She could be also used for display, to represent the fabulous 70's motorcycling era. we will not be accepting new ads.. Cody Racing. wheel choice, anodizing or custom chrome work, personalized We have 35 motorcycle for sale for: Jawa Speedway S 1951 Needs work. 1976 Jawa Cz Jawa 230 , It is an old old school moped.I havent turned it on yet . Category. He sourced the original as well as reproduction parts needed to bring this 500 to its former glory. From what I'v e seen so far I think he's right. 1948 This item is pick-up only in Bluffton, OH or I can meet someone at an interstate intersection for reasonable fuel money. I believe this to be a 1951. Engine number JOS/H 78285. All shipping costs will be the responsibility of the buyer. Find Jawa Speedway listings at the best prices. Side Valves So you fill the gas tank with straight ( I recommend ethanol free) gas and there is an oil tank on the left side of the bike, which is filled with 2 stroke motor castor oil ( I recommend to keep using it). M The rear wheel is locked up but I don't know if it is a transmission, engine or clutch problem. 20181018_173329. Water Cooled 600cc The car is in good condition, original black gel-coat fininsh. Title, bill of sale, owners manual (in English), Saddlebags stuffed with 1952 Chicago newspapers, (NOS rear tail light included), Tires seem to have original air in them! E (2) The remainder of the letters before the oblique mark identifies the engine type. This is a very nice example of an original bike. An (*) after the serial no. of the engine follows immediately after the letter identifying the year of manufacturer. Z If your interested I can email more pics. I have original manual and title. Side Valves Of course the bike will need to be paid for in full prior to shipping. The bike is in very good shape for its age. So please no lowballing. The gas tank, fenders and tool boxes were Jawa Perak items. 1956 Here is what Robert Smith of Motorcycle had to say about Jawa 500 in his December 2014 article: “[T]he 500’s ingenuity of design, quality of finish, and attention to detail was almost breathtaking, and certainly on par with BMW. Here is for your consideration a beautifully restored 1972 Jawa 350 Californian. Type I spend a considerate amount of time and invested lot of $ to do it right. 1) The first letter before the oblique (/) mark identifies the cubic capacity of the cylinder, or of each cylinder if the engine is a twin. Has been fitted with JAP 84S engine (now sold) - rolling chassis still for sale. Up for sale is a very nice JAWA DT 500 Speedway Racer with the Model 894 motor. The motor serial number is 894-586 and the frame number is 12318. It was taken off the track and stored. Z 1934 It looks nice and clean. 1959 ... speedway motorcycle parts speedway motorcycle racing jawa speedway speedway bike speedway mini bike jawa speedway motorcycle. 550cc It has a Cody Racing upper triple clamp and bar clamps along with a Cody Racing exhaust. 1948 Jawa Cz 250 Perek , Unbelievably original! It will start up and run and shifts thru all the gears. Side Valves M Motorcycles & Bikes. I'll work with you if your close but You will not come across another one of these that is unmolested any time soon. All shipping costs will be the responsibility of the buyer. Side Valves Phone: (714) 265-1576 It is worth noting that the J.A.P. 1947 1924 $1,300.00 9712192126 . Jawa 50 cc . Overhead Values (cancels reference to side valves). Side Valves Been in barn since 1978. motor turns we didnt start it. But did not ride at that speed for a long time ( just couple of minutes), since the engine is not yet fully broke in. Rare Find, Gas/ Oil mix. 500cc Seinor Solo bike Letter... there are no turn signals which u can add if you want to, when I re wired the bike with all ne wiring I made it so the turn signal wires are there to be connected. 350cc U Price is between 10% and 30% below the estimated market price for similarly classed vehicles. Y Missing parts were sourced in the Czech Republic and originals were restored. It has a Mikuni carb and a new K&N air filter. W Jawa 2 valve speedway bike, excellent condition , Runs great, new tyres and chains. The front Akront 23" rim has a Talon hub and a like newBarrum speedway tire. V S&W variable rate springs NEW For a daily rider will probably need tuned up since it has not been rode a lot lately. 70x88 U I will provide a Bill Of Sale. I rode her for about 80 miles to make sure that everything is working fine. Motorcycle is equipped with battery, but motorcycle can run with out it ( since the VAPE magneto) Unit has 6V system. The motorcycle is in excellent condition, Jawas are know for their reliable, Robust 2 cylinder, 2 stroke 350 twin with 4 speed gear box and kick start. $2,500 . By using our site you agree to our use of cookies The engine runs strong and it shifts smoothly except it shifts just the opposite from my Triumph with 1st gear being in the up position. The spray guard, open primary guard, and engine guards are all stainless steel or polished aluminum. This motorcycle runs and rides great. It at some point was converted to a Del-Orto carb. I took the bike on trade and it had been stored in a dry airplane hanger until I received it and a dry garage since then. Need gone, make offer. ASO I WILL NOT MEET YOU OTHER THEN IN MY CITY OR HOUSE.. The taillight is a replica ( very good) of the original LUCAS unit, which was un-restorable, front headlight is the original BOSH, restored For pictures of the restoration and to see, what the bike looked like before the restoration, please visit my facebook page here: In conclusion, this motorcycle was restored the right way, I did not cut any corners, however it is an old motorcycle, which will probably require more maintenance and attention than brand new bikes with modern technology. TBC. New seals and bearings were installed as well as a new clutch. New pistons and rings coupled with re-bored cylinders. D Fuel tank was sealed inside to prevent rust. S Side Valves Note: The GEM 810cc Twin engine has two 405cc cylinders with a 3" Bore x 3-1/2" stroke and was made by Howard. Jawa long track speedway bike. C The bike comes with Illinois title. 1946 It was taken off the track and stored. F H 62.5x80 T Search. identify any deviations from standard specification. All the parts that use to be chromed, were re-plated by triple plating method. Home  -   Previous Page  -  Page 4  -  Next Page, All JAWA rolling chassis's come as a complete Motorcycle minus the engine, ignition, and carburetor. Year... Price is within 10% of the estimated market price for similarly classed vehicles. She cruises effortlessly at 70 MPH with max speed I noted about 80-85 MPH. Jawa 500 OHC Type 2, 1958 Jawa 500 OHC. It has a great look. These bikes were produced from 1976 to 1980 but I put down 1976 as a date was required and it has the vintage hard tail frame. Call John toll free for details.866 896 7743, Model B5 Three sets included, Brand New 500 H Up for bid is an untitled Jawa 500 Speedway motorcycle Model 898 that is NOT in running condition. O Note: The GEM 810cc Twin engine has two 405cc cylinders with a 3" Bore x 3-1/2" stroke and was made by Howard.  here is a chart on Prestwich serial numbers:  97468/ 2 stroke, 49cc. Most recent previous owners were Rick Buckland, then Jason Bonsignore, (owner of 2 speedway tracks in upstate NY.) Sports Engine Selected category All. Side Valves These are pretty rare to find in original condition. 1976 Jawa Cz Jawa 230 , It is an old old school moped.I havent turned it on yet . 60x62 This carburetor gives this bike the "edge", she rides like a dream. In my opinion the bike should be left as is and not restored. 1941 fiberglass and covers sets. 85.7x104 Dual Purpose Motorcycles, 1975 CZ175 Enduro..Totally original low miles machine..Running bike but needs somebody with more knowledge of these bikes than I to dial in correctly..Compression is good...Oil injection functional.. This is a very nice example of an original bike. Just out of, Jawa frame and engine. VINTAGE CZ MOTORCYCLE 125 CCDARK GREEN/ LIGHT GREEN***** I CAN NOT LOCATE TITLE*****1974 ALL ORIGINAL - THIS BIKE HAS NEVER BEEN DRIVEN EXCEPT FOR 8 MILE TEST DRIVEOWNED A MOPED SHOP, I BOUGHT THIS BIKE FROM AMERICAN JAWA IN1974 AND PUT IT IN MY GARAGENEEDS BATTERY - HAS NOT RAN SINCE 1974- THERE ARE STILL THE NUBS ON THE TIRES FROM BEING BRAND NEWSERIAL # 761017743THIS IS AN EXCELLENT PROJECT BIKE FOR THOSE RARE COLLECTORSTHERE IS 8 ORIGINAL MILES ON ODOMETER - THAT IS IT!!!!! 29 days ago. Jawa Cz Motorcycles for sale.

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