:zoom (1 to 5) I didn’t know about this command till about 2 weeks ago when I was doing a maze. I escaped the endless hallway with HabboBites!

Allows the pet to be released from commands (such as sit, stay and follow) and allows it to move at free will. If you say this command on the client, it gives you a lightsaber!

Lists every item of Furni in a room, allowing for easy selection of out of reach furniture. This will stalk the Habbo if they are online.

Open the. Collect waifus and husbandos.

In 2011, Habbo hosted a valentines promotion with bot rewards.

Voici un récapitulatif de toutes les commandes que tu peux utiliser sur Habbo. To get your mouse back, just type the command again. Some users would purposely flood the room by repeating 'ff' over and over again as the Guide Bot's response was 5 lines long. What a top class entertainer :). This is useful if you made a room that has both Builders Club and non-Builders Club furni, but only want to pick up the Builders Club furni and leave the non-Builders Club furni in the room. The Guide Bot was a feature to give help and advice to Habbos.

:shutup/mute (username) Picks up every piece of Furni in a user's room, placing it into their inventory. Saying these commands is the equalivent to clicking the commands in the Pet Commands window during training. Il te suffit te taper la commande ci-dessus + le nom du Habbo concerné. It has no effect on a room's pets, sticky notes, wallpaper or flooring. Kicks all players out of a room without being kicked themselves. Tous droits réservés.

:teleport » Allows you teleport around your room without walking meaning you click anywhere and you are teleported there. PT - Portuguese Straightforward really. Habbo Guide Bots were usually described as "annoying" because they would issue their responses as long as the owner has any of the keywords in their sentences and usually flood the room, so most owners chose to kick the bot out. BBC is always proving himself to be a fab little worker bee as well as showing great enthusiasm not only for his own role but for helping others with theirs when needed. C'est la commande qui sert expluser tous les Habbos présents dans ton appart. Comment fonctionne le bot serveur? Causes the pet to follow the player nearest to its left.

invite - Invite Birthday Bot to a server. Great article love alot of these commands , Roger has been an absolute star on the radio, racking up OVER ONE HUNDRED hours of airtime in September! Saying this command, with the Habbo’s username, will kick that Habbo from the room. This very often results in gibberish, though sometimes can give personality if re-worked correctly. Click your head icon, and then the wave icon. Be the first to take their heart! Shows the user's Habbo giving a thumbs-up (same action as :sign 13). Others may be purchased by players in the catalog with similar features as "Official" bots. His BOT motto is "Welcome to Habbo!".

:ejectall Official Bots are found in Official Rooms.

Textes BOT %owner% Fait apparaître le nom du propriétaire dans la bulle. give sunflower (Frank will give you a sunflower) give cola (Frank will give you a Habbo Cola)

You won’t get any ‘confirmation’ as it were that you’ve muted them, however.

These commands are used to generate waifus or husbandos to claim. Causes the pet to speak (a speech bubble will appear) without waiting. They would give information about features of Habbo after being prompted with keywords. Typing :mutebots, makes it so you cannot see the speech said by.

Signs Section (0 Needs to be manually typed).

:ejectall C'est la commande qui sert à retirer tous les mobis de ton appart d'un seul coup !Si il y a des mobis appartenant à d'autres utilisateurs dans ton appart, ne t'inquiète pas, ils retourneront automatiquement dans leur inventaire.

:dire C'est la commande qui sert à parler, même si cette commande n'est pas utile car le mode parler est celui par défaut.

FR - French %name% Affiche le nom du BOT dans la bulle. Administrators of a group cannot use this command however. This will change the language of your Habbo client. General Commands. This page was last edited on 7 January 2020, at 01:47. 5 Great Replacement Headphones Or Ear Bud Options To Enhance Your Audio Experience, The November Campaign has just started, so make sure to check out our November 2020 page with all the latest inform… https://t.co/B1gNAzz3sk, Congratulations @nubhabbo YOU'VE WON! The pet goes on its hind legs and begs for a treat, The pet stays at its current location and doesn't move, The pet assumes a natural position on all four legs, The pet speaks, displaying it in a speech bubble, The pet positions its body to the left side, The pet positions its body to the right side.

Diamond Upgrade Commands (Can only be used in your own rooms):allaroundme » Brings all the users in the room towards you. https://habbo.fandom.com/wiki/Bot?oldid=57125. Opens the Habbo news feed inside the client. This is part 1, I will continue with part 2 very soon. Items . Saying this command, with the Habbo’s username, will kick that Habbo from the room. Astuce : si tu ajoutes un espace et cliques sur la touche espace (de ton clavier), après avoir cliqué sur le Habbo, son nom s'écrira automatiquement après le :chut. Pick a number between 0-18 for the "#" slot. Fais la suivre du nom du Habbo à qui tu veux parler.

Entering any other command, for the sign, will result in a character '# 1 Sign'. This command literally does what it says, it hides your mouse and the white square that comes up when you click on a part of the room.

Shouting is not recommended.

To return to normal after zooming, just say :zoom 1. :iddqd Unmutes a muted player before the time limit runs out on its own. Participate in some games like falling furni.

Kicks the player without sending an alert - same as a regular kick. This command allows Habbos to mute all pets in the room for the session.

Opens a pop-up, which lists all current furni in a room.

Some commands have further parameters, meaning additional information must follow the command (such as a number or Habbo Name) in order to achieve the desired effect.

To move, click the floor on the spot you want to go to. Records all conversation in a room and sends the transcript to their email after logging off. Makes the user's Habbo display a sign with numbers 0 to 10.

As you may have guessed, this command makes you go to sleep in the room so you have the ZzZs coming out of your head. If you say this on the hotel, it’ll bring up a sign with that number. The pet will come to the spot where the user's Habbo is. o/ Cancels any previous sit, stay or follow commands given to the pet.

So the players were left with short commands that would do very basic things. This is just one of many. The other type of commands are Alt Codes which replace the text with a symbol in chat. HABBO est une marque déposée par Sulake Oy dans l'Union Européenne, les États Unis, le Japon, la République Populaire de Chine et d''autres juridictions.

IT - Italian I didn’t know about this command till about 2 weeks ago when I was doing a maze. Opens a window which displays the name of every user and pet in a room.

TR - Turkish This is the easiest command in my eyes, this command makes you wave and you can say it time after time without the chat bubble popping up above your head, so it seems you’re doing it by magic. This really does what it says on the tin, if you say this in a room where the pets or bots are speaking, it will literally mute them. You have to be HC to use it. This probably isn’t the best command if you’re doing a maze etc., but if you’re moving away from your computer, this command might help for keeping your Habbo safe. When the owner drops a chair to the room, try to sit on it. Get your best paranormal detective gear together, because it's time for... WEIRDER STUFF. C'est la commande qui sert à faire taire tes animaux dans ton appart.:mutebots. This will only affect the Habbo who uses the command, all other players will continue to see pet speech. Anyway, formatting…

They were removed and replaced with the Habbo Helpers program. Les commandes de habbo app (mobile uniquement):drxavier Rend tout ce qui se trouve dans la pièce transparent. He'll need food and toys to be happy and content and remember, a pet is for life, you cannot give it away!
Bots are the "non-player characters" (NPCs) of Habbo. C'est la commande qui sert à faire taire tes bots dans ton appart.:kickroom. These will be shown in italics and should be replaced when using them in-game.

These commands are great for when you’re managing your room, and will often come in great use.

Sends a message to the player in the form of a pop-up window. To do this, a player must type : x at the beginning of the speech bar, click on a player (or Pet) and then press enter.

If you say this command and a number from 1 to 5, it will zoom your Habbo room in/out. Shows player holding up a sign. Make sure to comment and like this article!

To say a command, players log into the client (as they can't be inputted on the website) and enter a room. Interestingly, the 0 sign is the only one that isn't available through the menu.

Habboxween competitions are here! Most commands in Habbo are used for moderation, ... Typing :mutebots, makes it so you … Makes it so that you cannot see pet speech! This is an incredibly simple tutorial on making your Bot say whatever you want it to.

A Discord music bot providing high quality music from YouTube, Radio Stations, Soundcloud, Twitch, Discord.FM and much more Now let’s move on to the commands people probably don’t know exist. To get back to normal, just click zoom. I went trick or treating with the fansites! There are a lot of commands on Habbo that you may not know about. A "*" indicates that command is exclusive to.

After clicking on yourself this should pop-up. WAIFU ROULETTE.

:crier C'est la commande qui sert à crier, :news C'est la commande qui sert à afficher les articles du moment, :pickall C'est la commande qui sert à reprendre tous les mobis présents dans un appart (un des tiens), ils iront alors immédiatement dans ton inventaire. They were released in the Beta and could either be called by the room owner or appeared when a Habbo first signed up. :kick (username)

Le nouveau système de modération de Habbo est arrivé . This used to bring up a pop-up on the actual hotel with all the Habbo news.

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