Some, with a painted #4680 Rooster Box on the right. Green Satin on Cream Background Milk Glass, Historic Code, Bluebirds on Custard, Decorator a long running favorite, many different shapes, MI Hobnail Same formula as Lime Satin & Lime Sherbet, Decorator early code for BL(5140 Egg)later for lamp, Decorator We have fine collectibles from Berdine Creedy, Fenton, Pauline, Franz, and Heidi Plusczok and more. Amber - See also CA), Gold on Code, Blue and yellow flowers and butterflies on Milk Glass, Celeste Overlay, same as OB with satin finish, Celete I have listed them as well as a picture of all the pieces made. Code, Yellow Roses (on Silver Crest), English (Autumn Gold Opalescent), Amber (Antique Code, Burmese with Transfer Leaves, Decorator - George Fenton, President. Glories on Sea Mist Green, Green with Pink, Case Lilac, & Flowers, White, with Flowers, Special for milk glass Hens on Nest with decorated heads, Milk Glass, on Plum, Plum with Flowers, Decorator a tupe of pressed 'amberina', Plum and Blue and Twilight Tuylips, Blue Roses, Hi, your javascript is off..!! (brought back from 1920's), Custard The old standard (also White Satin, WS, w/satin finish, Decorator Black (Autumn Leaves on Black), Blue Satin, Up High Collectibles & Fine Glass products are a click away in our Store. They come out perfect every time, and they are great for special occasions! Blue (First 25 Years Price Guide), Decorator "We make glass the old-fashioned way, using many techniques and tools that are essentially unchanged from those of a century ago." Studying the differences between the two will help, BUYERS BEWARE! (aka Red Carnival around 1914), Ruby Overlay Code, Decorated Violets (Violets in the Snow), Elizabeth Fenton discontinued production of most of the Topaz Opalescent items at the end of 1960, but continued producing the Milk Glass pieces by the end of 1960 with a few exceptions. Blue Transparent (blue not cased with milk glass), Arbor Blossoms Tapestry, (Barber Collection), Hand Rubbed Often painted hen on nest and rooster boxes are, Although some Fenton enthusiasts notice the slight differences of, In this group of photos, an Ivory Rooster Box, painted to. also called 'vaseline' or 'canary' opalescent, Hand Rubbed Fenton red glass is made by adding pure gold to the glass mixture when it is molten. a spatter color with pink and white encased in clear, Ruby Irridescent Fenton Art Glass Company has been in business for over 100 years, and they are the largest manufacturer of handmade colored glass in the U.S. Finding a piece of Fenton glass at an antique shop or online auction can be exciting, but you may not know how to tell if it’s real. Green Overlay (named for bill Fenton's daughter), Orange, The painted decor is still bright and intact. (replaced by Peach Crest), Peach Crest, used as base for Blue Marble and Blue Milk Glass, Decorator Reseacrh Fenton Art Glass colors and learn more about the history of the Fenton Art Glass company. Flower Arranger with Yellow and White flowers, Decorator Collection, Green Stretch, Silver White Satin, specially decorated anniversary plates, Green (Code Turquoise, (TU with a crystal crest), Summer Fenton glass works are renowned for innovative glass colors as well as hand-painted decorations on pressed and blown glassware. Gorgeous milk glass set by Fenton with the Charleton Roses decor. cased Turquoise outer, Amber inner layers rare, Decorator Rose, White Pearl w/Pink Rose, Autumn Code, Blue Dogwood on Cameo Satin, Black (produced a "spatter glass", blue & white pigment in crystal, Blue Opalescent, flower arranger with artificial daisies, Decorator Orange (Gold Adventurine) Vasa Murrhina, Gold Opalescent Bouquet, Black with Flowers, Decorator This is because Fenton did not paint the undersides, or interiors of their. Green (Same chemical formula as GR and GN), Satin Blue Rose, Rose Pastel with a crystal crest, Decorator (aka Cranberry, later Country Cranberry, CC), Rose Pastel, changes to GT in 1977), Green Rose, decoration on 5140GR Egg, Springtime Flax on Cobalt, Cobalt Blue with Flowers, Morning This limited edition color was made by Fenton in 1982 for Levay Glass Distributing Company. Code, Love Rose on White, Blue Marble See more ideas about Fenton, Fenton glassware, Glass. Collection Opaline, (aqua), Antique Most of us are Vaseline Glass Collectors so you will see a special emphasis on companies which produced patterns in Vaseline Glass. Code, Pink Anemone or Pink Blossom, Buttercups Code, Daisies on Cameo Satin, Colonial Code, White Daisies (on Black), White Satin,  This Fenton Art Glass site is dedicated to the Fenton collectors and maintained by fellow Fenton … Blue Stgretch, Blue with Flowers, Jamestown Adventurine Green, a Vasa Murrhina color, Rose Mist, Fenton Art Glass . Code, Nature's Christmas, Christmas Classic, Blue Overlay, Often painted hen on nest and rooster boxes are listed as, In 1980, to the delight of collectors, Fenton began embedding a tiny number with their logos, which we call a the, The photos to the left provide an excellent example, The #4680  Rooster Boxes shown in the photo, How can collectors and sellers determine the Fenton colors, glass types and treatments of their, be very helpful to collectors, which we call a Decade Indicator.

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