, mid or far. Persona


Arsene's data is in parentheses. The Joker’s Harlequin of Hate (,,) string is a high attack with amazing range. This string can be used on whiff due to the 2nd and 3rd hits having a large hitbox.

Characters (Playing as) Close • Posted by 1 hour ago. Has a wall jump and a rapid jab. This is useful to counter opponents attempting to attack while the Joker extends the move. Green bold: Hits only behind (first). Grappling Hook gives Joker an effective recovery when off-stage due to its range and ability to snap on ledge, and when used on the ground can catch opponents and draw them closer for setups. The Joker’s ability to zone is greatly enhanced in his Clown Prince variation as he has the option to cancel out of Batsy-Poo by inputting . Link appears as a CPU ally in his Fierce Deity palette swap. While Arsene is present, the Persona will attack in tandem with Joker, increasing its damage output and knockback, visually indicated by a blue slash.

It’s best to use KAPOW at a distance since it triggers a Krushing Blow if it hits at maximum range and if it hits as a Kounter or Punish.

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