The weakness of these spells is the generally short duration. At early levels wizard damage spells are similar to all other mage types and also druids. While necromancers can also summon pets of equal strength magicians have a choice of several different types of pets(water, earth, fire and air) which each has it's own unique advantages and disadvantages. In defense of monks however they are the best dodging class in the game which will prevent them from taking as many blows as other melee classes. Warriors get the most extra attacks. They can take a lot of damage, do both damage to single targets and have strong AOEs, and they have lifetaps to keep them alive. I just started playing Tuesday after a 14 year hiatus! More importantly however priest and mage classes never get an extra attack. The last is the rain spells. All of these spells are different. Safe fall is a skill that rogues, monks and bards will gain. Magicians also gain spells versus summoned foes though they generally get them very late. This is very important at higher levels when monsters hit extremely hard and have an insane number of hit points. Necromancers can charm undead and force them to serve their will. These spells will absorb a certain amount of damage rendering the caster invulnerable. This means that you will not be able to stand toe to toe at higher levels and take advantage of your damage spells or limited melee ability. Paladins follow the mix with their ability to cast all three of the cleric lines of buffing spells. It can be argued that necromancers should actually rank above druids in this field but I will stick with druids. However they miss out on the expulse variant of the spell which might hurt them in middle levels. For example paladins have access to the holy swords such as Ghoulbane which will dish great damage especially to undead. They are not incredibly useful if there is a cleric, shaman or druid in the group but can be great if there is not or if you are soloing. PCNA #19. Magicians can also cast some quite good area effect spells. Healers can double, triple even quadruple and more the amount of damage a player can take during the course of a battle. This means it will do 11 damage at level 1 and 501 damage at level 50. Rogues are the masters of these skills, being able to combine them into slow invisible movement not dependent on staying behind mobs. Beastlord, Shadowknight, or Magician are the best solo/molo non-kiting options. The Beast Lord is great as well. Professional. Depending on your personal style of play you should be able to get an idea of what classes you should be narrowing your decision down to. Some wizards also complain that being a wizard can be very repetitious root and nuke then med and do it over again. They make up for it with the most powerful spells in the game. Magicians have their own style of utility spells. They are the bread and butter of offensive spells for most classes. Generally bind wound can only heal a character up to 50% health, but monks and warriors (starting at lvl 51) and rogues (starting at lvl 57) can gain the ability to bind wound up to 70% health. In groups though, EoK/RoS 6-man content fights tend to be 12-24 second fights, so you barely get 2-3 tics of DoT dmg in before you're on to next mob.

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