I see this is part of a larger series that I’m delighted to dive into and I hope you share all the gritty details of how you calculated these. Enemies don’t have an infinite number of hit points. Although you have quite high health points, you have no abilities to reduce damage taken. It has the potential to damage up to 7 if you have one monster in the centre and the rest surrounding it. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. The bottom action is another great move that actually often sets up the top action with the obstacle stipulation. It’s not so good if your allies are in the way too. If Gloomhaven has taught me anything as a player, it is not to accept anything at face value. While Gloomhaven is about your unique story, as your group makes choices and encounters foes of all sorts, the combat (which I also love) that drives the game is based on math. Add Target always adds a single extra target within the range of your attack to the attack, and this target cannot be an enemy already targeted by the attack (a single attack ability cannot target the same enemy multiple times). Hardly ever. What this means is one of two things – either try and play a Cragheart that does no damage to allies (note: it’s not a fun character to play – trust me, I tried) or make sure all your allies know they will potentially get hurt. Ah, so many options! Diviner. Pulverize will be easier to find a use for, so that is usually the best choice. The Cragheart is one of the slower characters. As the supporting class, you’ll be paying attention to what the monsters and your teammates are doing very closely. The Savvas take great pride in their ability to master the elements and Savvas who fail are exiled. How many times have you seen that come up? The top action is good normally. It’ll only deal 2 damage to each one because the damage doesn’t stack for monsters next to multiple obstacles. She can do a big amount of damage if she’s in the right place at the right time. Dirt Tornado is an awesome ability and a must for a ranged Cragheart. The top action is useful but situational since you want to be in the middle of a group of enemies to use it. This actually means you can have more stamina than the rest of the group if you use your cards effectively. She is a fast melee class with a summonable ally. Unlike the Brute, however, the Cragheart does have several small healing abilities. Shame the Curse card limit in the monster draw deck is 10! The Scoundrel can’t. The bottom action combines extremely well with some of our ranged AoE attacks. Clear the Way is the better choice here. A useful ranged heal. ... 4 thoughts on “ Gloomhaven Perks, Math, and You ” Pingback: The math of reshuffling – Gloomhaven … However, one of the easiest builds to play for this class is the ranged damage dealer. You’ll always be trying to get yourself into the best position to get the damage bonuses for monsters adjacent to your allies. You’ll be using invisibility whenever you can to bolster your damage with stealth. Forceful Storm is another great way to pick up experience because you gain 1 point for each monster targeted. One cool thing about the Mindthief is that she has abilities to control the movement of allies and monsters too. The tank that can do a fair amount of damage and push monsters into harm’s way. All in all, they should be a phenomenal tank, right? Yeah, the friendly fire is a little annoying to your allies. The Cragheart is actually a character with decent ranged, melee and area of effect abilities, and some minor heals. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Just hope that your allies know you have good intentions at heart! mykindofmeeple.com is owned and operated by Emily. Then you’ll help or hinder them with your melee abilities and mind control. These perks impact your attack modifier deck, which you draw from for each attack. That means two hits of 3 damage on two separate targets with directly dealt splash damage of 1 on anyone next to them. The monsters are so in awe that they’ve gone weak at the knees and can’t move. With an initiative of 38, Earthen Clod is the Cragheart’s 4th fastest starting card which makes this card even more useful. If you love Gloomhaven as much as I do, you might want to check out this 3D scenery set on Amazon designed especially to hold the Gloomhaven tokens. An interesting way to get an extra couple of hits and a move. Do you reduce the number of possible bad outcomes? So this action isn’t very useful. Rock Tunnel – for the high movement ability. This ability could be great if you want to run through, or away from, a group and deal some damage as you go. Enemies become more difficult to kill, so an instant kill is a nice option for a card loss later. Overall, the top action along with the “fast” initiative for the class make this a keeper. With her stealth abilities and quick movement, no-one even sees her when she dashes through the room! I did this very successfully once and wiped out a load of monsters in one go! Initiative is decent as well which is a plus. Also, we won’t have a consistent source of wind. Well…difficult for everyone but the Cragheart. That makes this card a really interesting one. This is our best non-loss movement card. Upgrading your abilities is a fantastic way to get the most from your Cragheart ranged build. . So we drop Unstable Upheaval and pick up Rock Slide. The melee and close range focus of this card makes it an obvious leave for our ranged build. The melee ability on Cataclysm is brilliant. The ability to create Earth is much needed at level 1 and even though you’re concentrating on ranged abilities, a melee ability is useful. Unfortunately, with both actions being pretty brutal if used in the wrong context, we won’t take advantage of it often. The Cragheart starts off with a potential 14 cards, including Level 1 and Level X cards. On one turn you’ll be putting elements into the room, on the turn after you’ll use the elements up to cast a more powerful spell. It’s well worth the price for the hours and hours of fun you can have with it! So the bottom isn’t a great option either. The bottom half is just a loot. We don’t want to put ourselves in melee range too often. In our second campaign I am a Level 2, soon to be Level 3, Cragheart (called Crews). Given the Gloomhaven rules of not talking about exactly what you’re going to do, no-one was ever where I needed them to be. Normally the bottom action wouldn’t be enticing. Without a doubt, the best thing about this card is the initiative. While the area of effect is a melee, it’s very powerful. Gloomhaven on Steam is based on the tabletop board game of the same name and mixes tactical RPG elements with dungeon crawling.Here are tips and tricks for beginners starting their adventures in the game. The Scoundrel poisons monsters at every opportunity which will continue to cause them damage after you’ve moved away. It will never deal the most damage, but it can support other damage dealers. FIRSTLY – In case you hadn’t already guessed – THIS ARTICLE CONTAINS SPOILERS. Fast initiative. But don’t. Get yourself into the right position to use the abilities and you’ll level up before you know it. Immobilize is a nice perk to using this as well. The Scoundrel is your rogue type. Unfortunately, it will be slightly situational since we will want to avoid adjacent allies. Its ability to use Earth to manipulate the map to deal damage and force movement in particular directions is incredibly powerful. You can make the Dirt Tornado area of effect even larger. Especially because it’s a loss. Then, if you want some armour, get the Ignore negative items effects perk so you can wear it without penalty. You do have a few healing cards though, so you can always patch your allies up on the next turn. Up to 7 monsters are immediately Cursed and Muddled. Dig Pit looks like a card from the Scoundrel deck. If you anticipate often fighting foes with shields that are large compared to the typical damage on your ability cards, you want help from those big “+2” cards. For an alternative build that occasionally tanks, this card would be great. Anyone who has played tabletop RPGs has seen that hyyuuuge barbarian use Power Attack to swing his hefty axe at a weak foe, only to miss completely.

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