One rock musician gave me his LA home address when I wanted to send him a demo and asked me to "keep this address hidden." I used to work at a major bank with some fairly high level security clearance where I knew a number of celebrities and politicians had accounts. Silent Circle of Washington DC launched its real-time call encryption app Silent Phone for the iPhone in October, and next week it releases a version for Android. For firms worried that their industrial secrets could be stolen, securing transmissions by phone is paramount. The health benefits of sunlight: Can vitamin D help beat covid-19? And, yes, it gets compromised… all the time. They usually have a few different numbers. I imagine that many celebrities have crazy fans that would do anything to talk to their favorite musician, actor etc. Its CryptoPhones are commercial smartphones that use military-grade encryption algorithms to ensure that calls, texts and voicemails – when passing between people with similar secure devices – are all but unhackable. Technically, it should even be possible for a cell phone to block all incoming calls that are from numbers which are NOT saved on the Sim-Card, so you cannot be called by an unknown number. However they mostly use those accounts for talking to directors and aren't on them often. In a case like this, a celebrity would have no choice but to change their phone numbers. One such technology hails from GSMK, based in Berlin, Germany. The immune system: can you improve your immune age? Meet NASA's latest Mars Rover: Will Perseverance find life in 2021? Ashton Kutcher's name was on a couple of the props ready for pickup with a phone number. This information is protected because every fan would like to contact them. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. It has happened to me. I just imagine Kanye trying to sleep and his phone ringing off the hook from people complaining about whatever his latest gaffe was, or a politician who just voted to ban certain guns getting calls from gun fanatics. All my family thought it was actually for him, but I'm sure it was simply for his agent/agency to handle for him. There are many reasons an individual or business may choose to keep their phone numbers private at certain times. For business, they can use a voice mailbox to filter calls. Don't Panic! I was honored and of course I kept it hidden. His number goes directly to voice mail. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. What will you do then? CEO Mike Janke, a former security expert with the US Navy Seals, claims demand for the service, which costs £13 per month, has taken him by surprise: “A-list Hollywood celebrities, special forces operatives, diplomats from nine nations, and a clutch of Fortune 100 companies have signed up to use our service in our first 40 days,” he says. Bill Murray, for example, famously does exactly this for script and role offers. That means losing important email in a flood of fan spam when you have to throw away an account over the weekend. So when you call someone it doesn't show up on Caller ID and it doesn't show up on any white pages search. Explain Like I'm Five is the best forum and archive on the internet for layperson-friendly explanations. The phone company has a service to keep your number private, often for a fee. For everything else, including home phones, they have assistants that can handle the calls and get the celebrity on the line if necessary. Don't give it out to people who will give it out to others? But those in the public eye aren’t counting on heavier press regulation to stop future hackers. Imagine that you get thousands of text messages and phone calls per day. GSMK’s operating system prevents screenshot-taking by default, says Rupp. I can vouch the fact that celebrities sometimes give out their personal contact info to random fans they meet and decide they trust. As I recall, communications companies also have celebrity type accounts, where the number is hidden to those without clearance, so it's not like bob the customer service adviser can simply look up "Angelina Jolie", find her number and then ring her to let her know where he'd like her lips, etc. Took a trip to LA last October and went on the Warner Bros. tour. How do celebrities keep their personal mobile phone numbers secret? I doubt that any celebrity that needs a phone account walks into the store and puts his ID on the desk. Something like that would be too easy for people to get a hold of even in that type of situation. These cost around €2000 per handset. 2894 All this requires a lot of juggling. Furthermore, i Think that today it is possible for phone companies to block all calls / texts to a number that have no permission. Every time you share your phone number, you’re choosing to share personal information. In short, the supply of people who have this information and the demand from crazy people who want it almost never intersect, and if they do, are rarely able to come to any kind of terms of exchange. I did google earth it tho to check out how awesome looking it was. “Phone hacking would not have happened if networks had generated a random PIN for voicemail accounts in the same way a bank does.”, Magazine issue Press J to jump to the feed. Cookies help us deliver our Services. ELI5: How do celebrities and public figures keep their phone numbers private? For non-celebrities, the practical version of this advice would be to avoid putting personal information on your social media profiles. It’s all encouraging stuff, says Eric King of London pressure group Privacy International. So Angelina Jolie gives the phone company a whitelist with the numbers of her husband, her children, close friends, manager, parents and stuff, and then the phone company can block any other phone call except the allowed ones, so even if you would have her number, you would not be able to get through. I imagine that many celebrities have crazy fans that would do anything to talk to their favorite musician, actor etc. This could result in unwanted calls or texts, such as spam or, in a worst-case scenario, identity theft. But still. That means abandoning old emails or cell phone numbers with great frequency. That means losing important email in a flood of fan spam when you have to throw away an account over the weekend. So even if bob the customer service adviser had access to all the names of his companie's accounts, he would not find Angelina Jolie, because her phone number is most probably not registered upon her name. It’s not all about cash: both GSMK and Silent Circle donate phones to human rights groups that need to be able to make secure calls. But Janke concedes that, as Silent Phone is app-based, it is vulnerable to attack from other, malicious apps that could pilfer voice and text data before it is encrypted. And, yes, it gets compromised… all the time. It is difficult to get phone numbers from famous people and celebrities. Once a number is reviled to the public, it is changed. For personal cellphones, they can use phones opened in the name of a family member or close friend. To do this, GSMK – which has 10,000 smartphones in use – replaces Windows, Linux or Android operating systems with its own, more secure operating system. You change the number and inform your loved ones about it. and plenty of people who'd want a the ear of a senator for numerous reasons. The first and best answer is channels: celebrities have agents and casting agencies to field most of their day to day stuff. It means getting hacked and having your personal information stolen by a concerted effort or brute force attack. It's an option available to anyone, not just celebrities. This is most probably done by their manager, and i guess the account is not even registered upon their name, but onto the name of the manager / a friend (or even a fake name) instead. One of the most vexing celebrity privacy problems stems from photos taken without their consent. Then later getting blamed by the general online community because you didn't do enough to protect yourself. Carlo Rovelli: Where does the stuff that falls into a black hole go? The microbiome: How bacteria regulate your health. He doesn't use an agent or manager. I looked through our databases on several occasions to try and look up their account information/how rich they were and often encountered messages such as "this client's information can only be accessed by their personal client management agent" aka the small team of people on the top floor who manage the VIP accounts. To do this, GSMK – which has 10,000 smartphones in … Both Silent Circle and GSMK doubly encrypt their messages using two encryption methods, including one called AES256, so even if one scheme is broken there’s still the other to deal with. But he adds that the onus should be on phone networks to do more to prevent interception. Sign up to read our regular email newsletters. All this requires a lot of juggling. (Not sure about this whole part, tough.). It is true that some people would pay out the nose for private information like that, but this is easily remedied with a quick change of phone number.

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