The one stop shop for all relevant information for investors and shareholders. A comprehensive portfolio of mobility solutions. We offer a complete range of sustainable solutions for tracklaying, electrification and the supply and installation of electromechanical material along the entire track, in stations and depots. Written by Railcolor Headquarters on 22.05.2020 in Alstom Avelia, Alstom Avelia Liberty Amtrak. The articulated design of Avelia Liberty adds further benefits: the rigidity of the trainset prevents deformation and mitigates the risk of tipping over in the event of derailment. Die Neigetechnik des Avelia Liberty funktioniert aber nur bis 300 km/h, bei höheren Geschwindigkeiten muss sie abgeschaltet werden. It can evolve from nine cars up to 12 without any modification to the traction system, and can increase speed up to 350 km/h (220 mph) without the tilting system. Alstom draws on its technological expertise and innovative capabilities to meet the current and future needs of operators and passengers. Trainsets are longer, power cars are shorter and overall passenger capacity is up to 30% higher than on the existing Acela trains. These infrastructure solutions, whether they are for urban or mainline projects, facilitate the integration of products as part of turnkey solutions. For the Liberty train, as well as station upgrades, Yachmetz and his team are confirming final design specs. [4] Nach Abschluss der Lieferung 2022 soll die alte Flotte von 20 Acela Express stillgelegt werden. Im nördlichen Teil (New York – Boston) werden neben der bisherigen Küstenstrecke auch vollständig neue Trassierungen erwogen, die zu einer Halbierung der Reisezeit führen können. Der Nordost-Korridor von Washington über New York nach Boston gehört zu den wenigen profitablen Strecken im Personenverkehr der USA. Maintenance factors are incorporated from design phase to ensure the reliability and ease of maintenance, whilst these costs are also 10 % lower due to predictive maintenance techniques. We are working on a Healthier Mobility™ portfolio of ready-to-implement and in-development solutions organised in four domains, which preserve health, limit impact on the environment while maintaining equipment reliability. The Avelia Liberty solution increases the capacity of the Acela Express service which is fast reaching saturation point. Is this compatible with the Avelia Liberty Powerfix mod in a way that each Engine will be overridden to have 6.4MW power if i load that fix last so that all consists will run with 12.8MW of total power that way? Die teils sehr alten Oberleitungen ohne Nachspannung waren dabei lange ein Grund, dass auf Teilen der Strecke auch der Acela Express nicht mit Höchstgeschwindigkeit fahren konnte. Konzeptionell sind beide Avelia für Geschwindigkeiten bis 350 km/h ausgelegt. We offer a complete range of customised services including maintenance, modernisation, parts & repairs and support. Please see the. Visit our career website to search our job openings or to create an account in our candidate database. Man kam jedoch 2014 zu der Erkenntnis, dass die Anforderungen doch zu weit auseinanderliegen, sodass beide Projekte auf eigene Designvorgaben wechselten. Avelia trains sold with the same configuration, Smart innovation for sustainable mobility, Avelia Liberty: Innovation and proven design at very high-speed, Alstom’s commitments (ESG) presentation - September 2020, Combined Shareholders’ Meeting (29/10/2020) – Notice of meeting (Brochure), Special Meeting of holders of shares with double voting rights (29/10/2020) – Notice of meeting (Brochure), Tilting capability to reduce travel journey by up to 30%. It has embedded ERTMS signalling technology and can work on four different traction power voltages. 2010 wurde durch Amtrak begonnen, neue Streckenführungen für Züge bis 350 km/h im Nordost-Korridor zu prüfen – im südlichen Teil (Washington, D.C. – New York) parallel zur Altbaustrecke, die fast durchgängig zu 100 % ausgelastet ist.

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