The repair tech came out the next day! …I was told by the last service man that everything had been But after reading these other stories, I can’t help but think we just bought bad products. '> I live in Alabama, and I too would like to join the class action suit. Approximately one week with an oven that did not work. Top Class Actions is a Proud Member of the American Bar Association, Various Trademarks held by their respective owners. He has to order the part so I have no oven for 2 weeks but once he repairs the part, the repair has a 90 day warranty. And if all she does is install another fuse, it will be another 2 weeks… I might bake something before cleaning it again, though! Specialty Appliance is who we bought it from and Kitchen Aid is the manufacturer who should be paying for all of these mishaps. I’ll get a new oven. Why have this option if it destroys the oven????? After about a hour and a half, the stove made a popping sound and sparks of fire flew put the upper right side in the back . It did not. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. We live in a brand new home in Southern California. Along with KitchenAid, we’d all do best steering clear of the morally bankrupt & ethically questionable corporate umbrella they fall under. First time we used cleaning, theglass blew up and set off smoke alarms in house, what a mess. Zantac Class Action Lawsuit Complaint Filed In Federal Court Over Alleged Increased Risk Of Cancer. The appliance package came with the house, so we had no input on the ones selected for the house. Nice, huh? The items on the range and walls had melted and if we had not been home to do this I strongly believe our house would have been a pile of ashes. This time the repairman replace the thermal fuse but after talking to Whirlpool told me that they would refuse to honor the warranty in future because the cabinet cutout was one eighth of an inch too narrow. I wrote to the company and received a letter back informing me that they felt I’d had fair service from the appliance and no adjustment would be made.
Finally after multiple services they replaced the controller again. Now we are having issues again with the controller. An hour or so into the cleaning cycle all the lights on the touch panel went off and the oven door stayed locked. Sign up for our free newsletter. It happened again and the came out and replaced it again. But shortly after the microwave exhibited similar problems. The repair and company are calling it cosmetic and refuse to provide a solution. I would like to know if I can join this class action against Whirlpool.I live in Florida. We tried the self-cleaning function on the oven in late autumn the same year and, as many who have posted have experiences, the thermistor blew rendering the entire oven unuseable with a locked door. I have had over 30 service calls and you would think the warranty company would have replaced it under the lemon clause, but no. We bought all of our appliances from this dealer and 3 were Kitchen Aid after a fire. Hope that this helps. I am completely tired of dealing with this range, it’s a piece of crap that I have invested nearly $1000. I asked why there were already class action lawsuits in multiple states for this and they had no comment. Please advise our options at this time. Stacy of Aliso Viejo, CA March 4, 2010, I have a Kitchenaid Superba stainless steel double wall oven. I have a KitchenAid convection microwave oven that had a rattle when used. I have always purchased Kitchenaid appliances, but never again. A useless appliance express all my other concerns learned on this blog. class action suit filled in ny available on internet. Good thing the folks at KitchenAid don’t work for Nasa! Yesterday (less then one month after our year warranty), the exact same thing happened to us.