A left on Luccock Park Road brings you to a large parking area. Not far from the spur, you’ll reach Spectacle Lake. Danterola@gmail.com. They were only carrying water bottles and the climb appeared to have no effect on them. Following is a list of our favorite hikes in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness. Being naked is sometimes fun. We only saw a couple groups of people, so not busy at all! With another group of hikers hot on our heels, one half of our crew pushed hard through the pain in our burning thighs to reach Caroline first. The third day was planned to be the longest! Saw a lot of people wearing micro spikes. The Alpine Lakes Wilderness encompasses 390,000 acres of some of the most enthralling wilderness Washington has to offer. Even though our legs were a bit tired from the summit hike the day before, we wanted to hit Colchuck for sunset. They said that the lakes were frozen. The entire trail was covered in snow with some pretty icy patches—wouldn’t have done it without microspikes. You won’t find the Lost Dutchman’s gold, but you will get luminous views of Weaver’s Needle, Four Peaks, Battleship Mountain and Canyon Lake. Here's some of the best sections to tackle first if you're looking to traverse the Pacific Crest Trail one piece at a time. As we ate dinner the bugs feasted on us, but the views were too good to miss. Snoqualmie Falls. If the kiddos aren’t too tuckered out, press on for more family fun at Keekwulee Falls. However, the snowfield would have been much easier and saved us 45 minutes. Why you should go: A waterfall-fed lake with the rugged Cathedral Rock towering in the background. En route, you’ll wander along decent tread that meanders through cedar groves, rocky slopes, and at times swampy terrain. When you’re picturing the Alpine Lakes Wilderness, the name says it all. Daniel and painted the sky in shades of blush and periwinkle. If you couldn’t get an overnight pass, you can still experience this area with a worthy hike out to Cholchuck Lake. (509) 653-1401, Wenatchee River Ranger District Take a dip if you dare. Suddenly the miles began to fly by as we made our way up and over Deception Pass and then down, down, down the switchbacks to Hyas Lake and finally the trailhead! We skirted around the lower lake and headed up to a rocky bench between the lower and upper lakes to find a campsite. A few other hikers were already set up and they kindly pointed us to an empty established site near their tents. The sparkling Spectacle Lake presents quite the scene resting among the snow capped peaks of Chikamin Peak and Lemah Mountain. As last summer went on, weather, friends, schedules, etc all failed to align for the perfect trip, so I made the decision to see for myself, by myself. A vibrant turquoise blue, Jade Lake’s jarring color is a striking contrast to the craggy peaks. The Snoqualmie to Stevens Pass section of the PCT is purely breathtaking. We luckily had hiking poles otherwise we probably wouldn't have gone through with the hike! The weather was gorgeous. Reluctantly, we all hoofed it back to the trailhead. We went up the ridge, consisting of lots of scree and massive drop offs on both sides. .embed-container {position: relative; padding-bottom: 80%; height: 0; max-width: 100%;} .embed-container iframe, .embed-container object, .embed-container iframe{position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0; width: 100%; height: 100%;} small{position: absolute; z-index: 40; bottom: 0; margin-bottom: -15px;}. The Alpine Lakes Wilderness encompasses 390,000 acres of some of the most enthralling wilderness Washington has to offer. For those looking to extend their journey, pack about nine more miles into the trip by trekking out to Waptus Lake. The snow on the trail slowed us down and it took 4 hours to get to the fork where the PCT trail and Thunder Mt. The 15 Best Hikes in the Mount Baker Wilderness. The Milky Way over Mt. Alpine Lakes Wilderness . Adams, and Mt. The wilderness is located in parts of Wenatchee National Forest and Snoqualmie National Forest, and is approximately bounded by Interstate 90 and Snoqualmie Pass to the south and U.S. Route 2 and Stevens Pass to the north. If we had spikes on our boots it would have made it a lot better! From our previous trip to the area two years ago, we knew we would have some more route-finding to do around Marmot Lake and up a steep boulder field, but this time around we knew exactly what to expect and the hike up from Marmot to Jade went off without a hitch. Alpine Lake: Alpine Lake is nestled against 2,000-foot granite ridges in the southwestern section of the Trinity Alps Wilderness. Two trail runners were the only other people we met. Many peaks and slopes are permanently cloaked in snowfields. Not ideal during a pandemic. No dogs. (509) 682-4900, Cle Elum Ranger District Winthrop, WA 98862 It wasn’t long until we saw the first glimpses of the brilliant Jade Lake through the trees. In the shadow of Dragontail Peak, we went swimming in the alpine lake to soothe our muscles. Rock climbers swarm here for the famous Cashmere Crags, and backpackers are drawn by the majestic landscape of The Enchantments. Just be mindful of your step and the current. If you happen to strike out on The Enchantments lottery, don’t worry — you’re still in luck. We didn’t have a need for micro spikes on 10/31, but there were a few slick spots. Luckily, we only had about 600 vertical feet to gain before we would reach camp! Icy, bring trekking poles!!! From wet forests of Douglas fir, cedar, and an understory of salal and berries, to firs and mountain hemlock, the landscape opens up to expansive meadows matted with low growth and ends with dry forestland of ponderosa pine and grasses. We chose Gem Lake which was nice but nothing to write home about. The fishing proved trickier here, though my dad and I each managed to hook a few small cutthroat as we worked through the various flies in our box. Why you should go: An exhilarating trek up the south side of a mountain to a panoramic view and a lookout tower at 3,800 feet. But I’m sure we’ll be back again. Once we were back on the right track it was a smooth, albeit very hot and steep, climb up to Robin Lakes. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Typically hikers choose one destination: Tuck and Robin Lakes or Jade Lake. I didn’t like the scree one bit but the climbing parts of the ridge weren’t bad. We slept without the rain fly on. Elias Carlson is a photographer, graphic designer, and avid angler based in Priest River, Idaho. It’s important to be mindful of your step and stay on the trail to help preserve these sensitive habitats. It was nice to spend the night away from the crowds, but the next morning, we passed easily 100 people (probably more) on our way down. We were fortunate with the weather; it may have been hot, but the clear skies paved the way for ideal stargazing conditions and beautiful sunrises and sunsets! trail meet. Plan While I would have loved to spend some time at Jade Lake—relaxing and swimming—we still had at least an hour of hiking up a snowfield to complete, so we continued on. Why you should go: Visit Snow Lake, Gem Lake, Lower Wildcat Lake, and Upper Wildcat Lake on an epic two-day trek. Daniel and Robin Lakes. We were in awe of how much we had missed on our previous trip and were so glad we were able to return on a clear weekend. The Perseids happened to be peaking during our trip, and I woke up intermittently throughout the night and looked up at the blanket of stars above us. Learn how your comment data is processed. Trail was snow covered in a lot of places. Views of Mount Stuart and Esmeralda Peaks will greet you along the way, luring you to continue steadily to the lake. Ice was present on the trail as well. Also, lots of potholes on the road leading up to the trailhead. 600 Sherbourne In central Arizona, Butcher Jones Recreation Site is a place to get your water fix, as well as hiking, picnicking and sunbathing. Granted conditions are right, you can take a dip in the creek and slip on down the natural waterslide. (509) 996-4000, Naches Ranger District Best suited for the experienced hikers, Granite Mountain is a solid day romp for those seeking exhilarating terrain. Saw lots of people regretting their life decisions because they decided not to bring some along. I pulled up my Gaia map and saw that, sure enough, the arrow that indicated our place on the map was far from our intended route. Like any great backpacking trail, the reward is worth the grind. Why you should go: Visit one of the most popular and scenic lakes in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness. Mt. This hike is beautiful. The day dawned clear again, and the sunrise was beautiful. Our first night ended on a comedic note as we all did our best to hold in the belly laughs conjured by my dad’s enthusiastic reading of Patrick F. McManus’ classic, “A Fine and Pleasant Misery”. Deep Lake is a promising overnighter for alpine lake enthusiasts and backpackers with a couple trips under their belt. After enjoying the view in solitude (the other groups who passed us on the way up were already well on their way down), we set up camp at the small established spot on the gap. We were heading back toward the trailhead by 7:30am. https://www.fieldmag.com/articles/backpacking-alpine-lakes-wilderness-enchantments. Arizona has more than 100,000 miles of river, creek, and stream. Load up the family wagon and spend the day picnicking at Denny Creek. As the crowds thin out past the lake, you’ll encounter Lemah Creek. Once at the top, our views were to die for. It was truly incredible. ©2015-2020 The National Parks Girl All Rights Reserved. Hike here in the Summer. You’ll wind through old-growth forest and mountainous snowfields, with each unique landscape eliciting its own wonderment. Luckily, we caught the error early and ended up only adding 20 minutes to our hike. I don’t get people saying I am an avid hiker and this is a dWe did it on october 31st. Unfortunately, during our time in the area, smoke from nearby wildfires blew in overnight and completely shrouded all of the mountains in a dense haze. This spot is a family favorite thanks to its easy-breezy trail grade and refreshing swimming hole. There are sleeping spots built out right under the summit, allowing us to spend a night under the stars. While Jade Lake doesn’t draw in the crowds quite like Snow Lake, it’s just as spectacular nonetheless. For 67 miles you’ll traverse the Alpine Lakes Wilderness while encountering numerous lakes, meadows, jagged peaks, and old-growth forest. As one of the most popular hikes in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness, Lake Ingalls certainly won’t disappoint. We thanked them for their recommendation and rushed to get our tent set up amid the swarm of mosquitoes that descended on us. The views were still beautiful, but we knew that we would have to return one day to see the area without its cloak of smoke. We headed to a vantage point overlooking the lower lake to watch sunset. (509) 548-2550, Tonasket Ranger District For overnight permits, check with the ranger station or reserve a wilderness permit online at Recreation.gov.

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