All snare traps use a snare, also called a noose, which is a wire or cord loop that tightens around the prey. One of those snares is the fear of man. If you've got a snake and need to get rid of it, I highly recommend this solution.

Sure, I like being able to hand over cash and receive a burger a few moments later (it might even be made with real meat!

The struggling victim, the force of gravity, or a bent sapling's tension provides the power. Please try your search again later. ), but there’s something more authentic about being able to go into the woods and not just sustain yourself, but thrive as well.

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Tie your cordage around a nearby sapling, about 6 to 12 inches from the top of the tree, depending on the strength of the tree. Catchmaster Heavy Duty Rat, Mouse, Rodent, and Snake Glue Boards - 30 Rat Traps Per... 30 Catchmaster Mouse / Spider / Insect / Scorpion Glue Board Sticky Traps ~ Peanut ... Suptikes Door Draft Stopper Under Door Seal for Exterior/Interior Doors, Door Sweep... Catchmaster Rat, Mouse, Rodent & Insect Cold Weather Professional Strength Glue Tra... Harris Supersized Snake Glue Trap - Extra Strength, Non-Toxic and Multipurpose (1-Pack), Wildlife Control Supplies Snake Guard Snake Trap, Catchmaster 24GRB Giant Glueboards (3 Boards), Catchmaster 402 Baited Rat, Mouse and Snake Glue Traps Professional St. Snake Attract Dots - lures in snakes within a 10 foot radius. Here is how to create the basic wire snap trap: There are a few other considerations when using a snare trap. It did take time but I got a medium small snake within about 6-8 weeks. Snares and traps are set by animal dens, animal trails, or other areas where you know that the intended animal will go. The “armpit” will provide the necessary tension and support.

You can use anything really that is weighted and will provide tension, like a rock or log or even a sapling that was cut with a sharp camping saw from a different location and then staked into the ground in your new location. Stalking prey can be a time consuming activity; why not set some traps so even if you don’t bag a deer you still have dinner?

Although it was intended for larger animals I have found it useful for trapping any … This basic concept can also be modified and used as a “man-trap” or “perimeter alarm”–both of which are commonly deployed in guerrilla warfare.

You should educate yourself about snakes, the one you saw was likely harmless and good to have around. Caught a black rat snake about 2.5 feet long.

Take the other end of the wire and insert it through the small loop.

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What you need to do is observe your surroundings so you see the signs of where animals are traveling. The trigger spring snare uses 4 components that can be found in most any situation. Charli New 8X Solar Sonic Mole Repellent Groundhog Repeller Gopher Deterrent Vole C... 12 Pack Sticky Fruit Fly Trap and Fungus Gnat Traps Killer for Indoor and Outdoor, ... 30 (10 Boards) Brown Recluse Spider Traps (non-toxic). Our secret lies in the trap design and in the Snake-Attract-Dots TM. before you head into the field, and also be prepared to deal with anything you may catch.

A good survivalist always sets a trap or snare knowing exactly what animal it is intended for. Typically, that spring will be a sapling tree. The hardest part of using snare traps is not their construction, but in their placement. The leader line is tied to the top of the hook (the hook and base are usually carved out of wood), and the noose end is tied to the bottom of the hook.

How to Construct Traps and Snares. Most snakes spotted outdoors are transient and unlikely to come into contact with you or pets again. A primitive make-shift snare can be used to trap and kill a variety of animals for food in a survival situation. I couldn't avoid going into my basement so I purchased one of these traps. Attach snare to your sapling so the loop hangs under the trigger stick. Product Title Greensen Mouse Trap,26.2*14*11.4cm Rat Trap Cage Sma ... Average rating: 3 out of 5 stars, based on 3 reviews 3 ratings Current Price $14.36 $ 14 .

It is important to keep in mind the basic mechanisms of a trap or snare and how it works.

This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. Indoor usage is great, but we recommend limited outdoor usage, as the glue pad can catch rodents, lizards or birds. Other options, if you don’t have wire, are the inner strands of 550 paracord, shoe strings, dental floss, or fishing line. Even the sinew can create useful cordage. Use as much as the animal as possible, since they gave their life for you. You will need two feet or more. These animals can all be released with cooking oil.

The whole trap had to be thrown away without EVER catching a snake. Check your traps frequently. Anchor your snare using the base of a smaller tree trunk. Otherwise you just gave the animal an irresponsible necklace.

So lesson learned. It's sitting out in my tool shop on the shelf just in case I have another unwelcome house guest. One should be pencil sized. ), but is not required for certain types of snares.

It needs to be flexible and needs to be capable of tightening quickly and easily.

Safe - trapped snakes are alive, but completely immobilized.

Durable - corrugated plastic body withstands all types of weather, works indoors or outdoors.

It is also less likely to be noticed by the potential prey. Although this trap is the best snake trap on the market we do not think a snake trap is the best course of action. Snare traps are one of the most ancient forms of trapping.

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