Lyrics Pinto by Boldy James: Mafia, what else2-2-7 (Gang)Let’s get it (Ugh)Ran up a check on the outskirts, stacks all in my insolesTouring like a concert with them beans, I ain’t talking pintosBase rentals in … A lot of the viral videos that I've made didn't go viral until five years later. Gunn, what's your memory of that encounter? I'm like, what if I link Boldy with the Jay Versace shit and make a classic?

This was always me.

I never cared for it to go mainstream again. A man who rose to fame with his Alchemist produced 2013 debut M.1.C.S.

That's just how I grew up. They're saying some real shit, and that's all facts, no cap, and all that dumb ass shit?

Thank us later. His pen game is still razor sharp as it was on the debut & Alchemist continues to provide him with brilliant musical soundscapes that help bring his bars to life. We went to Alabama. And when I'm with Al or Gunn, they usually have me so far out of my element that I've got a clearer head to be able to reflect on certain things that I feel are necessary to express, to try to make the fans relate as much as possible. Just a 23 year old guy from Detroit, Michigan who passionately loves hip hop culture & music as a whole, © Copyright 2020, All Rights Reserved. The song “Run-Ins” talks about being chased by the cops over a repetitive vocal sample that fits in flawlessly, but then it switches into a grimy ass beat leading into the track “Scrape the Bowl” with Benny the Butcher as the 2 talk about smuggling coke to their respective hometowns. I've also learned that I just need to work harder. It's crazy because when I went to Wyoming and I was talking to Kanye about [Jay].

Freddie Gibbs09. "We are living testimonies of people who survived it."

Boldy James: See, [Gunn] is very spontaneous, because when you are in a position like he is in, you can't have a predictable routine.

Just enjoying the weather. Boldy James: I went to Atlanta, and then me and Gunn jumped on the road and we went to Houston.

Boldy James & The Alchemist - "Pinto" (Audio | 2020) - YouTube I couldn't even tell you what a joystick feels like. Giant Slide03.

Jay, what did you learn from Gunn during the process of making the record? Hip-hop fans everywhere lost their minds when it was revealed back in February that Detroit rapper Boldy James was signing to Griselda Records, home to Westside Gunn and Conway the Machine.

Scrape The Bowl feat. Jay, do you see any parallels between writing and performing comedy and making music?

February 7, 2020.

Early life. There's a lot of jealousy and a lot of weird shit going just in his own world, let alone with the work he does with other people to bridge the gap between n****s getting out of poverty and n****s being iconic in music. I'm still going to shoot videos from that album in Paris, because I was going to do a mini-movie over there.

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