Hypnosis provides a recollection of fact and fantasy, and will be contagious for the beliefs the therapist held (Perry & Gold, 1995). Research of Ganley and Vasilyeya (2008) also showed the importance of occupying the working memory with worrying. If you use part of this page in your own work, you need to provide a citation, as follows: Essay Sauce, Abuse and false accusations. Houston DWI Defense & Criminal Defense Matthew Sharp, December 27, 2019 by The Law Office of Matthew D. Sharp. %���� This could therefore indicate the same false memory creation explanation as the research of Ben-Artzi and Raveh (2016) showed. Looking at demographics, results in the current thesis showed that young adults were more susceptible in creating false memories than middle aged adults. Any money posted for bail should directly go to a charity benefiting the falsely accused, such as a sexual assault survivors fund, or the Anti-Defamation League.”. took his fingerprints and see if they, till 1930’s. Emily Gould, Point Loma Nazarene University: “I believe that the legal consequences for falsely accusing someone of a crime depend largely on the circumstances: whether the accuser knowingly reported a false crime, the gravity of the alleged crime, and if the alleged crime was a case of defamation, or actually reported to the police… Therefore, the punishment must fit the crime…If the allegation was found to be completely unfounded, then I believe that the punishment for the accuser should be proportionate to the burden faced by the accused.”. It is shown that there are different memory systems, each for different forms of memory (e.g., autobiographical memory) (Burianova, McIntosch, & Grady, 2010). The consequences of accusing someone of sexual abuse, not only could have devastating effects on the reputation of the person being accused, but in the same way brings psychological and emotional damage with it (Contactgroep Onterechte Beschuldigingen, 2001; Contactgroep Onterechte Beschuldigingen, 2005). Berndt, Diekelmann, Alexander, Pustal, and Kirschbaum (2014) conducted a study with pregnant women (during pregnancy and after childbirth), and found that pregnant women displayed more sleep fragmentation, and had a higher susceptibility to creating false memories than non-pregnant women. If a false allegation presents itself, then whatever the issue is or event that supposedly happened is not the issue due to it never happened. The knowledge that is now known of the dangers in using these techniques could be one of the possible reasons no new epidemic of false accusations has erupted. Families and Stress - coping skills for living with stress and anxiety. While many people can come up with the money to pay the fine, they will think twice when the consequence involves time in jail. “[It] has a strong capacity for producing false memories or memories that are distorted by therapist suggestion (Kaplan & Manicavasagar, 2001, p. 347), especially when sensitive to this technique (Nierop & Van Den Eshof, 2008). Kahnya Humphrey, Shoreline Community College: “I believe that the accuser should face a criminal sentence, as well as a fine. False Accusations The difficulty to distinguish true from false accusations of sexual abuse is also shown in scientific research. This forever hurts their chances of moving forward in their life as well as their future career and relationships. This phenomenon can be explained by the confirmation bias: “[p]eople in general, therapists included, have a tendency to search for evidence that confirms their hunches rather than search for evidence that disconfirms” (Loftus, 1993, p. 530). This indicates that even after the epidemic, there are still cases known were false memories have led to false accusations (Health Council of the Netherlands, 2004). The other weakness, in my opinion, was the lack of release of the type of undergraduates used in the study. However, these finding were not supported by other research. First it must come from a public apology, then depending on how serious the fake allegation was they would have to pay a certain price in terms of money… Justice can only be done if the falsely accused person gets money from the person who falsely accused him, and depending on what the accusation is  jail time should be [considered].”. This decision would be ruled out by a court and a jury. On the medium end of the spectrum, this is where the legal consequences should include a mix of rehabilitation and accountability. One of the explanations that pregnant women created more false memories could be the influences of hormones (e.g., cortisol, progesterone) on the memory (Berndt et al., 2014). The DES was used to “measure the frequency of interruptions of the normal integration of consciousness, memory, and identity” (as cited by Bernsthein & Putnam, 1986, in Hyman & Billings, 1998, p. 5). For example if someone falsely accuses someone of murder and the person wouldve got a 5 year sentance, then the accuser should get a month in the prison that the accused wouldve been sent to… Additionally, I believe after exonerated the accuser should have the option to sue the accuser because of the issues it may cause or may have caused in their personal or professional life.”, “For crimes like sexual assault and hate crimes, the person being falsely accused should be able to sue the accuser for defamation.

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