But if you find the right scope that will fit, you’ll have a mount that will prove itself that it can be reliable and impervious to any impact or shock. However, don’t worry, we have made a list of the top mounts with the best quality so you can easily choose the best unit. It’s got a lightweight aluminum construction and fits a couple different tubes sizes. ring spacing: 2.950" (inside to inside)  The tools you’ll need are a torque wrench, screwdrivers, and a torque wrench.

ring spacing: 2.150" (inside to inside)  There are objectively great scope mounts on the market.

This is a one-piece mount that also has rings that can hold your scope in place and won’t allow it to wiggle around. That would be one word to describe their scopes.

​Finally, determining whether a scope mount fits your needs is important. Most of them were quick to say that the mount was sturdy and holds up scopes pretty well. And best of all, they’re very reliable regardless of what scope you use.

Of course, that means it can fit all kinds of scopes. Continues to hold zero, even after multiple rounds. This lever allows it to be customized, in that it can go on the front or the back of the mount, out of preference. They are sturdy and firm and are sure to enhance your hunting experience, all while being budget-friendly. After being exposed to a good amount of it, it can throw off your zero and cause your shots to be off-kilter.

ring spacing: 4.15" (outside to outside)  But even the more expensive brands show you the kind of bells and whistles you can expect to find as the price increases.

Just because a scope mount is expensive doesn’t mean it’s the best option for you.

ring width: 0.860" (width each) 

In addition, multiple attachment options are available, so you can search for the one that best suits your needs, be it one-inch, 30 mm, 34 mm, or other.Why it Stands Out to UsWe like this unit because its build cannot be matched.

Rather than hit the “add to cart” button on a whim or pick a random scope mount off the shelf, it’s important to do some deeper research on a few scope mounts of your choice. It’s known to have superior clamping power to help hold zero and switch between different scopes with ease due to the Patented QD Auto Lock™ lever system.

The majority of the scope mounts we’ll look at are compatible with Picatinny and other flat-top rails.

Next up we’re taking a look at this Nikon P-Series Riflescope Picatinny Mount, which has a 1-inch tube. It just looks great, and it won't move even a little bit after you install it. All-in-all, this scope boasts a higher profile which will enhance your ability to target better.

To keep it simple, let’s just call it the cream to your coffee (if you’re a fan of it).

They can even have the ability to handle shock that is associated with recoil, which will help your scope keep aim while you are firing. The scope mount comes in 30mm and 1-inch size options to fit different size scopes. Measurements are SportOptics.com confirmed. He also enjoys hunting, fishing and spending time outdoors. Also, this mount sets your scope up to be at a very favorable height, and it allows for easy access to your AR 15 charging handle. This mount is at the right height and is fitting for scopes that have a great deal of eye relief as well. mount cant: 0 MOA mount finish: matte black, AR Scope Mount Quick Review  Value is another contestable element when buying a scope mount. Our next product is the Nikon P-Tactical 1 Piece 1” Scope Mount. It’s even affordable for most budgets as well. Next, we’ll be taking a look at the American Defense No Offset Scope Mount. Overall, this is a very well thought out design from Vortex Optics, and it should stand the test of time for combat use, hunting, or target shooting.

Red dots, 1-4xs, and ACOGs all fit fine.

Moving on now, let’s take a look at the Burris AR Scope Mount that we chose. As well, it will sit exactly where you need it to get proper eye relief and the right position for targeting.

Do all these great features make it the Best Scope Mounts For AR 15 Rifle? The Burris AR Permanent Mount is further proof that Burris products still live up to its name when it comes to reliability. Whether you prefer Leupold, Burris or Nikon scope mounts, we have plenty of optics to get the job done and for a great price. Scopes continue to hold zero even after removal and re-installation. Mizugiwa has added extra Picatinny rails so you will have the ability to mount lasers, lights or any other suitable hardware onto this scope mount.

As a lifelong gun owner he knows his stuff!

They allow for easy installment and easy detachment. If you have an AR 15 with a flat top design, this mount should be a solid fit. However, to make it a little easier, we have answered some top questions for you. This scope mount is a scope ring mount that is designed to handle not just Nikon brand scopes, but also scopes that are designed for long-range shooting or hunting. The Vortex Optics Sport Cantilever Mounts come in two options: 30 mm mount with 2-inch offset, and the 1-inch mount with 2 inches offset. offers various options in its catalogue to help you get the option that best suits you. And we do think it is important to try and use these types of scope mounts with flat top AR 15 rifles for best set-ups. Plus, it has all sorts of screws that you need to ensure that not only the mount itself stays in place, but so should the scope you choose for your AR-15 rifle.

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