Affluence – Afterward, any Obol you find is worth more. C: 2 R: (1.3-1.5) E: (2.0-2.5) H: N/A, High Tolerance – Take less damage while standing in Festive Fog. C: +15% R: +20% E: +25% H: +30%, Greatest Reflex – You can Dash more times in a row. Pauper’s – For the next 2–4 encounters, you cannot earn Obols. after you Special, your Attack may deal Critical damage, Lvl 1 benefit/cost – +15% Bonus Crit Chance / 1 Titan Blood, Lvl 2 benefit/cost – XXXX% Bonus Crit Chance / XXXX Titan Blood, Poseidon Aspect – Your Special dislodges Bloodstone from foes, Lvl 1 benefit/cost – +10% Cast Damage / 2 Titan Blood, Lvl 2 benefit/cost – XXXX% Cast Damage / XXXX Titan Blood, Zagreus Aspect – Bonus Special Speed & Range, Lvl 1 benefit/cost – +30% Bonus Special Speed & Range / 1 Titan Blood, Lvl 2 benefit/cost – XXXX% Bonus Special Speed & Range / XXXX Titan Blood, Achilles Aspect – For 3 Sec. Simply put, even if you die (a lot) the game still provides you with a sense of progress thanks to the many upgrades that can be made. © Copyright 2020 Powered by License To Blog LTB, How to Use Nectar and Ambrosia – Hades Wiki Guide. Greater Recall – Your Bloodstones automatically return to you. Enshrouded – For the next 4–5 chambers, chamber reward previews are hidden. Black Friday: What to Expect from Walmart... Corsair HS60 Haptic gaming headset review... View: The pandemic is likely to leave lasting changes in work, politics and global relations, Agents of SHIELD Season 7 Trailer Teases an Agent Carter Crossover and a Hydra Twist. I ended one of my last runs with Athenas normal Attack at level 10, was doing insane amounts of damage. Tartarus – The area where you first start, before the first boss, Asphodel – The area after the first boss (Megaera or her sisters), Elysium – The area after the second boss (Lernaean Bone Hydra). C: N/A R: N/A E: N/A H: N/A. C: 15 R: (1.3-1.5) E: (1.8-2.0) H: (2.3-2.5), Brilliant Riposte – When you Deflect attacks, they deal more damage. Aphrodite: Heartbreak Strike, Heartbreak Flourish, Shatter Shot, or Passion Dash C: 10 R: (1.3-1.5) E: (1.8-2.0) H: (2.3-2.5), Clouded Judgment – Your God Gauge charges faster upon dealing or taking damage. As such, in place of the rarity section, it will be a list of Boons that will work for unlocking the Duo Boon. C: 60 R: 75 E: 90 H: 105, *Storm Lightning – Your chain-lightning effects bounce more times. This denotes there being something of note to do with the Boon, such as an interaction between itself and another Boon. Dionysus: Blight Strike, Blight Flourish, or Nasty Dash, Merciful End – Ares / Athena – Your attacks that can Deflect immediately activate Doom effects. Athena: Divine Strike, Divine Flourish, or Divine Dash, **Sweet Nectar – Aphrodite / Poseidon – All Poms of Power you find are more effective. They do not come with differing stats based on rarity, and the Boons can be a variety of things to meet the requirements of the Duo Boon. These are boosts you receive from the Olympian gods as rewards and can also be purchased. Every boon has two parts, a Blessing and a Curse. C: 10 R: 12 E: 14 H: 16. Objective: Meet the following Olympian Gods, Objective: Obtain (XXXXand use?) C: 5 R: (1.3-1.5) E: 1.8-2.0) H: (2.3-2.5), Urge to Kill – Your Attack and Cast deal more damage. *Razor Shoals – Using knock-away effects also Rupture foes. C: 20% R: 25% E: 30% H: N/A, Athena’s Aid – Your Call briefly makes you Invulnerable and Deflect all attacks. Everyone loves them, which makes them the perfect gift to strength your relationships with your relatives. The 2 upgrades to get first are Greater Reflex and Death Defiance. *Can’t figure out Rare % increase (numbers don’t add up to +150% consistently), Deadly Strike – Your Attack is stronger, with +15% chance to deal Critical damage. C: +12% R: +21% E: +30% H: +40%, Rapid Cast – Your Cast is faster and fully automatic. Blessings are permanent positive effects that are only gained after the Curse is removed, meaning you must go through the required number of Encounters to gain the benefits of the Blessing. Probably the easiest way in the entire game to get Ambrosia is to buy it from the Wretched Broker. If you get Poisoned, use the little wells to cure which can be done during combat! Blight Strike – Your Attack inflicts Poison. So, I've beaten game (seen end credits and got a job), done around 7-10 more clears, have ~25 bottles of ambrosia and no clue what to do with it (except trading). C: 35 R: (1.3-1.5) E: (1.8-2.0) H: (2.3-2.5), Typhoon’s Fury – You deal more damage when slamming foes into barriers. C: +12% R: +21% E: +30% H: +40%, Swift Flourish – Your Special is faster. Poseidon: Tempest Strike, Tempest Flourish, Flood Shot, or Tidal Dash, Sea Storm – Poseidon / Zeus – Your knock-away effects also cause foes to be struck by lightning. Athena: Divine Strike, Divine Flourish, or Divine Dash, *Exclusive Access – Dionysus / Poseidon – Any Boons you find have superior effects. Some of them you'll be able to max out with Ambrosia without much fuss. You might see numbers in parenthesis. Aphrodite: Heartbreak Strike, Heartbreak Flourish, Shatter Shot, or Passion Dash C: 15 R: 19 E: 24 H: N/A, Quick Reload – Foes drop Bloodstones stuck in them faster. This means that there is a bug related to the Boon (that I am aware of.) C:+100% R: ___ E: 200% H: N/A, Impending Doom – Your Doom effects deal more damage, after +0.5 Sec. *All Boons are increased to Epic rarity or higher. Stealing nectar or ambrosia was forbidden by the deities, and if someone tried to do it anyway, had to face serious consequences, punishments, or even death.

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