“If I was you, I’d wanna be me too.” Meghan Trainor, “Learn to appreciate the people who want to be in your life and stop stressing over people who don’t want to be in your life.” – Unknown, “They say good things come to those who wait. I ain’t got a lotta money but I got a lotta style. Social media captions are important for growing a following, engaging your followers and getting more likes! 954 Cool Instagram Names - Good Ideas For Girls & Guys, Check Snapchat Online – Login For Free On The Web, 123 Funny Instagram Bios – Best Of All Time, 954 Cool Instagram Names – Good Ideas For Girls & Guys, There’s a girl out there with love in her eyes and flowers in her hair, Funny you mention that, I was just thinking I don’t care, Don’t let your eyes be blinded by her beauty. The bed. Share any of your own favorites in the comments below! I See Santa, Hurry up, Pretend to be Good. You want to do this if it is obscure in order to call more attention to the overlooked thinker your crediting. The internet is down. Selfies. So ima be at least about an hour late.”– Kanye West, “We ain’t picture perfect but we worth the picture still.” – J. Cole, “I wanna be your end game. Proof that I can do selfies better than you. That’s 100 rockin’ captions that all fall somewhere on the scale between hilarious and touching. I’m not a Facebook status. I’ll always remember, I’ll never forget, how you took my breath away, the first time we met. Funny Selfie Captions For Instagram.

Here are 20 captions that will lift your spirits. 6. With Kik Login Online you can use your selfie captions on your computer without requiring a mobile app.

A fact of life: After Monday and Tuesday, even the calendar says WTF. It’s okay to wait for tomorrow to start anew.

There is a good mixture of types to match your personality or your current mood. Hold on. You don’t want to add on to that by having everybody read a lengthy diatribe about you. #GoodMorning.

Adventures fill your soul. It’s totally it’s own kind of humor, and like any other kind of humor, is something that needs to be developed. Who says eye candy can’t go well with soul food? The hustle is sold separately. Make sure it’s an interesting photo and is of high quality.

Cute, full of crap, and can always be replaced. It’s true, even in our digital times, that a picture says a thousand words. Just be mindful of where you are, and be safe. Appamatix is a leading source of anything app related, including iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Mac, and more. Make sure it goes with the photo and goes with the mood of the picture. Before we get into the selfie captions I will go through a few tips and tricks on how to make your own caption worth remembering. See you in the morning! This girl in the first hilarious photo knows exactly what I’m talking about.. Sending my selfie to NASA, because I’m a star. Always classy, never trashy, and a little bit sassy, Funny how a beautiful girl can tell such a sad story. Make it simple and short, no one likes a super long paragraph to read with a selfie and most social media sites limit the text to less than a normal sentence length. Whether you’re looking for a good caption for a selfie or a funny phrase for a friend’s Instagram post, here are 100 winners that you can use or alter in moments where your own creativity just isn’t cutting it. I’m not beautiful like you. A lot of people like to add some quote to some up the experience, or maybe poke fun at what’s going on.

When in doubt, try again and again. 4. 2. The important thing is not to stop questioning. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. If you use any of these caption ideas, tag me @thewhimsysoul so I can see! That annoying moment when you take a selfie, and your hair looks perfect but your face looks horrific.
Magical Gifts Every Harry Potter Nerd In Your Life Will Love, 12 Holiday Dresses That Flatter Every Body. The best inspiration can come from seeing what others have done before. Why should we ever let go, when we can stay together? By the way–I’m wearing the smile you gave me. Negative people need drama like oxygen. The only F-word a woman can say that scares me is ‘Fine.’. Take good pictures. Using good captions for selfies will also probably help you grow your followers and get more likes. Keep true to yourself and make sure it is something that your friends could see you say if you were actually there. Go out to interesting places, try new things, meet new people, and record yourself doing it. Is it just me, or is Instagram just Auto-Tune for photos? What happens when practically every phone has a built in camera and often times two? To err is human. WARNING: You may fall in love with my face. Lives Change! Try to think of your favorite 3 and bounce them off of your friends to see what they think is the best one. Say positive–it will take their breath away. 5. I can tell a lot about a person by what they choose to see in me. If a redhead works in a bakery, does that make him a ginger bread man? I find that some of the best captions I use on Instagram are those confident selfie captions that help make others feel good. Seek respect, not attention. You can mention something about where you are, the weather, what you’re wearing, how you’re feeling, etc. My Secret Captions Chastity, FLR, whatever she says..., 18 years old and + only Like the old adage goes, “brevity is the soul of wit.” And even if you’re not trying to be funny, being able to make your case succinctly will make your observations much more poignant. Like, a lot. Stephen King referred to this type of self-indulgence as “feeding the alligators,” but you know what? Maybe she’s born with it. They say nobody’s perfect. 327 Best Selfie Captions. My diet plan: make all of my best friends cookies; the fatter they get, the thinner I look. I’ve compiled a list of the very best selfie quotes that range from funny to romantic. Whew!


Lives change, remember you can wait for tomorrow to start new, Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re not strong enough, Puts selfie on top of tree because I’m a star, I don’t take selfies all the time, just every day, Long line at Starbucks, first world problems, I get by with a little help from my friends. And sometimes, we all just want to bust a gut laughing. If you’re like me, you’re constantly pulling your phone out of your pocket and putting it back, getting fingerprints all over it in the process. Sunshine mixed with just a little bit of hurricane…. Sorry for what I said when I didn’t have my pumpkin spice latte.

I eat my tacos over a tortilla. A great selfie caption won’t redeem a bad photo that is all washed out or blurry. Humor is a universal language, and so too are the following 20 captions applicable to many funny pictures and shares. We get some pretty great selfies to share with the world. I’m not getting older. It was originally published on March 1st, 2015. To blame it on someone else shows management potential. That wraps up this guide on good selfie quotes and hopefully gave you some funny ideas for captions. Guess what? You can’t make everyone happy. It’s been an exciting little year since we last updated, and the selfie-fueled world is only burning hotter. window.fd('form', { You don’t have to like me. ‘Just fit in’ is not my style. Now, let’s get into the real reason why you visited this page, to read through some funny captions that will make you laugh out loud. Here we goooooo with the funny… Jobs fill your pockets. More like this. Whether you’re looking for a caption for a selfie just for fun, good quotes for selfies to impress a crush, or you need good captions to grow your following, use this list of Instagram captions to find the perfect one ( I won’t tell anyone that you got them from here! Life. There’s always a wild side to an innocent face. Oh so you’re a model? formId: '5e0a973d37340f00269c5af3', Move over coffee, today is a day for champagne. There is a good mixture of types to match your personality or your current mood. Find yourself.
The more interesting your selfie is, the more interested people will be in it. But really, selfies can also be a sign of self-reliance: you’re going out there and doing awesome things alone, because you don’t always have to be in a group to be at your best, and you want to record or share the memory. It takes a little bit of time and effort to get the hang of it, but eventually you will find they come easier and easier. Everyone’s doing it, everyone has done it, and it’s still not in danger of becoming old (unless, of course, your selfie-stick follows you everywhere.) I’d like to thank Red Bull, Google, Vodka, and Wikipedia for my graduation. Your email address will not be published. That annoying moment when you take a selfie, and your hair looks perfect but your face looks horrific. The heart. Here is a list of tips you can use to help you get in the groove of coming up with your own quotes. Why do people say ‘no offense,’ right before they’re about to offend you? Because shamelessly flaunting your narcissism is trendy. Once you see results, it becomes an addiction. He doesn’t tell me that he loves me. Strap yourselves in tight because the best funny pictures of today’s Internet are gonna be quite the ride.. Funny Pictures With Captions. By the time a man realizes his father was right, he has a son who thinks he’s wrong. You want to do this if it is particularly poignant because you don’t want your post to become a lightning rod for jerks calling you a poser for trying to pass off someone else’s quote as your own. If it’s not sincere, it’s not the moment that happened. Don’t allow others’ limited perceptions to define you. Also, if you have any good selfie captions not listed, comment below so everyone can see! I need a six-month holiday, twice per year. Who’s your agency, Instagram? (I also have a lot of photos of my cat because she’s so stinking cute!) It’ll last longer. Girls–be as picky with your men as I was with this selfie. I like to be alone, but I would rather be alone with you. I think it’s wrong that only one company makes the game Monopoly.

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