Born October 16, 1943 in Zanesville, OH, Charles was the son of the late Donald Scott and Edna Louise (Cavinee) Newman.

"Molly's now become obsessed with Libya and Colonel Gaddafi. She had ambitions for law or to become a professional violinist, both plans thwarted by the sight of Kate Adie reporting in a flak jacket from Baghdad, “which is ironic, because I never got to report from warzones”. Tommy Robinson and the far-right helped to make the story go viral.

In the past few weeks, two of her interviews have gone viral, with unpleasant results; the first with Jordan Peterson, a controversial Canadian psychologist who has attracted a following among the “alt-right”, the second with Max Mosley, recently exposed for publishing a racist campaign leaflet in the 60s. “It was awful.” But she must have realised how inflammatory it would be? Newman then unreservedly apologised for the misunderstanding, alongside the editor of Channel 4 News.

"He's 6ft 4in, and I'm 5ft 4in.

"Not long after I'd joined the Financial Times, I was media correspondent and I discovered that a bloke had been hired on the Companies desk, which was the lowest level, for £10,000 more than me," she recalls. Are you sure you want to mark this comment as inappropriate? Newman, 43, is the first female main presenter of Channel 4 News, describing herself as “No 2” to Jon Snow (“the work husband”), and brings in her own tenaciously fought-for scoops – accusations of sexual harassment against Lib Dem peer Lord Rennard; the story of five illegal immigrants working at the Home Office and, most recently, a string of sexual harassment claims against Mohamed Al Fayed.

I didn’t think far enough ahead.

Her interview with the boss of troubled travel company Thomas Cook - who said it would not be "proper" for him to take a pay cut - caused uproar on Twitter.

He does the cooking and shopping. Browse 125 cathy newman stock photos and images available, or start a new search to explore more stock photos and images. Either the social media companies have to grapple with that or governments will. She laughs, in a mischievous way that seems at odds with her serious -sometimes almost clipped - on-screen delivery. Sarah SmithThe 42-year-old former More4 News presenter spent several years as Channel 4's Washingtoncorrespondent before returning to the UK as its business correspondent this summer. “I mean, it was stupid. "Jon said himself that change was overdue. You've just got to wear stuff that's not going to be a distraction. And Newman, in the kindest way, really does embody the stereotype of journalists in the public imagination: hard-nosed, steely-eyed and sharp-elbowed about getting the job done. I said I was there for #VisitMyMosque … But it made no difference.”.
“Well, I’m very conscious that feminism can’t become a white-privilege thing and I think there is a danger of that, and while we’re banging on about equal pay, what about the two women a week murdered by their partners or former partners? "I think there's an energy to it," she says.

By simply researching the facts that politicians recite to support their policies or burnish their legacies, Fact Check has managed some first-rate scoops. As long as you’ve done your homework and you’re well prepared.” She pauses. “I wasn’t prepared for the torrent of abuse after [the Peterson interview].

Two days later, CCTV footage emerged in the press, showing her walking in and out of the building – which turned out to be a mosque not taking part in #VisitMyMosque – with no ushering to be seen.

“Getting there before my rivals is important.”, But, generally, she says: “I don’t get nervous. She loves proper time for a meal and TV with John (“We loved McMafia”) and a spot of karaoke – “once I get going on Whitney Houston or Diana Ross ballads, there’s no wrestling the mic off me!” She is also, by her own telling, highly competitive, but she resents how much time this means she spends online.

Channel 4's news format, running to almost an hour with plenty of in-depth interviews, certainly gives Newman - as well as Snow's other co-presenters, Krishnan Guru-Murthy and Matt Frei - the opportunity to earn her stripes. I asked if she was in pain. "The stilettos are quite comfortable, bizarrely," she says. No way," she says. The doctors said it didn't appear that her brain could even register pain." But as Newman acknowledges, in her navy blue LK Bennett dress, her heels will attract as much attention as her Fact Checks. The downside is that if the kids wake up in the middle of the night, they’re calling for daddy and not mummy and does that hurt a little bit?” An exhale. He's a much-loved singer, a charity fundraiser and a fully paid-up member of the great and the good. ", Before her promotion, Newman spent five years as half of Channel 4 News's lobby team, alongside political editor Gary Gibbon.

But in this new studio with the new format, we've got the capacity to bring in expertise from different areas. She points out - not that she needs to with an energy and confidence on-air that only comes from experience and hard graft - that she still runs Fact Check, the team that publishes the Channel 4 News blog and made Newman's name while she was the programme's political correspondent.

But #MeToo has been about encompassing everyone, I suggest. “Usually, there would be quiet summers where you would put out stories that wouldn’t normally make it, but it has been a rollercoaster.

The upside of being the main breadwinner is that when the kids were little and they’d get up in the night, John would be the first point of call.

Born in Guildford, the second daughter of two teachers, Newman was a talented musician and considered a career as a professional violinist until she saw Kate Adie on television - and became a journalist. Newman, 37, is the first woman to take on full presenting duties with Snow on Channel 4 News and is already making waves. Newman is no-nonsense in lots of respects.

What are we missing that they find appealing about Peterson?” She talks about being stopped in the street by these men, who enjoyed her interview “and not once has someone been rude to me offline”. It’s brilliant – fascinating.”, Available for everyone, funded by readers. John and I make cheerful small talk in the kitchen until Newman breezes back in – “I don’t know if you leave the house in a serene state, but I’m always rushing!” – and settles at the table. "Obviously, yes, it would be nice to have more women on screen, of course it would," says Newman, but points to the progress that has been made from former presenter Samira Ahmed's supporting role.

Her boss and her family – John and their daughters, aged nine and 13 – seem far more worried than Newman herself, but for all her proud resilience, she admits it is upsetting. But what I meant about #MeToo being divisive is that we have to get men on board … it goes back to Jordan Peterson.
What do I do?’.”, Newman, understandably, is most herself – confident, commanding – talking about the news rather than about being it. "Being a mum," she says, "is a whole new job.".

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