You will probably spend a long time trying to manually calibrate for VERY little if any, improvement.

Work will continue to expand on the wealth of power insights on the STRYD data platform (online+app), For a technical review of STRYD’s Running Power MEter model, you will need to head over to. As at Jan2019 I would note the following: I probably get a corrupt FIT file a year where I can’t access my STRYD power data.

Hmm. I assume the duplicate comes from the cached data STRYD do ship to the EU with EU fulfillment, but that price looks cheaper. So you will potentially need to set them all to the same value.

As you can see STRYD will work on most of your existing watches.

Neither a scientific nor overly fruitful approach; but if you went from one flat parkrun 5k course to another muddy and hilly one the next week, you may well appreciate the advantage of pacing by your 5k-power level more than your running buddy who is pacing off HR or PACE. A: STRYD. that said, even if it after 2 years then the item hsa to be ‘fit for purpose’ and part of the definition of ‘purpose’ is for how long it works.

WatchOS users might also consider Power2Run . STRYD has now introduced a race day and event planning tool which lets you model race day conditions and possible finish times. Incredibly disappointed in their customer support.

And of course the STRYD, the charging dock and an VERY short USB cable.

the current pod is still compatible with any qi wireless charger including the old STRYD QI charger which can still be bought (I’ve added links in the review for all those accessories ), that is the same as it was with STRYD Live (which you can’t buy), My unit finally arrived today.

STRYD has approximately 9-10 hours of workout storage on the device. read the comments from MIRKO here:, How does Stryd measure ground conditions please? just had a quick play and it looks like it should work. When I contacted stryd to get the battery replaced, I was told they couldn’t do that and that I would have to buy a new foot pod. And if so, how would I calibrate it?

(Please press “Read More…” to fix the formatting of this comment)                                                                                                                       TL;DR Run Power gives you more Power data and features in a single data field than any other CIQ app, as far as I know. So once you know what POWER you need to run at you can do it anywhere..up a hill, down a hill or into the wind. either way it will be the same inside and will do what you have read. I’m an 80% convert to running power.

STRYD have invested heavily in developing the capability of their apps (iOS/Android) and the web version of Power Center. Treadmill is quite consistent, while outside is fairly consistent with pace. It used to work but STRAVA could not keep running power and cycling power separate. Since 2016, internally, the footpod is known as the STRYD SUMMIT – now you know. Thought not!

I’m not sure what would happen with, say, a Suunto Trainer where STRYD can be auto-calibrated or not calibrated ie NO manual calibration option.

The small number of you who do require calibration should look at this post (link to The data of Hans and Willem are quite similar and so is the pattern during the race. As could be expected we see that uphill the stride length is reduced and the reverse occurs downhill. Apps are at the end of your sports profiles STRYD Discount Code 2019: STRYD coupons, promotions and discounts rarely happen. I gave in trying, STRYD *HAVE* read through what I wrote for factual errors and it is their view that suunto need to sort it out too. Despite turning this on in the watch? The TCX file IS then properly imported into, for example, Golden Cheetah. My recommendation is to use the STRYD Zone method.

Stryd does not normally need any calibration. – Another platform for analysis of your running workouts with power is Pairing to any other watch model eg Ambit 3 or 920XT/935/645M should be as a footpod. Data metrics are broadcast over both ANT+ and Bluetooth SMART channels. I used STRYD at my last IM, my last HIM and at my last 5k parkrun. Thanks!

You would then think the Vantage was wrong.

6 fields that are all the same size, or 3 huge fields + 2 small fields • Specialized power metrics include: Efficiency Index, Running Effectiveness, Normalized Power, %FTP and Intensity Factor • All metrics support Lap, Last Lap, Avg, (Lap) Minimum, (Lap) Maximum, and 3s / 10s / 30s modifiers • Color coded HR/Power/Cadence fields • Power Zones (5 to 10 zones) • Power Alerts, including laps/structured workout support. For less than a couple of weeks, I just live with the fact that my recorded power numbers will likely be a bit lower and that I won’t bother calibrating one of the many treadmills in the gym.

I have done it. Ryan: Frills or flourishes geared toward comfort are not what this kit is about. But if you want to export power data anywhere else then you must do that manually by creating a TCX file. If you are using a later Garmin like the Garmin Forerunner 945 then ALL your data should be in your Garmin’s FIT File. The first is Form Power (FP).

Am intrigued by wear os, given development possibilities. If you want to proceed with STRYD then these are your buying options and these mostly include local shipping and taxes but not international shipping. The tables below presents the ratio of the average results of Hans and Willem. the app is fairly complex and not sure if my watch was correctly paired, on and charged up You then configure your running profile/data screen via FLOW on the app or online and then run.

In the table we have indicated some striking results in bold. The change (drop) in speed required to hold 300w was considerable. AMBIT Tip: Get pace and distance from STRYD. If not, do I forcely have to have a mobile phone with me in order to have the GPS data or they will be directly collected by Stryd without any device? This is what you would do for Garmin and the V800. You will have captured your data either on your sports watch and/or on your smartphone. We conclude that the Stryd Power data provide a powerful, consistent and reliable information to analyze the conditions of a race and the performance of the runner.

You have to weigh up the value of accurate pace, power and running gait metrics to you. I used it N years ago. #thumbsup. eg I linked to a friends iOS phone for some nebulus reason last week. I had to spend 10 minutes with random google searches to try to remeber what it was called. Can you provide details on the Spartan issues? Maybe. I am going to prove Wahoo android app to try metrics and no bugs like stryd android app. Both Stryd devices have been validated with 3D motion capture cameras, force-plate treadmills and VO2-Max testing. Thus developers typically create new functionality via Data Fields for the display of metrics whilst also having the STRYD data field running in the background. .

so if you bought a £1000 sports watch for the purposes of sport then it would be reasonable to expect a multi-year life and hence fitness for purpose would extend beyond 2 years…that’s harder to force through tho and for a sub$200 item harder to argue.

It is just a number on a linear scale after all. ie the functioning pod is the same as the 2016 version but the charging method has changed, apologies for the confusion I wonder if having another watch, such as a Vivoactive, paired to the Stryd would give me such data.

Try and span as many as sensibly possible.

FP is the power produced by the essence of your form alone, ignoring everything else. It will take the STRYD Footpod about 3 seconds…just saying. It’s a clip-and-go product.

it is cheaper here: In our book ( we have shown that the best indicator of the performance of a runner is the Functional Threshold Power, which is defined as the amount of power that a runner can maintain for 1 hour (in Watt or better in Watt/kg).

treat stryd as ‘any old sensor’ and treat what’s on your garmin as correct If you were going up it on an otherwise flat run it would rank as ‘short but unpleasant’. yes you are right. STRYD is sufficiently waterproof for normal running.

Running with the STRYD app to get data to STRYD PowerCenter is also perfectly sensible for those of you who carry smartphones. i think that is STRYD live. What pace do you run up hills at? STRYD can be set to transmit various averages to Garmin watches.

The correction was meant, that the offered model is NOT STRYD Live (which cannot be ordered, as you said). Should add that I got it working. STRYD’s product range will be significantly developed over the coming years on the back of significant outside VC investment.

Naturally, the vendors all have such information to some degree.

For the past few months, I’ve been trying to calibrate my RS+ pods to give me accurate distance (as measured by running laps on a 400m track) but have not been able to, so I’m quite frustrated with them. Just for you   Actually, I tried comparisons quite a few times and proved to myself that you just can’t compare these different technologies. v3 is effectively the same as v2. Runners will buy STRYD for a wide range of reasons from those simply wanting a more accurate running pace to those wanting form improvements right through to triathletes who understand training-with-power and want to expand how they already do that with cycling into running as well.

These rely on GPS to some degree and hence will be wrong. Even if you have a target power you might still want to go slightly over that target (5%) when going uphill in a race.

It’s a sweet little app and here are some screenshots from the app in 2018 from just before it was released, so it will have changed a little from the current version. Even if you don’t look at your watch when running hard up a hill you can look at your stats afterwards to quantify your efforts. Stryd is expensive but it is also the most accurate sensor. that’s been kept quiet! DATA RECOVERY TIP: Embarrassingly I once forgot my watch for a race.

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