After taking him down, proceed towards the basement, but as you're going further you will come across another camera, disable it using your stun gun and then proceed. Enter the building and avoid the cones of vision as much as possible, since staying in them for too long will cause the guards and agents to recognize you. Make sure you press the drilling button but release it in-between. Before heading to the FIB building, you will need to take out some agents and get the FIB agent pass in order to enter the building by impersonating an agent. This way you can walk around and search for the card while making sure the suspicion bar is not increasing. Once you reach the party, a suspicion bar, at the bottom right corner of your screen, will become visible. Although this is a heist, you don't have any crew to deal with other than Michael, Franklin, and Trevor, so I won’t go into too much detail. After you've acquired the keycards, you can leave the prison the same way you came in, using the bus, and you are done. While you highlight ‘Gear’, you should be able to see the option to either disable or enable night vision. We had to go out fighting from here since the body of a guard we killed earlier was discovered. It'll basically impossible to do the heist silently if you do not have Level 2 Security Pass. If you do so you will get an instant 5 star wanted level. 10 months ago. Grand Theft Auto Online - Rockstar's ongoing ever expanding multiplayer system, introduced by Grand Theft Auto V. Press J to jump to the feed. You shouldn't expect a lot of altercations and combat situations. So try to look for passed out people on the ground. When you are choosing the weapon loadout, we recommend the Machine Pistol loadout. One of the three approaches is called The Big Con approach (the others being the Aggressive and Silent and Sneaky approaches). GTA 5 And Crossplay - Does GTA Online Support Crossplay? You shouldn't expect a lot of altercations and combat situations. One requires you to hijack a prison bus and get the keycard from one of the guards while you impersonate a prison guard. You can either sneak your way to the car or just kill all the guards and approach the vehicle - it is completely up to you. Once you reach the vault use your vault lasers to drill it open. When you reach the headquarters, we recommend you park your vehicle right outside the entrance since as soon as you leave the building, you will have cops on you and will require a quick getaway vehicle. However, doing this mission solo is completely possible. After that, go to the headquarters, sneak into the building and find the hacking device using your phone. So continue to the next door and use your keypad device to unlock that door. Along with GTA games, I am a huge fan of the Call Of Duty series, as well as Assassins Creed and the recently released Red Dead Redemption 2. After you deliver the device your mission ends. Now proceed towards the exit but make sure as you are going through the set of double doors. Open the door, head inside and take out the guard inside. Release the drill button as soon as you see the heat gauge going up. Level 1 is actually useless. Did u make ur choice already? The characters are never actually with you in the heist, they just set stuff up. How do you turn off night vision goggles? After you get out of the casino, head over to the casino race track and either go for your getaway vehicles and head to the sewers to lose the cops, or as soon as you get on the race track, stay on the right side of the track and when the end comes, go to the right and over the fence. HELP. If you want to do everything the proper way, then you might as well consider acquiring a Level 2 Security Pass as a mandatory mission. Might wanna take a decent driver but idk if the gunman is really that important. Find me on, © 2020 GTA BOOM is in no way affiliated with, Diamond Casino Heist - Silent & Sneaky Approach - Full Setup & Execution Guide, how to unlock the elite hacker Avi Schwartzman. However, as you are on your way to the power station you will get 3 stars wanted level. After that go through the metal detector and to your left you will come across another camera. We do not recommend this method unless you're confident you can do it. Quickly take out two guards to your left who will just be chatting with each other. Paige is the same but cheaper anyways. They make the finale much tougher. This thread is archived. Now head towards the vault. One guard will be drunk on the street while the other will be in a motel room. Initially it will not be marked with an arrow so just look for a highlighted/glowing object. Once the camera is taken down, take out the guard at the desk and move forward. If you have an oppressor mark II, it will make your life much easier as you can just fly away and lose the cops easily. For instance, you can take out the left guard and your friend can take out the right one. Thank you my good sir! Gunman Decoy: You do not need to buy this. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. And which car for that specific vehicle? It will gradually increase if you become more noticeable and attract attention, however, you need to blend in and make sure it doesn't rise. GTA BOOM is the original source for all things Grand Theft Auto. You will always get either a gray colored car or a black colored car. share. It is on the heist prep board at the bottom right corner where it says "Security Pass". If you don't do it, then the guards will not be visible on your map. So make sure you are prepared to engage in combat and take them all out before finding the lasers at the specified site. how do I get paige? You can do different activities such as drinking and dancing to keep the suspicion bar low. They will shoot back, so make sure you take cover while doing so. Entrance: Choose STAFF LOBBY as your entrance. While inside, you go to one of the towers, take out the guard situated at one of the towers silently and acquire the vault keycards. Get a pedestrian car and quickly head inside the sewer tunnel and lose the cops. For the N.O.O.S.E headquarters mission you need to go to a specific location, find the corrupt agent, take him out and take the keycard to the N.O.O.S.E headquarters. Just avoid the cones of vision of the cops and they will eventually leave you. You need to find 50 signal jammers spread around Los Santos and destroy them for Avi to be unlocked. After you're done looting, leave the vault as soon as the timer hits the 30-40 seconds mark. Crew members: You'll need the best hackers regardless of your approach. Once you've taken out the guards proceed through to the double doors ahead of you. There are two possible cars you can get - it can either be a gray colored car or a black colored car. Plus if he dies during the heist I guess his cut will vanish too so more money in the end. If you complete this mission you will be able to see the enemies or guards on your minimap during the heist. If you get a coroner mission, then you will need to go to the church and steal a hearse. Once you leave the vault you will need to use your keycards simultaneously once again to open the door and head back to the same staff lobby where you came from. After you've gone through the double doors, take cover and wait for another guard to come. But note that as soon as you reach the exit, the agents will recognize you and start shooting, so make sure you have some snacks and armor. Once he leaves head to the mantrap entrance through the door and use your vault keycards simultaneously to open the mantrap door. Instead wait and check your minimap for the camera to turn its cone of vision away from your exit point. For the casino heist, I'm doing the Big Con. If you are unsure of the exact location of the sewer tunnel entrance then you can refer to the map below. 94% Upvoted. This will really help you save a lot of time. Choosing the hacker is the most important aspect in all the approaches for the casino heist, whether it's sneaking in or going in aggressive. You will need to steal two vault lasers from a specified location. Once you're inside you need to be quick about everything. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Don’t cheap out on the hacker - it gives more time in the vault. Archived. As soon as you enter the stairway, before going up, take out the camera using your stun gun and then head to the top floor, back to the staff lobby area. You can still take out the guard at the tower but you need to be super quick about it since the snipers situated at the prison are extremely strong and will destroy you, sometimes even one-shotting you. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. But you can do it carefully and make sure that does not happen. I was happy with my decision. After that quickly use the EMP from your phone and enter this room, wait for the guard to come back and take him out with a headshot. The sole reason for that is the fact that we will not use the getaway cars at all and take our own route after we come out of the casino. Halloween Week In GTA Online Brings New Bonuses, Halloween In GTA Online Comes To A Bunker Near You, Earn Big With Special Cargo Missions, Adversary Modes In GTA Online. As soon as the camera turns to the left or right, depending on what side of double doors you've chosen to go out of, exit out and head to the keypad door leading to the stairway where you came from initially. I would suggest that you go with the Offshore option for this mission. Take this camera down using your stun gun. When you choose the getaway vehicles, it is best to choose the SULTAN CLASSIC. The other requires you to get it off of a dead valet's body while you impersonate a Coroner officer. However, it should be laying around somewhere in the area. For the casino heist, I'm doing the Big Con. Once you head inside the marked tower, you will come across a guard, just take out the guard silently and search his body for the keycards. Once you've killed them all, get into the helicopter and go to the ULSA and pick up the EMP device using the Cargobob. They never drive the cars or shoot guns for you, so it's really just about accessibility and ease of use. Do I buy nightclub only or do I have to buy terrorbyte also? Then proceed to unlock the door using the keypad and enter the casino through the staff door. 3 of his 4 cars are trash, but that doesn’t matter, because you shouldn’t bother about the getaway cars in the finale, just steal a police cruiser and escape in that. Is there any way to rehire my support crew since I unlocked avi scwarzmen? You will need to go around it. Once you reach the morgue, search the valet's body and get the keycard. The getaway driver I think you could go cheap on. Getting this blueprint is completely optional and it will not affect the Casino Heist experience. Avi gives you 15 seconds more than Paige, granting a total of 3 minutes and 30 seconds in the vault. 6 comments. PC. The only thing the gunman does is get you weapons, and the only thing the driver does is get you certain types of cars and then parks them in a certain spot. I do I fire crew. On the final prep board you can choose the entry point, exit point, your buyer, clean vehicle and gunman decoy. Or else just avoid it and head towards the security room keypad door. The mission location is always different, but the cars are always the same, so you can never mistake the car for any other once you've identified it. Take the elevator to the upper floor, bring your phone out and find the hacking device using the signal strength bar, the same way you did when in N.O.O.S.E headquarters. Once you lose them, head to the coroner's office. The best avaialble default hacker is PAIGE HARRIS who takes 9% from the final cut, but its worth it since she gets you 3 minutes and 15 seconds in the vault.

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