Using softwood (pine, spruce, etc.) CLICK THE IMAGE TO BUY IT NOW. Metals produce some poisonous gases when heated; hence you need to take more caution. Step Three: If you’re drilling a large diameter hole, say 3/8-inch or larger, you’ll want to drill smaller pilot holes first in the metal. I did some searching online to see what was ... After I posted my video on sharpening carbide tipped saw blades by hand, I had a lot of comments about what I used for cleaning th... For a general tune-up of a blade that is starting to get dull, I use a diamond grit honing stick that has been attached to this an... We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Sometimes the science of drilling might be too complicated without the right tools. Finish the hole with a 3/8-inch bit. Starting at a slower speed will enhance your control over the task. The bits I used were worn out and used in a hammer drill, which would make the carbide more prone to breaking. However, you can use high speed if you are working on a larger piece of steel. Besides, high drill speed for hardened steel might lead to the destruction of steel or the drill bit. It is a process with several series of steps that you should follow consecutively. CLICK HERE to get FREE & FAST BIDS from local handymen in your town to drill your piece of steel. This guide has information on how to drill hardened steel. And the drilled bit may remain hot.​​​​​​​​. and a drill with a max speed of about 650 rpm turning at about 400. Including filling a missplaced 10mm and putting a 6mm through it. CLICK HERE to get Tim's FREE & FUNNY newsletter! Hardened steel is hard to make holes since its molecules are attached firmly to each other. After identifying the metal, ensure you set it aside from other working tools to avoid confusion. Before you finish cleaning the steel, make sure it is free from dirt. Besides, choose goggles that are translucent to protect you against the harsh light beams from the working surface. Let me know how you do! It’s vital you have a variable-speed drill and very sharp drill bits. Collect the dripping oil with a container or paper towels. Start with a 1/8-inch hole and then next use a 1/4-inch bit to enlarge the hole. It works well with Forstner bit, brad point bits, spade bits and hole saws.…, Super Simple Depth Of Cut Gauge For The Table Saw, After I got a new 10" Amana combination table saw blade from Tools Today, I thought it would be nice to have a very convenient way to accurately set the depth of cut, without a…, This has happened to me dozens of times. Summary: It’s not hard at all to drill through metal. Heat can and will damage drill bits. Hold the grip of the drill tightly but with a little bit pressure for comfortability. I stopped after it was clear that it wasn’t going to finish and I believe I could have done a better job of sharpening that one. How to drill hardened steel — Step 1 — Identify the steel you want to drill through. It is advisable to wear goggles for the protection of your eyes. Apply clean motor oil to steel to keep bit cool. Step Five: When you’ve determined where you want your hole, try to create a small depression in the metal with your nail or a center punch tool. It might be possible to make holes on hardened steel using an emery disk but not an angle grinder. More or less just to verify the test, I drilled into a wrench: The thinner bit that I used made it three-quarters of the way through the wrench easily before losing its edge. It's only a bit slower going through the weld than the mild. Besides, you should consider the diameter of the drill bit when making the mark. High speeds cause too much friction and high heat levels. The SDS bit has been used many times and is very dull. If such parts enter your eyes, it might be tough to remove those, hence causing pain and eye problems. Complete the form below and each week you'll get: Unsubscribe at any time. The metal has a brittle structure, unlike other metals with a flexible atomic structure. 3-IN-ONE Multi-Purpose Oil is enough for lubricating the metal. best drill bit for drilling hardened steel. Step Four: Drilling into metal, especially metal over 1/4-inch thick, can create lots of heat and friction. cobalt drill bits (CLICK HERE to ORDER some now). The steel should be firm and tight on your working table before drawing the cutting mark. You can squirt some oil on the bit to cool it faster. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Take your time. In case you see smoke while drilling, pause the process so that the metal can cool. You keep it cool by drilling in a puddle of clean motor oil if you're drilling a horizontal piece of steel. Since I would like to make a circular saw sharpening jig at some time in the future, I will be getting a proper grinding wheel for that purpose, and that can be used for this as well. Just cheap HSS bits in a hand drill, no lube, just a dip in water between holes. This can happen without warning and cause a nasty cut if you’re not careful. Sign up to my newsletter to receive expert advice for your home! Step Four: Drilling into metal, especially metal over 1/4-inch thick, can create lots of heat and friction. Even when I'm being especially careful (actually, it seems to happen even more, then), I still manage to let the nut slip from my fingers and fall…. CLICK THE IMAGE to ORDER THEM NOW. Then begin to add more oil at the point where the bit is cutting into the steel. You need to control the speed of the drill to get accurate results. Finish the hole with a 3/8-inch bit. Otherwise, use a medium speed throughout the operation. It’s all that I have right now and I figured it will be good enough for a quick test. Try to practice first on smaller pieces of metal. Follow the steps below for more information. In case you feel the task is too much for you, remember to call a professional to guide you through the above steps. Let the drill stay in the same position before removing it. If a sharp shard of metal gets in your eye, the trip to the ER will cost you huge money. Furthermore, avoid carrying jewelry when working with a drill bit and keep your hair out of the way. This was actually a tip that I got from a comment on my “Making A Knife” video that I dismissed as something that wouldn’t work. You need to mark careful where you wish to drill the steel using a pencil and a ruler. Still, it did make it more than half way through the chisel. Using a low RPM setting and a steady light pressure will help the bit navigate smoothly through the steel. Remember to mark correctly the spot you need to drill to avoid many inconveniences. You don’t need to tighten the more massive parts since they are steadier on the working surface. Creating holes on a hardened metal might be tough, hence more noise from the drill bit. They include: Creating holes on metal, especially when using a drill bit might be dangerous if you don’t have protective attires. If drilling thin metal, heavy work gloves could prevent a nasty slice or cut. You don’t need to make the drill complete at once. It doesn't have to be expensive synthetic oil. To do the sharpening, I have a 7″ tile cutting blade set up in my table saw: This blade is not ideal for sharpening carbide, as the diamond particles are a bit too large to do a good job. You can use metallic or plastic clamps to hold the metal. Thank you for visiting Well, I stand corrected and it’s a good example of how we can discount an idea based on what we think is correct, when it’s always better to take the time and try it first. The drilling action can cause the metal to spin rapidly as the drill penetrates the metal. Drill-Guy is independent and reader-supported. Welded steel is harder than the surrounding steel. You’ll also need sharp cobalt drill bits (CLICK HERE to ORDER some now) made to drill into metal. Ensure you place the drill right on the tip of the mark you made. I have a vast experience in home improvement, and I’m willing to share my expertise with you. However, avoid long garments that can entangle in the work area. Here’s a close up of the tip after “sharpening”. When drilling vertical steel, you'll probably need a helper using an oil can to squirt the oil on the steel at the base of the bit. My name is Jacob P. Kelley, the author and founder of this site. Before starting the drill, you should be familiar with the settings of the drill bit. Take the time to WEAR SAFETY GLASSES. This tiny depression helps center the drill bit so it doesn’t wander as you turn on the drill. You need to figure out what is the best drill bit for drilling hardened steel. Caution — Ensure you don’t wipe the metal residual with bare hands since it contains some sharp elements that may cut you. Wear a costume that will cover your nose, thus protecting you against dangerous gases from the metal surface. The second is a high quality SDS bit that I cut the thickened shank off of to use in a regular drill. What are the best drill bits for hardened steel? Before you begin searching for the tools to perform the task, you need first to choose the steel you want to drill. when drilling you more likely to cut your hand with a sharp metal object or get hot metal chips in your hand and get blisters. Use a soft piece of cloth to wipe away shrapnel and excess lubricant from drilling. 10w30 is just fine. Furthermore, you should have a drill bit that is half the diameter of the hole you want to make. I stopped after it was clear that it wasn’t going to finish and I believe I could have done a better job of sharpening that one. The metal has a brittle structure, unlike other metals with a flexible atomic structure. Metal cutting oil or standard motor oil will also be required. Ensure that the clamp is strong enough to hold the piece of steel for more stability. Caution —  Clamps PREVENT accidents, so make sure everything is stiff before drilling.

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