Porsche 718 Boxster S is also a remarkable car going at 755 Gold. What makes this even better is the fact that I DID NOT( reapeat did not) have to use the machanic or even fully upgrade the car(nitrous stage 3, tires stage 4, and all others stage 5, which gives the car a rating of 645), and beating carlito was still relatively easy. I found that focusing on improving the bodywork of the car first worked best, as doing so maximised the assets already under the hood. What’s the PSP I should use to walk away with his Huyra? I get consistent 9.1## times but due to its high overall it gets much tougher opponents in multiplayer although it easily dispatches T5 cars with higher ratings.

What car is better z4 or RUf for 1/4 & 2/4?

I find it to be an alternative to the dominant Ferrari 430. I found that activating my boost just as I came out of my penultimate gear change made for the fastest times, as it got me to the highest gear quickly without inducing any wheel spin.
I would think it is possible but it may not be necessary because the F430 is an amazing car – you should be OK as long as you have the “perfect shift pattern”. The SLR McLaren is solid in both 1/4 and 1/4 (nice start). Once you’ve switched the time back to normal and used up all your gas, refill for 20 coins and race again. If 2nd is perfect then 3rd is late. If you want a small, light car to drive the R8 is a good option BUT, If you want all of these in one beastly car, Then the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren 722 is your best bet. Other than this, however, higher payouts in normal events makes Daily Races very unattractive, with the risk of losing.

If you want to earn quick money the Bentley is a good option.

Thinking about buying a more expensive car for a given tier because may have a much higher upside once fully upgraded? Description = The Ferrari F430 is a Tier 4 non-PRO edition custom street racer equipped with stage 5 upgrades.

The point of getting either of the above two cars is to attain the best car. Then there’s the Evora; I received it in Test Drive and in Daily Challenges a few times.

I paid off the Blogger to get my streak re-instated and went on to win the rematch and the final two races.
Answer from: JustATipThe SLR Mclaren is insanely fun and mine wins mostly every race. The exceptions seem to be the ones that you can only purchase with gold coins, even if purchased Unloved. Daily Races and Regulation Races are not used because they can get fooled. Have fun! My conclusion is this is NOT a good choice for Multiplayer Racing.

Ok, thank you very much.Still come back here to ask you a few things, You’re welcome. The R8 is extremely easy to drive but not fast.

Its shifts are soo darn fast!

I tried this out one time and ended up quickly completing the Tier 4 Crew Challenges and Ladder Races, while winning several Gold Leagues in Online Mode.

The restriction races are a great chance for you to make more money than you normally would in the regulation races. Thanks. After beating T5 this car will be useful in unlocking your Elite License. Answer from: HMD_88The ZR1, fully upgraded. this will avoid losing acceleration for lousy shift changes and give you a smooth performance to 4th shift...On older versions the maxed out FORD GT is the best performing T4.

I think it was just out of date…it’s been around since 2012 at least.

I have the following lists of cars and I would like to know which is the best for tier 4 (rating) (car) (power) (weight) (grip) (gearbox) (504) SLR Mclaren 650 - 3732 - 8500 - 400 (501) Corvette ZR1 638 - 3530 - 7299 - 390 (501) Ford GT 550 - 3485 - 7500 - 400 (506) Audi R8 v10 520 - 3715 - 9250 - 380 (502) Nissan GT-R 485 - 485 - 9275 - 300 I was going to buy the SLR Mclaren since it has the most power but i dont really know if this attribute makes it the best car??? The higher the Tier level, the longer a purchase will take. But for the occupants, with the car’s intake ducts making obscene sucking noises just a few inches behind the cabin, it’s like being two boogers riding in a cheetah’s nostrils.” ~ Aaron Robinson — from the November 2012 issue of Car and Driver. This car is still the only tier 4 car I use because no matter which crew member(or even Carlito) challenges me in Payback mode, they are all really easy to beat. Once you’re done, you can reinstall that part by hitting the right arrow until you reach the current stage the part was in, and it’s all for free. Here are the results of several different races in various race modes: Regulation Race (1/2 mile Amateur) = Won $7,688Regulation Race (1/4 mile Pro) = Won $8,883, Match Race (Easy) = Lost the race against a Tier 5 BMW and did not collect the $9,000 race prizeMatch Race (Medium) = Lost the race against a Tier 5 Ferrari and did not collect the $11,000 race prizeMatch Race (Hard) = Lost the race against a Tier 5 BMW and did not collect the $14,000 race prize. Thanks for your suggestion!

Then I lost three in a row. What is the best T5 car you can currently buy for cash in CSR2? I’ve found that the easiest way is to subdivide the countdown like this: 3 + 2 + 1 + (Go).

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