60,886 views, 2 upvotes. That's true, Togashi could have easily overused Hisoka. fun. Whatever happens Kurapika and Illumi will be pissed at Hisoka. ... Hisoka & Illumi : Hunter x Hunter. # hisoka# hunterx1999# hunterxhunter# hxh# hxh 1999# hxh gif#my gif # anime # hunter x 2011 # hunter x hunter # hunter x hunter 2011 # hxh # hxh (2011) # hxh 2011 # hxh g0 # hxh gif # hxh tag # manga # studio madhouse I love how he explains his powers. 33,133 views, 3 upvotes. Unfollow. hunter x hunter hxh hunter x hunter 1999 hxh 1999 hisoka 1999 hisoka hunter x hunter gif hunter x hunter 1999 gif hisoka gif my gif. Uh... Let's just say I've seen some... interesting stuff. 0% chance Hisoka would have killed Killua there because he's too smart for that. 2,592 notes. Who could have thought of a maniac clown-like killer with a fetish for extremely strong fighters? What a great character. He's just incredibly weird and entertaining because he's such an unpredictable wild card. Search, discover and share your favorite Gon And Killua GIFs. Hisoka is great. The first time I saw Hisoka was such a long time ago that I dont remember. Kurapika and Illumi don't need to find out how Killua and Gon died. Just to let you guys know, I've taken the liberty to create a live streaming chatroom in advance for our upcoming 1999 rewatch on Monday. Descubre y Comparte los mejores GIFs, en Tenor. Reblog. If Gon wasn't in the picture, where would Hisoka be now? The best GIFs are on GIPHY. If he was so good though, like equal or better, than it does make sense because you have this guy who thinks hes the best, and then another guy who also is supposed to be like the strongest, you can't just have these two fight without having planned it correctly, it would take away from the main story. He knows that Hisoka could beast him, when Illumi talks about killing Gon after the exam Hisoka tells him not to and Illumi complies way too easily for it to be a friendly request, I think it was a stern warning and Illumi shat his pants at the idea of crossing Hisoka. Did you think you'd like him more? I'm scared of clowns so I was naturally scared of Hisoka and at first I didn't think I'd like him any better but eventually he became one of my favorite characters. Possibly one of the Zodiacs while they're alone. N.B. That's why I knew he wasn't going to fight Chrollo when they made it seem like he was, because everything seemed to be going so fast for it.

Create and share your own hd hisoka GIFs, with Gfycat Make your own images with our Meme Generator or Animated GIF Maker. This all makes no sense if Hisoka wouldn't have had a chance to take Chrollo on in a fight to the death. He'd probably be more focused on chasing Chrollo and would probably keep an eye on Killuah aswell assuming they still met during the exam. Find GIFs with the latest and newest hashtags! Pretty sure it would come to a fight between Illumi and Hisoka. Kurapika typically has a cool head unless something happens that makes him particularly angry (seen often during his interactions with the Phantom Troupe).

I overall like what Togashi has done with Hisoka. I think he should be about as strong as Chrollo. HXH 1999 >>> 2011. by animejapan. (Although I loved his design). hxh hunter x hunter 1999 hunter x hunter hisoka retro anime anime anime gif gif d. 3,484 notes Reblog. And that's a lot to say obviously. People love Hisoka and I'm sure Togashi's aware of that but he's still not just milking the character by giving him a lot of "screen time" just to please fans. Yes I do. Not gonna make wild assumption about who would win that fight but my money's on Hisoka. I don't have any favourites though. kabutoyakushi . There's no need to spoiler tag anything that has already been shown in the 2011 anime (i.e. Never been one of my favorites, but objectively speaking, i think Hisoka is along with Meruem, the best character that Togashi has created. He is so special that you can't dislike him. Hisoka was a character I'd occasionally see on my dash and I always thought design wise he was pretty interesting.

Hisoka would lose his main dish and a potential side dish. Not sure I agree with this. I want to hate him because he's a sexually depraved creep, but I can't. One of my favourite things about Hisoka is how he is like a walking contradiction. 2,542 notes. I'd definitely want to see him fight Chrollo.

And as for Illumi, I think that if Kurapika didn't kill him than Illumi would be the one to end him. I think if he lost a close friend like Gon he'd be pretty pissed. He's so full of shit, yet he's also really straightforward. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Hisoka is one of the most memorable characters in manga ever made. If Gon was out of the picture Hisoka would be after Chrollo and Killua would be his favorite boytoy. Find GIFs with the latest and newest hashtags! Kurapika would most likely keep a cool head but later get his revenge on Hisoka. share. Hunter x hunter song. As long as they don't tell me anything about his past and stay true to his character, that is. PS: Pliz give the highest resolution pics you have, I … People talk about how Gon and Killua are getting stronger as though they expect every other character to stay the same strength throughout the series. He was originally high up on my favorite characters list but he moved down a lot after I started liking all of the Phantom Troupe and etc. New to Gfycat? Press J to jump to the feed. If Hisoka would have killed Killua in this scene, what would happen immediately after or how much trouble would Hisoka be in with Illumi/Gon/Kurapika? I think the reason why they didn't have them fight was first because of the first reason I mentioned, it wouldn't had to have been done right(as in, really well, and, also it would've been difficult, imo.)

That drawing of young Hisoka is awesome! I do remember when I saw him in the 2011 anime though. Since we all know that Chrollo vs. Hisoka is going to happen eventually, I would want to see Hisoka vs. Illumi. Search results for hd hisoka GIFs.

But that's exactly what would kill the interest of him. Thats what he thought of himself for sure, I don't know if that was truly the case, because that doesn't mean he really was. I like the unusual way Hisoka goes about the power system, being a villain and all: he respects it. But I personally didn't like him in the 13th Chairman Election Arc. El GIF animado de Hisoka Pose Smile perfecto para tus conversaciones. Follow. They didn't want to officially let you know that hes able to kill Chrollo, they wanted him to be mysterious and have a vague, "really elite", power level. a very interesting fight to watch. The best GIFs for hisoka. Then prooceeding to still fool you by just being so damn good at it.

Like, he's a magician and uses misdirection and deception and stuff all the time, but he also clearly explains what his powers are and has been upfront about what he wants from Gon (and, to a lesser extent, Killua). by SapeiraMan. As far as fan art goes I really like this one.

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