Their skin is so tough and cartilaginous that only a lance or well-placed musket ball can pierce it. Refer to my general demon summoning guide because I don’t have a specific Furcas summoning ritual. Description When full grown, a Scarab develops a weapon to compliment its powerful mandibles - a nasty stinger, which can temporarily paralyze its enemy. Natural Skills 1.

Known for their acute senses of hearing and smell, they make excellent trackers on air and land alike. Ahools are occasionally used as a mount for more powerful orc shamans. It died shortly after being checked against a fulfilmeter, but its shell remains at Vocans Academy to this day. The hooked talons of its hind legs can easily disembowel an attacker, yet that does not prevent a Hippalectryon’s higher-level predators from trying to attack. Natural Skills The Enfield is both rarer and smaller than its cousin, the Vulpid, and is the size of a large dog. The Hippogriff is a hybrid of eagle and horse. 1.

Description Practitioners on these paths pray to Ogun because he can clear obstacles to spiritual growth.... How to Invoke Elegua: Rituals, Prayers & More. Beak, 2.

Note: Paimon is also known as a great teacher, so he could be included among demons of knowledge also. As large as their animal counterparts, these demons have never been seen in the flesh. Oh, demons. Attributes: A tragic, cynical fallen angel known for corrupting souls and bringing them to Satan. The Wyvern is the orcs’ main counter to the demons of the Celestial Corps. This herbivorous demon has a penchant for eating poisonous plants, leaving its breath toxic. Paralytic Sting. Description Attack/Defense

Attributes: Lilith is a succubus demon who fornicates with men while they're asleep. Salamanders are extremely rare and do not exist in Hominum’s part of the ether. Many summoners use Mites as scouts to explore the ether before sending a more powerful demon in to hunt. Its venom is so potent that one droplet will kill a man within minutes. Attributes: Best known for his superhuman jumping abilities, spitting flame, violent clawing, and his preference for attacking young women. Described as giant humanoids that appear to be hewn from ice, they are said to be capable of freezing all that they touch.
Description Armored Skin, 5. I recommend checking out this powerful course by E.A. Though beautiful, these demons are carnivorous predators, leaping from the surface to snag prey with their barbs and drowning them underwater.

Description Description Unlike the Golem, they have clawed hands, which are capable of manipulating weapons, though teaching one to use them is a difficult task. If you need help with finances, summon Mammon or Clauneck. A Shrike’s beak is hooked, with a bright red wattle underneath its neck and a red ridge along the top of its head like that of a rooster. Members of the Raleigh family are said to be immune. It is one of the more powerful demons that orc shamans are able to capture from their part of the ether. Check out Occultist Shop for cool merchandise -, 3 Prayers to Ogun For Work, Protection & Spiritual Growth. Yeah, I’m not gonna lie, the mechanics of thi…

Appearing as a giant Drake, this demon is complemented by larger horns and scaly skin that is extremely difficult to penetrate. 1. Description Reporting on what you care about. Sword of Destruction – Decreases the current HP of the enemy with the best HP status (Boss excluded) by 10%, and attacks the enemy target to inflict damage proportionate to the reduced HP. These demons have the unique ability to manipulate the position of their horns, sometimes spinning them like a pair of drills when charging an opponent, be that another male during mating season or one of their many predators. 1. Just give them some amulets and/or a tap on the nose. 1. Attack/Defense If you need financial assistance or simply want to get filthy rich, these are the demons you should work with. Description

However, adolescent Dryads have a thick layer of bark to protect them. The face is lizard-like, with the barbed whiskers of a catfish and a long, forked tongue. These are obviously helpful traits regardless of what you’re trying to accomplish, whether it’s a worldly or spiritual goal. Just like Zepar, Sitri’s specialty is love and making the magician more attractive. Belial will improve your self-confidence and make you motivated to go beyond your limits.

Shadow Cloak, 2. Description This swamp-dwelling demon appears as a four-legged eel. But since Belial is an earth demon, consider using his help primarily for worldly success.

Description Bite, 2. Now, we were told that the Demons would be using souls in the battlefield, and frankly I have no idea what that means yet. It is able to hold its breath for long periods of time, and its fur becomes so matted with moss and slime from its surroundings that it becomes camouflaged. Description Not many demons are known, and only demons up till level 20 have been seen in the series so far. Here’s my Asmodeus summoning guide for those who are interested in communicating with this spirit. Tail Swipe. Attributes: Lilith is a succubus demon who fornicates with men while they're asleep. This demon appears in the shape of a lizard, but with the body parts of an insect – as if made from a beetle's carapace with the same segmented joints. Fire Breath, 2. It is theorized that only an albino orc is capable of summoning a demon of such power, stemming from the hypothesis that a quirk of evolution has given the albinos of the orc species immensely high fulfilment levels. Obsessed with travel?
Spines, 4. An Abaia can track bitten prey for days, waiting for them to sicken and die. Attack/Defense Attack/Defense

The tail appears as a prehensile green-scaled snake, complete with a venomous head. Appearance: She sometimes appears as a young girl, sometimes a beautiful woman, and sometimes a crone. This rare, giant, furry creature inhabits the swamps of the ether. In case you need assistance with attracting a partner (or more than just one! Description Talons.

Little is known of its behavior and habitat. These birdlike demons migrate annually across Hominum’s part of the ether, making entry extremely dangerous for one week of the year. Bristles, 2. Climbing, Immune to Lightning. They are sought after for their fierce intellect, playful nature, and speed, since they are faster than both the Nanaue and Akhlut. Their front legs end in hooves, yet their back legs are clawed like a falcon’s, complete with deadly talons that can do serious damage. Natural Skills The Wendigo is a rare demon that is known to follow the Shrike migration across the ether, eating the carcasses of its victims. It is not a list of names of demons, although some are listed by more than one name. 1.

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