Let me know if you have any questions and good luck with your surgery! I wish I knew how much I would appreciate documenting the process of recovery.

Thanks! There are so many everyday things that you won’t be able to do on your own initially (and shouldn’t attempt). Ask for suggestions during jaw surgery planning. But all that considered, I am so happy I got the surgery. I wish I knew how much joy would come from the little tiny improvements and accomplishments in the recovery process. I've consulted a maxillofacial surgeon, and had gotten a panoramic jaw xray which I've attached. i didn't feel any pain in my jaws since the nerves was strech by the surgery. Then I'd bet you'll be happy with it. I lost 30lbs as a result of only being able to drink liquid protein shakes and soup.

I've attached an image with a rough outline of my jaw. only big trouble i got was that i discover a codeine intolerance that make me puke 12 hours straight 1 day after they remove the IV bag with gravol. Press J to jump to the feed. Get the calories in however you can, shakes, drinks, blended foods, whatever works for you. Carolinas Centers for Oral, Facial, Cosmetic & Dental Implant Surgery strives to deliver on their reputation as a center of excellence to the communities we serve and a paragon to residents, fellows, and other providers. Mind sharing that Instagram page if it still exists?

I'm getting jaw surgery in June because of an underbite (about 1 cm). So began her double jaw surgery journey, which she documented on her Instagram account @tinsleys_doublejaw_surgery. If this happened I would have to bust out the wire cutters and start freeing up my jaw. I would go through this journey a million times over again to get this result and feel this way.

Ice was key for me. 13 Things I Wish I Knew Before Having Double Jaw Surgery. These moments are something you start to live for and make the process go by so much faster. I got it due to pain in my jaw - I hurt myself and my jaw hit stuck out of place and when the ER docs knocked me out and put it back in, it never went back in the right place. I wish I knew how important ice packs were. Now that Tinsley’s recovered, happy, healthy and sporting a new profile that she loves, we wanted to know what she wishes she’d know before beginning this process. This is huge in preventing infection and the development of cavities during this time.

From the beginning, we have refined the traditional approach to healthcare to provide comprehensive, exceptional patient experiences while improving health outcomes. The ice brought a cooling, calming feeling to my skin and immensely helped with the decrease in my swelling. I was also extremely fatigued all this time, not being able to take in that many calories and liquids go through the body quickly so it never lasted long. i just passed the 3 year anniversary of my jaw surgery! Having doctors and a healthcare team that is invested in your recovery and your health makes it easier to recover with confidence. I had the same as you, but they only did my bottom jaw. Everyone handles pain differently and it’s individualized, but it is crucial to stay ahead of it the first few days. During your recovery process, those things become challenges and will require someone to help. It was embarassing to not be able to talk in public to people that didn't know you had the surgery. (It's not as bad as it sounds).

I had a bimaxillary osteotomy in 2000. As you start to recover, the feeling comes back in no specific way. I've had TMJ pain and recently noticed sleeping issues (as well as breathing issues while exercising), and suspected it to be due to my jaw because of how small it was. I would recommend having 3 or more ice packs on stand-by in case one gets messy or worn out. Took me about a week mostly sleeping in bed to recover from general anesthesia but I'm sensitive to those things. It’s a tingly, warm feeling that is difficult to get comfortable with. This feeling will different for everyone. I wish I knew about constipation and how to help or prevent it.

Before surgery, it is difficult to understand the time and attention that are necessary for recovering. I wish I knew how happy, confident, and joyful I would feel now that I am completely recovered. While it was painful it was worth it. they will make sure you are stocked up on painkillers but you should also get some anti-nausea medicine. My surgeon is more conservative so only clear liquids and ensure for a week and then liquids only for 6 more weeks. Also, be sure to ask your team if there are other ways you can physically prepare your body for recovering from jaw surgery.

Before having double jaw (orthognathic) surgery, she was self-conscious of her smile. A lot. It happens and it is uncomfortable. (Kirsty’s jaw swelled up after surgery) Trying to consume liquids during those first fews days was a struggle, due to the swelling and pain, but after the fifth day it got easier. It’s important to keep something to wash them down with on hand.

Any complications/did anything happen that was unexpected? i also recommend arnica, it helps a lot with the swelling and you can find at most "natural" grocery stores. I've been consulting a doctor internationally and he mentioned that I'd need a lateral ceph for a complete evaluation.

How long was your recovery and was it painful? I couldn't speak for two weeks. http://imgur.com/a/DLWgs . I would say it’s close to impossible to recover without help. good luck-it will be worth it! I had a Bilateral Sagittal Split osteotomy a few years ago. My maxillofacial guy just does panoramic so is there a special place to go like the ENT? Today, I’m happy to report that I am confident, happy, headache-free, and so comfortable with myself and in my own skin. So was your face numb then? Do not bother with blending up your food. Thankfully this never happened and is rare. Be courteous and relate to jaw surgery. All I could do was use towels and baby bulb syringes to get rid of it.

She did her best to hide her crossbite, but felt uncomfortable and was plagued with chronic headaches. It is very important to communicate your feelings with your oral healthcare team. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

For anyone who is interested in, about to go through, or has already gone through orthognathic surgery. I apparently have a few wisdom teeth coming in which my second surgeon told me I have to extract. While this is a natural process, it is very annoying. my recovery period is supposed to be 2 months (on a liquid diet anyways). My teeth didn't even touch for a while. Keeping ice on, even for the first few weeks is crucial to aiding with discomfort. i got one in 2014, 1 year of braces prior operations and 14 month after. Naturally, you should take all wise precautions – for example, using protective sports’ equipment, driving defensively and taking extra care when climbing ladders or stools. Surgery was quick - woke up with a tube coming out my nose from my stomach which was a surprise but only stayed one night until I could walk again and drink broth. Which sucked. Fitness/diet app is a good idea, I haven't heard that yet! Make sure you or your caregiver are doing your best to keep your mouth cleaned and rinsed. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. I had lower jaw surgery in November 2016, two weeks before I turned 16. Even though it’s not a fun topic to discuss during surgery planning, do it! While the recovery is long and very demanding, and much of it is out of our control, it makes it all worth it when you have moments of joy from growth. It's also really odd to hear your voice for the first time again! It doesn’t cause any harm, but if I could have changed one single part of this recovery it would be the drool. ), don't try it. I wish I knew how important it is to stay on top of pain medication the first few days until you can function and feel progress. It was not painful per se. What kind of procedure am I looking at here? I've heard a LOT about bimax with CCW but is that feasible in this case? Best decision ever.

It was not a bad experience overall. Another thing that I wanted to mention, depending on how long your jaw is wired shut for, it will feel really weird(in a good way) once the wires are removed. I'm definitely hoping this will be worth it. The cost of upper jaw surgery is generally the same as the cost of lower jaw surgery. I took pictures every day, even if I thought I looked the same, to watch myself change and evolve into my new self. Many of these meds have to be taken through a syringe and taste horrible. I on the other hand want to increase the size of my lower jaw to fir the rest of my face. They're moving both jaws- the top one forward and the bottom one back.

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