There is some outstanding wallpaper, but the cost is prohibitive. Your email address will not be published. I did not use a protective coat, but ours was mostly ceiling, so it really didn’t receive much wear. Pinning! Tip 5: Even though you're working with watered down paint, sometimes a "dry brush" technique is the best approach. Thank you , great job! I’m so glad you came by and that you like the tutorial. My paneling has a glaze or some sealant that has kept it in great shape since being built in the early 70’s, so I’m afraid about white washing because I was under the impression that you HAD TO sand, but if you painted you can just use Kilz and not need sanding. If you want it to look rustic or to have that farmhouse feel, you really don’t have to add a primer. hi again, I read through some of the previous comments and found the answer thanks! should I sand it first? Can I ask where you got those cool white pendant lights pictured? Is there any chance you could post some photos of the skylight areas? Though we stained and painted the entire accent wall and ceiling in the space (because we wanted the stain and paint to settle in the nooks and crannies authentically), I did whitewash the faux beams (which were used to cover the seams in the planks) on saw horses before installing them. I admit that I had that urge, too, when I was finished with the attic! I don’t think our cedar wood is stained at all, it’s probably 30-60 years old so it’s definitely aged. The images of the boards are great! You could go with a shinier paint (semigloss or even high gloss) for more impact. The shiny surface from the poly is hard and meant to resist stains, so I would recommend sanding them! The varnish is a clear or tinted topcoat that protects the wood surface. I hope this helps! It’s stained currently. Just maybe give it another coat of wax every couple of years if necessary. Thank you so much, Alyssa, I’m honored! Did you have any issues with the latex bonding to the stain. I hope this helps! It matches the sky, so is great when the sun is out, but when cloudy it is like a steel canopy and quite heavy. Just look at the gorgeous patina and crystal on that door knob! I think different colors could be so fun! To do this, go over the surface very lightly with a roller that has very little paint on it. I know that the whitewashed planks will be so much more appropriate and pleasing. Hope this helps! Check out this post…it might be helpful to you –, Your email address will not be published. I’ve done two coats of white wash. Thk u for your response. I’m so glad you like it. Do I need to start at the top and go down, or does that matter? I really want to white wash the planks to give it a more modern look, but I hate how the oil-based white stains yellowed on my test planks. If you have a varnished wood table, you’re going to want to use another method of painting over … do you have any other suggestions for painting a paneled wall that is just a little out of the ordinary? What about cheating and paiting them a medium and then whitewash AND aging it with darker glaze? Going to try it in my wood paneled laundry room. How is the whitewash holding up over time, and how is whitewashing / painting cedar different from using other woods? Or did you just whitewash and leave it? And oh boy, do I have a lot to share! There is one important distinction: our ceiling had no sealers or clear coats, just some stain that soaked into the wood. Any input is welcome. However, I was hoping for something a little different that just painting a flat latex paint. I have a coffee table that has a very dark stain with a polyurethane on top.. How can i get out of sanding and lighten this table up by white washing it? I hope this helps! I have used that ‘arid plains’ + Glaze recipe on lighter wood and gotten amazing results. An suggestions? yes, i think it will work nicely! People do because they think that it adheres better but I didn’t do it with mine and it worked out perfectly. Have a great week! OMG! I change my mind about design choices all the time! Sorry I don’t have more info for you! I’m pretty sure the table top is made of poplar and the pedestal made of elm. We want to match them, but it seems most people plank ceilings with tongue and groove, so I was curious what you guys did here. The varnish won’t apply the other paints to adhere to the wood and this is going to cause a problem later on. . Your saying you did not have that experience…from what you’ve said you didn’t use primer and yours looks perfect…doesn’t look like its bleeding. Should I clean them with the vinegar and water that I have read about? Anywhere that there has been grease or oil that may have gotten onto the wood may have trouble taking water based paint. Thank you so much, Shirley! If the wood really has no protection at all, then it should suck up the paint and work quite well. My backup plan if the white washing doesn’t go well is just to paint it white . Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate and/or sponsored links. You also will need to consider how you will finish it after you whitewash it; wood outdoor needs to be protected from the elements. I am assuming because this is latex paint you did not apply a topcoat or sealer of some sort…on either the ceiling or door. Thanks so much, Crystelle! First of all thanks so much for your wonderful blog. Wow! I’m so glad you like it, Sandra!

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