The director of the Department Of Directions, in turn, played down the brutality of the jail, saying inmates and officers had a tendency to exaggerate the violence to make their lives appear more exciting. LOUIS THEROUX: How long? But it isn’t difficult for inmates to conceal their activities from officers. Fantastic stories featuring the Dark Knight. 03:03. n But close to the heart of downtown Miami is a much older, smaller building: the Pre-Trial Detention Centre, better known as Main Jail. “I could just extort him, have his mama sending me money,” he said, smiling. In der Doku besucht Reporter Louis Theroux für die Gesellschaft hoffnungslose Fälle in der gnadenlosen Gefängniswelt. h�bbd``b`��� BH0� �S �+Ē���3��X� J@�+H.q{���" !���Ȱ�b``$��ϸ�@� G�) If a new arrival had a bad reputation in the jail, he would have to do a ‘line-up’ — which meant fighting every man in the cell, one after the other. They professed to be shocked by what they saw. H��U�N�@}�W��n�7�]_���F����Jy���CG�~}gf�N)O��e���3g���� ''����h8==�8��F�7���gm0*���EF*�b(g@��g�Z�J�?ndSȊD��C0�e��G�Ŧ�a.�2�H�E)�Bԕ�X�����1�9v�+2L�`��J�H�K�{��u1O"����c��L They proposed various changes, including a policy of assigning bunks, so inmates would no longer fight for a place to sleep. The inmates are only locked down in their cells for a few hours a day. Alltag im größten Knast von Miami: Über 6.000 Insassen leben hier dauerhaft, jedes Jahr werden die Schicksale von über 100.000 Kriminellen besiegelt. h�b`````�e �����Y8�����Q�����}�����u{�rXZ8l&�~P�Z|��)������A� `c�Z�V�0 Y�o Louis Theroux: The Odd, The Bad And The Godly is available now on BBC DVD. Louis Theroux begibt sich also mit den Angeklagten und Insassen auf eine emotionale Berg- und Talfahrt. But it was also clearly a side-effect of the oppressive and dehumanising physical environment the inmates found themselves in. Hinter hohen Mauern trifft er ebenso "arme Seelen", die auf ihre Hinrichtung warten wie "Glückliche" kurz vor ihrer Entlassung. The two largest, where most of the inmates reside, are modern facilities. endstream endobj 47 0 obj <>/Metadata 2 0 R/PageLayout/OneColumn/Pages 44 0 R/StructTreeRoot 6 0 R/Type/Catalog>> endobj 48 0 obj <>/Font<>>>/Rotate 0/StructParents 0/Type/Page>> endobj 49 0 obj <>stream The inmates also enjoyed getting a rise out of us by appearing intimidating. They say it is the choice of the incarcerated men to participate in the code of the jail and that the inmate policy of no snitching means that they can very rarely identify the chief culprits. Here the inmates are kept behind metal bars in cells that sleep up to 24 men. 9�M�9�Z�~��������n�{|$4�>D�.��d��ۃ^�g�*;llYn Weakness is seen as something worthy of punishment. Rewarding comics for discerning readers - these are the best graphic novels for adults. For nearly 15 years, I’ve been making documentaries about people involved in off-beat lifestyles and worlds that are in some way questionable — and I’ve seen a fair bit of weirdness. e���L�Lo� Louis Theroux concludes his exploration into Miami Mega-jail, one of America's largest and most violent of jails, a holding pen for almost 6000 un-convicted inmates. After seeing the documentary, one Miami-Dade county commissioner called for an investigation into conditions at the jail. Louis spends time in one of Miami County Jail's most notorious sections He told me that any man who came into his cell was expected to fight for his new bunk, to prove himself, unless the other cellmates already knew him. Louis Theroux spends weeks interviewing inmates and staff at one of America's largest jails. They are clean, well-lit places where the inmates walk around in direct contact with the officers. 64 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[]/Index[46 29]/Info 45 0 R/Length 90/Prev 48626/Root 47 0 R/Size 75/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream Louis Theroux - Miami Mega Jail. ߶���fu���gK�i9ˊ9eE�Xg�z?�ֶ�H���*8*�L�IA�Í\U��]]��E�R~�+Ԛ��z̘���'�}L����ܕ��H�G���,��b%qȕ\!&�zNF�{��QSIJĵ;g�� e�9�g�z�`Ɩ3*��3���;��~�B��������D�.��p1��3Ѫ�p�8��i��E��H�E���C ���8�mt���: Gx�"Vg�4i�'蹽���z�#x@�i8�1��jVJ7ђ�V�B��ot!��$����/�4ϜS�__�s��v���fl���S��o��ï���M�[Z���o���֕9�q�Լ9��? Louis Theroux: Miami Mega-Jail . She came back struck by the energy of the place, the vastness of the numbers of people held in its archipelago of buildings, and the drama of their lives. %%EOF One of them said that the victim had been testifying on other people’s cases. When you buy through the links on our site we may earn a commission. The production team approached large jails all over the States. Miami Mega Jail Part 2. I asked another inmate if, by some quirk of fate, I’d been arrested and sent to their cell, a bespectacled Englishman with a college education who was clearly not cut out to fight, they might let me off the obligation to fight the other men in the cell. Johnny: He was not a psyche patient. Best Stephen King novels, ranked: scariest King books revealed, 35 best horror books: the scariest books of all time, 20 things you (probably) didn't know about Stephen King, The 10 best Batman graphic novels to read today, 15 of the best football books: get your footie fix, 20 best dystopian novels of all time, ranked, Best subscription boxes 2020: from food to make-up to beer, 15 best graphic novels for adults: amazing adult comics, Best Spider-Man comics: fan favourites, ranked. hޜ�mo�0��S�ij55~�����HU���tBh And so, late last year, when the idea came up of spending time inside a large jail in the US — a so-called ‘mega-jail’ — I didn’t imagine it would be much different to other stories I’d done, such as San Quentin in California. Louis Theroux in einem der neueren, offener gehaltenen Bereiche des Miami Jail, Louis Theroux (l.) und der Inhaftierte Errol Daniels, Louis Theroux (l.) und der Inhaftierte Larry Modest, Louis Theroux mit einigen Officers vor dem Miami Jail, Chris Patten ist neu bei "Alarm für Cobra 11". We had a few more questions for Johnny. Early in my visit, while filming on the fourth floor, an inmate in a ‘safety cell’ — separated from other inmates because he’d committed a stabbing while incarcerated — called me over. The Miami jail system is made up of five main buildings spread out around the city. “She got to pay for her son’s protection. Unsurprisingly, we found ourselves drawn back to Main Jail and the strange atmosphere of the fifth and sixth floors, the maximum security floors, where we began to do most of our filming. 46 0 obj <> endobj �?g�H�|=ݾk#��e>�N��t�/�j���4j�R������S�s��Y�@��ź��le� If he ain’t got nothing, then he gettin’ fed to the wolves.”. His eyes swollen shut, he looked as though he’d just gone 10 rounds with Wladimir Klitschko. Main Jail is where the most unruly offenders are sent: the ‘problem children’, the inmates with a particularly bad case against them or with a track record of fighting other inmates and generally misbehaving. eM�'9����倦۔B0���'r04�}�N�'6#. This is not a nuthouse. endstream endobj 50 0 obj <>stream The Miami jail system is made up of five main buildings spread out around the city. Sure enough, a few days into my stay, I arrived at the jail one morning to find there had been a fight on the sixth floor — a man had been badly beaten by several of his cellmates. UPDATED: The best Spider-Man comics, throughout the ages. In other words, a jail does not exist to punish the people held inside, therefore it shouldn’t be as ‘punitive’, right? The inmates are only locked down in … They are clean, well-lit places where the inmates walk around in direct contact with the officers.

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