Drywall Tape - An artful solution is to apply drywall seem tape around the outline in a similar fashion to covering typical drywall seams. The second course of drywall should fit over the entire bottom of the frame, but if you have space for a partial third course beneath the second course, you need to cut the drywall to fit in the remaining space. If you're starting with building the dividing wall, you should include a frame for the door. All information is provided "AS IS." Measure the height of the wall you plan to construct and subtract 3 inches from that height, to accommodate the height of the top and bottom plates. level Need equipment. egress the building, Participated in the April Fools Day Project: Prank Contest. If done correctly you should be left with a rectangle that is the same width as the door frame, an inch shorter than the door frame's height, and has a central support beam. Install the next sheet of drywall directly to the right of the first sheet, so the edges are touching. Do not install a false wall in front of a garage door that leaks or has moisture problems. but would be better if it was flush . First, mark the area you want the hinges to be place and draw a general outline of the hinge. Stand the door up in the doorframe. Some are extremely complex, requiring hydraulic remote activated opening and even biometric security measures, but the classic method of a false wall-door or bookshelf door are timeless classic methods. Spread the compound evenly over both sides of the joints. Use a circular saw to cut the studs. Hold a T-square to the mark you made, and use a utility knife to score the new edge of the wall. Install your base molding at the bottom of the door, as you would with any other wall. Measure the drywall and score the top with the box knife, break the drywall at the cut mark and cut the back paper to remove the piece. It should fit securely, but if it doesn't, either sand down or plane … This is probably the single most important step, as not all doors are set to specific dimensions, especially in older construction. The final stages of hiding the door require a bit of creativity. Break the dry wall along the score, then use the utility knife to cut through the paper on the back. Measure the drywall and score the top with the box knife, break the drywall at the cut mark and cut the back paper to remove the piece. By creating an account you agree to the Hunker. Once you've cut the wood to size you can assemble the door. You should dry fit each of the hinges in their areas to ensure that they fit correctly (do this on the frame as well). There is no way to accurately predict and plan the dimensions of any given door, so wait to purchase the materials required until after you record the dimensions. Now attach the two remaining sides of the frame (the 79-inch 1x6s). Textured paint roller Use 3 heavy duty hinges spaced across the entire left side of the frame, as the finished door can be quite heavy. Mix the drywall compound one more time, then scoop it up with your 12-inch knife. Ensure that once you've hung the door there is room left to install the drywall so that is doesn't protrude from the rest of the wall. Cut two studs to the length of the wall, so they span the distance from one side of the garage to the other. Connect the joints with drywall tape, then run the flat side of the drywall knife over the tape to remove excess compound. Attach plastic corner molding and mud into place In this case, we need 2 1x6x26-inch pieces. I used 2 2x4's to mount the panel to the door frame sand smooth and blow of all dust with an air compressor home improvement and repair website. Finally, secure the hinges in place, ensuring that they are installed so the door opens inward. But i suppose that would require alot more Work, Reply suggestions. Circular saw Line up the top of the drywall with the top of the wall. Did you make this project? The door should provide moderate resistance to being opened, allowing pressure to be applied without causing it to open. Nail the trim to the wall. Some wheels secure with a nut and some snap in place, so follow the installation directions for the one you have. straight edge managed to subscribe to my own thread. Use drywall compound to cover the joints between the drywall. Measure the bottom of the wall and cut a length of trim to fit over the joint between the wall and the floor. Cut two studs to this length and nail a stud to each side of the frame, sandwiched between the top and bottom plates, so that the studs and plates form a giant rectangle. Run a stud finder across the wall perpendicular to the garage door on the right. Anyone have a simple method for building lattice panels? Use safety glasses when using a circular saw. These are the top and bottom of the door, and will be 2 inches shorter than the actual door frame's width. Have another hold the second piece of drywall as you screw it into place. This is the number of studs you need to install in the frame. It has to be smaller than the door to allow it to pass through the doorway, and it needs hidden wheels on the bottom to help it move easily. Items I obtained from my local home improvement store One side has a ball set into the side of the door, held in place with a spring. Move the stud finder around until you find the stud in the wall that is nearest to the garage door. Sandpaper and sanding block Deep Hole in a Small Box, a Different Take on the Infinity Mirror. I had a client who was in town for the long weekend and had no power in the... Ive looked everywhere. If you need to cut the final piece of drywall to fit in the remaining space, measure the remaining length of frame and mark this length on the drywall. There are many ways to create these hideaways. The tape needs to blend in with the hidden door, but not entirely attach to it. Lift the first sheet of drywall and place it in a horizontal position against the frame on the left-hand side. Mix your drywall compound in a bucket according to the manufacturer's instructions. To make this look work, you’ll make the door look like another cabinet door complete with matching hardware. That will help disguise the opening … There is no need to worry about building a special frame, a typical door frame will work for this. In addition to her work as a writer, she is an accomplished painter and experienced art teacher. I hav... How to Install Vinyl Plank Flooring Over Tile, Sliding Door Repair: Roller Replacement Made Easy, How to Install a Frameless Glass Shower Door, Troubleshooting Problems with French Patio Doors. Paint applicators (roller handle and brushes, paint tray) on Introduction, It's great buti would have ran the drywall all the way to the ceiling to make it look less like a door and more like a built in part of the wall Just an idea Great prank though, 9 years ago The spring is strong enough to hold the ball in place and keep the door from opening, but a simple push and the door will swing open. on Introduction, very funny . The armoire will appear to be just what it is and can still be used as such; hanging clothing inside will hide the opening beyond. It should fit snuggly. If you have custom cabinets, then you can ask the carpenter to make you a cabinet door in the dimensions you need. Seal the garage door properly before beginning this project. Create a Fake wall to hide your Victims door for a prank, Covertly get the dimensions of your victims door, with tape measure Move the stud finder around until you find the stud in the wall that is nearest to the garage door. Mud applicators $3 for a 3 pack of plastic trowels When the close the door, the ball slots into the other side of the latch, set in the frame. Additionally, it can be adapted into many other types of secret doors, including the bookcase door. on Introduction, it dosnt necesarily have to be flush if it can camoflaged say as a notice board. Questions of a Do It Yourself nature should be SWEET! Wait one day for the compound to dry before proceeding to the next step. on Step 5, 7 years ago to this site, and use it for non-commercial use subject to our terms of use. Mix more drywall compound and scoop it up with your 10-inch knife. Apply drywall compound to the taped areas, applying more pressure to the outside of the knife than the inside. So now we have 2 1x6x79-inch pieces and the 2x4x77-inch piece. That is like too cool :) I so wanna do this to my sister....REVENGE! The depth of this area is dependent on the size of the hinge itself, but essentially one side of the hinge should fit securely into the wood without protruding above the surface. View our Privacy Policy here. Sand any remaining ridges or uneven areas in the joints, using 120-grit sandpaper. For this article, let's assume that the door frame has a 28-inch width, 80-inch height, and 4-inch depth. How to Build a Soundproof Partition Wall Part 2, How to Replace a Damaged Piece of Wall Paneling Part 1, Mixing and Applying Drywall Joint Compound. Stand the door up in the doorframe. Anyway. Obtain entrance to office scene of the prank You may want to dry assemble the door first before securing any of the pieces. Mark this spot with a pencil, and then repeat this process on the wall to the left of the garage door. Wait one day for the compound to dry then proceed to the next step. Done properly there should only be a small outline of the door, with a 1/2-inch missing from the bottom. *ahem* 'scuse me....lol. Copyright© Next, chisel out the area for the hinges on the outer left side of the door frame. Ask a friend to help you stand the frame up and position it in front of the garage door. You need 2 2x6s that are the same or slightly larger than the depth of your door frame. For the door to work properly and open smoothly, it needs a latch that can be flush with the finished door, and a small wheel or caster to help support its weight and make it glide. YES! Repeat Step 2 to install drywall along the top of the frame until the entire first course of drywall has been finished. Table or sawhorses 1995-2018 MH Sub I, LLC dba Internet Brands. This allows you to easily paint over the entirety of the door to match the room color as well. Count the number of marks you made on the bottom plate. Try to fill in any cracks and uneven areas in the joints. Nail the frame into the studs you marked on the wall in Step 5. We welcome your comments and Mark the bottom and top plate every 16 inches from the stud on the left until you reach the right side of the frame.

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