Apple’s Net Promoter Score is very high for a company in its industry, but it’s not unattainable for other brands. The company has a massively huge user database and it is constantly trying to retail them. The response is rapid, and it has serious positive results for Apple’s ratings. They continuously adopt different measures to boost the chances of customer retention. In this article, we'll discuss six of the best customer retention strategies you can implement starting today. How your company and your product or service can create more value for your customers. According to their findings, 83.4% of iPhone users plan to stick with Apple for the foreseeable future. How can you amplify their success? Pretty much all Apple notebooks have a slight indentation in the area right below the trackpad to make it easier for Apple users to open the laptop with just one hand. By understanding why and how Apple achieves high customer loyalty, you can create a process that improves customer satisfaction in your own company. As a result, those customers will most likely become Promoters for the brand they like, raising its NPS score. According to some research, happy employees are 20% more productive than their unhappy counterparts. However, at the same time, Apple even keeps trying everything possible that it can lure more and more customers to stay in the ecosystem. Because happy, satisfied employees are productive employees! Question: Q: Customer Retention Hello, does anyone have a toll free phone number or an email account for Apples Corporate Team ( 408-996-1010) at there head offices? The users find it very easy to become a part of the Apple ecosystem, but it is not that easy to get out of it. So think less about profit and more about customer value. In 2007, its NPS was a respectable 58. Here are three marketing tactics you can use to keep customers engaged beyond the initial sale, improve their experience, and ultimately increase the retention rates of your customers. Therefore, customer retention and loyalty are always intact. Keeping track of the various ways customers continue to engage, and then sharing that information with their account owner can be a valuable way to increase stickiness or identify potential upsell opportunities. But that’s not all – the company also offers support on Twitter, and has a dedicated YouTube support channel too. Reichheld explains how Apple puts NPS to work in the management of its retail stores: “Comments from customers help store managers prepare for service recovery calls with Detractors to close the feedback loop. But, the best part about using iCloud is that you can access it via different Apple devices. Engaging clients with something more personal than a random e-newsletter helps show that you are mindful of their goals and care about their specific challenges. What’s more, even though the AirPods were met with skepticism, Apple powered through it and delivered on their promises. Online shoppers still read reviews about the iPhone 6, Amazon Kindle, and so on. 3 Marketing Tactics to Continue with Customers to Increase Retention. Instead, they focused on their customers and it has paid off. Apple also utilizes user info like purchase and download history to make what they call “Personalized Recommendations” on the App Store and iBooks Store. That might not seem impressive, but it’s actually a pretty good score, given that eNPS is usually lower than NPS since employees are stricter critics than customers. Apple essentially prevents accidental Caps Lock keystrokes by requiring users to hold the Caps Lock key a bit longer for it to turn on. Business Analyst / Business Intelligence Analyst as well as Experienced programming and software developer with Excellent knowledge on Hadoop/Big data analysis, Data Warehousingt/Data Staging/ETL tool, design and development, testing and deployment of software systems from the development stage to production stage with giving emphasis on Object-oriented paradigm. One of the Apple’s strengths is best expressed through a simple rule: “Sell an experience, not a product.”. Apple’s customer satisfaction and loyalty have been growing steadily over the years, reflecting the way consumers view the brand. Maybe you could start an exclusive “tribe” of peers in the industry to collaborate on specific challenges. The current ecosystem carefully cultivated by Apple is a powerful customer retention strategy. According to Reichheld’s book, internal studies showed that Detractors whom Apple contacted within 24 hours were significantly more likely to buy Apple products in the future than Detractors that couldn’t be reached. Customer feedback plays an important role in user-oriented personalization too. The 4th step (“Listen for and resolve issues or concerns”) encourages employees to get to know their customers better so that they can offer them a higher degree of convenience and personalization. Apple’s eNPS score seems to be 25. Speaking of brand loyalty, a recent report from RBC Capital Markets has revealed that in a survey, they found that as far as customer retention is concerned, Apple is doing a much better job at keeping their customers on board compared to the competition, like Samsung. Luckily, companies can use several strategies to retain more customers and facilitate repeat business. And if they do the latter, it’s safe to assume those people are loyal customers. And, most of the company’s strategies are definitely working out. Though, the other operating systems, mostly Android tries to lure them to change. Whenever Apple receives a poor score from a Detractor, the store manager follows up over the phone to clear up the issue within 24 hours. Why is that relevant? Now, Apple was actually one of the first companies to adopt eNPS. The AirPods and Apple Watch are great recent examples of the company’s ability to innovate on the market. At this point in the sales process , sales reps often get so excited about closing a deal that they forget about the need for alignment between what a product offers and what a buyer is looking for. They continuously adopt different measures to boost the chances of customer retention. Customers can get in touch with Apple’s support team through live chat, email, or by phone. Apple marketers give the users valid reasons to stay in the ecosystem and most of the reasons are actually hard to ignore. Contrary to the common belief that Apple doesn’t like to listen to its customers, Apple was one of the first big proponents of Net Promoter Score. Also, increasing personalization on more channels can increase consumer spending by around 500%. Apple worked out that each hour on the phone with a Detractor had a value of $1,000 in additional revenue for the company. They were that sure! 4 Simple Ways to Improve Your Blog Content and Boost Traffic, Dentists and Doctors Should Rethink Marketing Basics, 6 Employee Wellness Ideas to Rejuvenate Your Workplace. Apple has been nurturing customer retention and loyalty for a very long time. Four Ways to Power Your Organization For a Digital Transformation, 5 Essential Tips For Law Firm Business Development, How to Handle Your Business When It Comes to Fitness, Managing Personal Finances During the Pandemic, Lucrative Side Hustle Jobs to Make More Money, How To Do Business Remotely with Customers in Australia, The Phenomenon Of TikTok: Explain Why We Stick To Short Videos For Hours, Your Guide to Speed up Macbook’s Performance, The Most Important KPIs to Track for Ecommerce Growth, Google’s Mobile-First Index: 9 Helpful SEO Tips. The Apple Pencil’s weight is distributed in such a way as to ensure that no matter which way it’s placed, it always rolls over to display the word “pencil.” Its weight distribution also reduces its momentum when rolling, thus reducing the risk of it rolling off the table. Keep gathering and sharing insights with your customer experience team. NPS feedback is analyzed and provided to stores on a daily basis. How much attention, you ask? At Apple, employee contributions are not measured by how long they worked at the company, but by. Here are just some examples to show you what we mean: Apple’s attention to detail goes beyond the products, into the packaging and the experience that’s attached to it. For instance, Apple Music uses personalization to pick the best soundtracks for every user. Brian X. Chen, New York Times, pointed this out, arguing that any product review is worthless without an understanding of the company’s customer service. From Apple to other industry-leading companies, the best way to learn retention from big companies is to survey your customers, read their feedback and use it to improve your product, service, and experience. Best of all – you can easily set up automation scenarios, run transactional NPS campaigns, and integrate our service with tons of useful platforms and tools.

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