How did they do it? “– Some Muslims kill infidels Pretty sure technological advancements do not result in men wanting to support women who don’t live with them, don’t obey them, and who make irresponsible choices, pretty sure technological advancements do not result in men wanting to give women the liberty to make choices and have men pay for those choices. More children meant more hands for more tasks. — There are lots of stupid, lazy White men that don’t deserve to breed and I won’t support their breeding. I joke about it with my husband because I find myself reacting like a bitch sometimes and after I calm down, I say, hit me next time… so I get where you’re coming from. They also personify their tools and see it as sort of like feeding the cats and nieces. We weren’t compatible, what was not being an idiot for me was cowardice for them. The use of a rattan cane in discipline is a common tool for many Dominatrix. I only ever beat my wife once, and that time not very hard, but she was a very good woman – and I not a very good man. We might need a plan for that. A world controlled by high IQ people can easily feed and house five hundred million in a middle class suburban American lifestyle. And “high quality” men like you would be impregnating all those women, like in the rest of the world. Young dumb and full of , you know the rest. Nor have I tried. This is a direct result of education cutting into a woman’s fertile and attractive years. @pdimov In fact, Sweden has some of the highest rates in domestic violence in the world. So nothing artificial here, if you let women work, you win wars, hence their right to work and vote.”. I don’t know about black truck drivers. I think she was much more likely to make up a fake complaint out of annoyance that she didn’t get what she wanted than to make a real complaint after getting it. They don’t want their girls attending the state system, because of the terrible effect on fertility. Economic aspect: In the responsible, Church-going middle class, marriage was often postponed until the male could earn sufficient wages to support a family. it used to never happen, it’s completely artificial, and the mechanism for it to happen is the man feeling emasculated and then not acting dominant. And men will quickly unsissify once manly men can reliably get pussy. “In a developed (industrialized, information-age) economy, women’s work, even with no affirmative action, is no longer worth next to nothing.”. One statement that you make about Hollywood’s portrayal of spanking from ’33 to 45 as being unusual but not unacceptable was interesting. They will do whatever it takes. – You blame patriarchy There is no official answer. There is at least one model that explains why prosperity causes long-term infertility and poverty causes short-term infertiity: Easterlin’s relative income model. Timor Leste proves that if men have the opportunity to be patriarchs, they will not let poverty stop them. We first see corporal discipline of one’s wife (spanking) portrayed in the media as normal, legal, proper, and socially acceptable in 1945, and fertility abruptly rises, and this depiction continues to 1963. whereupon it abruptly, suddenly, and totally stops – and fertility starts falling. Remained steady during the depression. I think she and every other millennial woman understands this in the silent manner peculiar to women. Similarly in website building, you have women in the art harem, but you keep them several doors away from the programmers. Provide social support for that enforcement. I don’t however think that Soros did that because he’s a Jew. So, esentially, those stats are useless. In a developed (industrialized, information-age) economy, women’s work, even with no affirmative action, is no longer worth next to nothing. Women were probably somewhat helpful in the factories in the US, but to say that they won the War is ludicrous.,,, (These are from the UK, this problem is not US-specific): Child rearing investment was lower but the work week was much higher. Why on earth would tens of millions of white men and women be compelled to follow your plan in light of liberties and technological advancements? My opinion is that it is a natural tendency for people with strong ethnic loyalties to assume their enemies have strong ethnic loyalties too. High wages in war industries attracted hundreds of thousands, freeing up men for military duties. These are probably the same “we” who murder their wives by the thousands each year. Moreover, it seems widespread access to contraceptives is a big part of the fertility reduction story in the last third of the 20th century, while that element is missing in your analysis. One could almost suspect Soros in being a Nazi supporter, because if there is a way to bring Nazism back, this would be it. Just look at what it does to men. In particular, we have a lot of literature from eighteenth century Britain showing how it is done. They were created specifically to be in charge and the women were created specifically to support their man’s place, to help him, and never to be in charge of him. They must love and respect each other; the man must give more consideration to his wife in regards to acts of love and the woman must give her husband more considerations in regards to the acts of respect. Economic/scientific aspect: Birth control pill, ca. …which is why, historically, women could leave, but they couldn’t take anything with them, and were still officially married. Women already had the vote in the USA, ca. Serious corporal punishment as a male student receives a vigorous formal caning. Because that how the average Joe Schwartz liberal journalist looks like to me. The proposition that thousands of women, or even one woman, is severely mistreated by their husbands every year is absurd. @jim Regarding female programmers, I had a tech company some years ago and we outsourced some programming work to a female freelancer. Know who is also not jewish? So, of course, these problems didn’t exist millenia ago because, you know, industrialization and the information age. We see a significant rise in fertility when spanking starts being depicted, and massive rise in fertility when it starts being depicted as normal. The “relative income” theory explains the baby boom by suggesting that the late 1940s and the 1950s brought low desires to have material objects, because of the Great Depression and World War II, as well as plentiful job opportunities (being a post-war period). It simply a matter of whether or not men and women can enforceably contract with each other to durably form patriarchal families. Women will naturally respond erotically to spankings i did not want to set up a fetish that would pervert her.With a women you are simply reminding them that this is not a democracy [as i would joke, the good lord has put my yoke upon upon you and commanded you be cheerful about it] In other words this is not my oppression of you, it is simply as the world is,I fuck you and you submit that cant be changed.

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