Useful. Killstar leather a totally different story. I love everything I've gotten from killstar. I recently ordered the Eliza Cape Top and, upon opening the package, the chemical smell was overwhelming. Reply. The quality of their products have increased over the years. Received everything within 3 days, all items were exactly what I hoped it to be and everything fits! Great quality and style. Killstar Ur The Problem Ribbed Sweater. Karteczki Killstar Planchette Sticky Notes. The item fits great I’m absolutely in love with it. Pretty good on quality, Loved everything I ordered. Delighted with the black Christmas tree bobbles. I order constantly. <3. Killstar’s sizes are not consistent, and it would be helpful to know if an item runs large or small. I only had one issue once with an item not received but they did resolve the issue. Just got the Shower curtain,in love with it . Notes Killstar People sucks. This is my second purchase from Killstar ... At the moment, the conversion into euros, the delivery fees (tracked), plus the price of the clothes makes it very difficult for me to buy more things (just once in a while). Come on Killstar, not good enough. Notes Killstar Nothing. I love killstar. The products are fantastic and the design is just perfect. Exactly as expected.Nice size belt and the pentagrams are large. Delivery was really quick which surprised me in this COVID climate. Stylish, dark, and simply magical. And also better KillStar alternatives and similar stores. Wonderful company. I bought this item for my niece's 16th birthday so I think she will love it. I recommend it wholeheartedly. - Slightly Cropped. I miss when their quality was very luxury. Thank you so much! Another issue is the quality differences. Strengthen your review by uploading photos & videos. They do wonderful plus size clothes and accessories but not shoes. Last order was shipped quick, everything was packed well as usual, thank you all at killstar I appreciate yall. © 2020 Trustpilot A/S. Live and breathe this brand and have for years! I would really appreciate it if your company made clothes with more natural fabrics. Very easy to order and extremely quick delivery. We have tried pinging website using our server and it returned the above results. Easy website and very quick efficient service . Which promotes goth for all! Another top I ordered made of the same mats had no odor so not sure what to make of this. My daughter will have what she wanted a black decorated tree. I want to be able to wear more of your products but the synthetic fabrics you work with make it really impossible for me as they can cause really severe allergic reactions for me. Will be ordering again from Killstar. I would recommend this company to anyone, they're the truest sizes, all items have been well made and quality materials. It came in a timely fashion and even though the shower curtain pattern was a little sticky, if still looks amazing. Thank yooouuuuu. You will be contacted by email to verify your review. The Zeke Pentagram ring I received is just what I had hoped for. I have two pairs of boots and two bags from Killstar, the Broom Rider boots and the Mosh Moto boots, as well … All rights reserved. I understand this will cause your products to become way more expensive as things like 100% cotton or linen can go for $50 a yard, but many people are super willing to pay for products like this. I feel they are good value & really pretty. But, the items are still cute. * One or more of these files was not uploaded due to an invalid file type. Elizabeth Wyatt 14 reviews. They've never disappointed me yet and I've bought loads of their stuff from boots and bags to coats and clothing. 49,00 PLN 49 PKT. So far I have not had a bad experience. Everything is perfect as always! Clothes are reasonable quality and look great, The package arrived super quickly, and all the outfits were perfectly sized, I was so happy with everything.

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