WARRIORS Join FAQ Contact Blog Login. I’m not worried about finishing this 30 stint of working for the sake of the blog, but I’m excited to keep it goin’. But it generally means getting up at 6 am to go running or straight to the gym for some weight training. I’m not really expecting too much of a difference but I will get back to you once that is done. I have noticed that I really enjoy doing circuit training and HIIT workouts. I used to enjoy weight lifting because it was like I ~felt~ like I was doing more, ya know?

Despite having a very balanced and wholesome diet, her travel schedule can result in many disruptions to her regular eating schedule. Welcome to Warriors. Get ready :), Join me and hundreds of people inside a private group chat where we help each other with anything and everything that has to do with a healthy lifestyle. Not three days a week, not off on weekends, EVERY. MaxiClimber(r) - The Original Patented Vertical Climber, As Seen On TV - Full Body Workout with... Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike with Resistance ME-709, XTERRA Fitness TR150 Folding Treadmill Black, Fitness Reality X-Class Light Commercial Multi-Workout Abdominal/Hyper Back Extension Bench.

This is very similar to what’s inside the very popular metabolic cooking program that’s helped hundreds of thousands of men and women get shredded!

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Alexis Ren (born Alexis René Glabach in Santa Monica, California).


Remember, they only help if you have your diet and exercise routine on point. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account.

Alexis Ren Ab Workout and Diet – Tips and Tricks. Fat Burner. And for those of you that have tried her 10-minute workout, please share your experience and maybe even some before and after photos on our Facebook page. Coming Soon: A 7 day ab challenge taught by Renee & Elisha Herbert. Cheat days are so needed what is your go to treat? 4. The 10-minute ab workout headline is SO appealing, but it’s hard. ( Log Out /  Give and receive the ultimate workout support. Her height is 5’8″ and she weighs around 132 pounds.

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I decided to not weigh myself for this challenge. It is now February can you tell? Yay for gainz! If you want to get the fastest results to achieve that beach body, then it’s an absolute must-buy.

Small victories.

I’ve been walking around in a sports bra, wearing tighter shirts to the gym, wearing more crop tops, like I feel good, guys. Eliza Whitty.

One workout at a time. Alright, so it’s day seven of doing Alexis Ren’s ab and beach booty workouts and It’s getting a lot easier, which means I’m getting a lil’ stronger! What Supplements Does Alexis Take? There is something about being consistent with working out and eating better that really makes you want to keep going. My Fit Station may contain affiliate links. Find an accountability partner and share results with everyone. Something went wrong while submitting the form. 14m Followers, 104 Following, 719 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Alexis Ren (@alexisren) DAY.

We are doing much more than just working out. So this challenge was really hard, I thought halfway through the month or towards the end of the month it would become easier but it really didn’t. This is a full 30 day body burn that won't leave you disappointed.

My parents are coming to visit Lucas and me next month and I keep telling them, “guys, wait till you see how good I look.” I’m SUPER proud of myself. These are considered circuit training workouts so you get really out of breath when you’re doing workouts for 30-60 seconds each right in a row. Warrior Spotlight: From 4 Concussions to a 1/2 Marathon, Appreciati... How Eating an Immune Boosting Diet is an Act of Self-Care, access to recorded live calls with Alexis. It just takes too much time out of my day to get a decent workout in. What's included Access to the platform When you sign up and create an account, you will gain access to the 4 week challenge led by Alexis. In my opinion, that’s probably a little extreme.

Yes, that means every day. Join our weekly live calls and share your progress. I feel like from all the planking my arms are even getting a little stronger. Alexis recommends doing these exercises daily. The “Hour a Week” Ab Workout (FOLLOW ALONG! 19. 10 minutes straight of abs with no rests between each workout feels like a full hour of cardio and abs at the same time. Just make sure you’re also following a healthy diet plan as well and I’m sure you’ll be surprised at the end of the 30 days. I decided to do “Alexis Ren’s Ab Workout” EVERY.

13 Best Health & Fitness Websites for Women. These are considered circuit training workouts so you get really out of breath when you’re doing workouts for 30-60 seconds each right in a row. Focusing on teaching mental well being, targeted exercising and beauty tips, Focusing on teaching veganism, lifestyle and cooking, Focusing on teaching beauty, lifestyle and fitness, Focusing on teaching skincare, mindset and physical well being.

Challenge 3 will be taught by Fiona Barron. No extra cost. Then, celebrate your progress on a collective level. So, how many times should you do these ab exercises?

As you can see, it’s pretty intense but at the same time very doable. SINGLE. Find out more about me here. This will almost religiously involve her now famous 10-minute ab routine. Sit-ups Knee touch crunches Heel touches Bicycle crunches Russian twists Reach through crunches Legs to ceiling reaching crunches Toe taps leg lifts Flutter kicks Scissor kicks While surfing the all-knowing internet for better ideas, I came across Alexis Ren’s 10-minute ab workout video.

I have to do a 10-minute workout that is literally killing me!
These are daily workouts that build upon each other to provide the best workout experience, minimal amount of time, to get the most results. But I AM feeling great and looking great.

I will NOT be doing this again. I am currently a Marketing Student at Quinnipiac University.

As someone who has been trying to get my butt back in the gym and eating healthy, I thought this would be a great way to kick that off with a blog post to hold me accountable. Today I want to share my thoughts and opinions on Alexis Ren and her 10 minute Ab workout routine.

So, if you are a 5-day/week gym-goer, this will not be as hard for you.

So it is Sunday, July 21 and I am starting my first day of doing Alexis Ren’s ab workout for a whole month.

As you can see, the Alexis Ren diet plan and fitness regime requires a lot of time, dedication, and hard work, but the results speak for themselves. She makes absolutely no secret of the fact that she sometimes struggles to get all the nutrients she needs, and with a busy lifestyle of a lot of traveling and photo shoots, it can be a challenge on an almost daily basis.Here are some of the things she takes almost every day. I missed 3 workouts over all.

To help avoid the bloating and cramping that such a lifestyle can cause, probiotics are the ideal solution. Today I was very proud of myself because I got through the workout without any stopping or pausing the workout, or finishing a workout before the time ended. Mid-Pandemic Personal Hygiene Health 101 Checklist.

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