All of a sudden he starts doubting all of this and is thinking that joining the military might have been a mistake, but he sucks it up in the end. Soon after Ryan’s return he and heather move into an apartment together. Thank you for the review! Ghosts Of War by Ryan Smithson is a kind of a suspenseful, heart jerking, and touching. I just finished "Ghosts of War [My tour of duty:]" and am stunned at how it ambushed my emotions! As he is driving down the dirt road, out in the distance he sees a large dust devil. He constantly thinks about Iraq. Later he and Heather visit Ground Zero the day before Ryan leaves for training. If there is a Ghosts of War SparkNotes, Shmoop guide, or Cliff Notes, you can find a link to each study guide below. To further explain the book is based on true story about a young man that decides to join the army. Although I have read many books about the wars in the Middle East, and even written one myself, this book was truly unique. In the chapter Ryan is at his parents house for dinner and his mother askes him was he ever in combat over in Iraq and he answers with, "Do you really want to know." Ghosts of War: The True Story of a 19-Year-Old GI, by Ryan Smithson, The author's purpose of Ghost's of war is to entertain and inform. This is honestly one of the best books about war I have ever read. This book really teaches us what war really is. Young men and women who are contemplating joining the military. This book has a really good way to see what it's like in a everyday life as a US Army Infantryman in his tour of duty. Then everyone is put in cattle cars and sent to the training building. He is telling her that he has just had the best day ever since he has been in the military. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. The book is being used as a textbook in some Albany area high schools. The book itself had a totally different writing structure to it, one I've witnessed before, but never in an autobiography. Themes. Chapter 1 Ryan Smithson is a junior in high school and his girlfriend is a senior. At the beginning of the book Ryan introduces us to his girlfriend Heather. This book wasn't like my usual reads for school, this book was the first non- fiction, autobiography, I've read for a school requirement. In this chapter Ryan has just gotten back in Iraq and is on a lumber hauling mission out in the desert. Recently I've read Ghosts of War: The True Story of a 19- Year- Old GI by Ryan Smithson. by HarperTeen, Ghosts of War: The True Story of a 19-Year-Old GI. This is a flashback to Ryan being in Blue Phase of basic training. The job that they have to do is go out looking for craters where IED bombs were and fill them up so that terrorist can't put another bomb in it to make the filling whole bigger. It personally raised more questions about the. Throughout this wonderful story we follow a young man named Ryan who is still getting to know the fundamentals of life, when the horrendous attacks on the world trade centers occur. ), the resources below will generally offer Ghosts of War chapter summaries, quotes, and analysis of themes, characters, and symbols. When he came home, he went to college on the GI Bill and began writing about his war experiences. it is a woman, and he can't move at all to get up. I think the author's purpose is to entertain because Ryan Smithson is the main character and the author. This book is really cool. he talks about having to finish a job from the day before, then when he got back the Iraqi man that cleans their showers that lives behind barraks askes them to build a shelf for his tent. As soon as Ryan arrives he is yelled at by a drill sergeant. Offers plot summary and brief analysis of book. FreeBookNotes found 3 sites with book summaries or analysis of Ghosts of War. The book itself had a tot. The descriptions of the places Ryan went were wonderful, and helped me visualize his surroundings. But modern warfare is something a lot of people haven’t experienced and Ryan’s insights are down to earth and don’t tend to over-glorify the dangers or the violence. He mostly met the innocent Iraqi children who worked on farms of their families to grow the food that they wanted. This book is an absolute must read for our youth, families of the military, and EVERY American. When Ryan returned home after spending a year in Iraq, he suffered symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (night terrors, in particular). It gives the perfect description of a soldiers life after the war. I like Ryan's bravery and courage. As someone who was in basic training just months before the author, I can say that this is one of most true-to-life books I've read about the modern Army and the war in Iraq. It is the most moving book I have read in a long time. This book gave a great description about the life of a soldier during war. April 21st 2009 “For me, the future was a complete paradox. This chapter tells about Ryan's pet bird, Jerkface. I recommend this book to anyone who would like to know one person's real experience in the US Army as well as in the sands of the Middle East. They throw some leftovers out and continue heading into Iraq. In this chapter Ryan and the rest of the platoon are finally going home. However, after reading Smithson’s autobiography, I have further plummeted into questions concerning my life, the war, and life in general. Ryan and his men spread out 10 feet apart from each other and push foward, as they do so one of his men gets shot down by a sniper. Personally I enjoy reading nonfiction, so this book was very enjoyable to me, but it was unique in its own sense that it was an autobiography. I started reading this book on September 11th. I like how in the beginning it talks about some of his reasons for joining. I really enjoyed the book. The long flight over the Atlantic Ocean gives Ryan time to think about home and what to expect when he lands in Kuwait. When he came home, he went to college on the GI Bill and began writing about his war experiences. He walks out and the lieutenant comes in the room telling the guys that their commander is a neat freak. He gets out of bed looking for some kind of weapon to use, until he thinks about the men that gets a weapon and wake up to find that they have killed their wives. As they are waiting they decide to go out looking for food. This starts out with Ryan and the other recruits doing different types of drills. They are driving along and the trunk infront of them starts to speed up. Re. This is a flashback to when Ryan was in training. The book flowed very well and I found it very hard to put down. Since he is the author he is sharing his own life experences and entertaining the readers who read this book because he was there and no one can explain it to the reader better than the person that was there.

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